Welcome to the World of Model Yachting

The Ships Store is where you can get, Back Issues of Certain R/C Sailboat Model Yachting Quarterly Magazines, Plans for certain R/C Sailboat model yachts, AMYA logo items, and more.
The AMYA was established in 1970 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting racing, designing, building, and preservation of all model sailing yachts, and membership is open to all who are interested in these activities.
Our quarterly magazine is the only publication devoted 100% to model yachting. It is a great benefit of AMYA membership and covers model sailing from all aspects. If you are not yet an AMYA Member, you are invited to sample our 50th Anniversary Issue, Model Yachting #200 to get a great overview of what we do.

Our official classes of racing yachts cover the range from one foot to eight feet in length and from high tech developmental boats to affordable one-designs. There really is something for every taste and skill level. The advantages of sailing a recognized class boat are the community of like-minded skippers and the depth of technical information and assistance they can provide.

If you are a beginning skipper, please click on "Getting started" and also check out our magazine, the only publication in the country devoted 100% to model yachting.

If you are an experienced skipper, then this is your on-line resource for class rules, technical information, and help in organizing and running events.

Welcome aboard!