I. Purpose
The purpose of the American Model Yachting Association’s Hall of Fame award is to recognize individuals who have provided unusual, identifiable contributions on a nationwide basis to our sport/hobby. Individuals are added to the AMYA Hall of Fame (HOF) to recognize and honor their efforts in advancing the enjoyment of R/C sailing among the members of the AMYA and others. The Hall of Fame honor is recognition, not a competition. Multiple, worthy candidates may be selected into the Hall of Fame each year. If no member is nominated in a given year or if the Board reviews and/or the HOF Selection Committee does not feel any candidate is worthy of appointment, then no one will be inducted into the AMYA Hall of Fame.

II. Rationale
Since the founding of the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA), individuals have unselfishly given of their time, energy, and in some cases, resources to promote the sport/hobby of radio controlled sailing. The individual should also be a contributing member of their local community. The overwhelming majority of these individuals have neither sought nor received any type of official recognition by the organization in return for their efforts. Therefore, the AMYA should encourage members to nominate other members meeting the “Purpose” for recognition as candidates for the Hall Of Fame Award.

III. Process
The process can be initiated by any member of the AMYA by submitting a Nomination Form for any AMYA member in good standing. The member submitting a nominee must know or have known the nominee personally. Deceased members may also be nominated posthumously.

a. Acquire the Nomination Form - The Hall of Fame Nomination Form is published annually in the winter issue of Model Yachting, in other AMYA publications, or may be found at  HOFNomCoverSheet.

b. Time Line - The window for nominations begins on March 1 and ends July 10 each year. The nominees are presented to the Board for review by September 30 each year. The review process and selection(s) are completed by November 30. Selected individuals are notified by December 31.

c. Submission of the Nomination Form - All information to support the nominee must be submitted to the Vice President each year using the Nomination Form. The submission must include the name of the “sponsor” making the nomination, and two other members of the AMYA who support the nominee. Submissions must include personal information, qualifications and miscellaneous supporting information about the nominee.

d. AMYA Board screenings - The nominations are reviewed by the AMYA Executive Board.

e. Selection Committee - Each year, a Hall Of Fame Selection Committee is formed which includes:

i. Standing Committee Members - Include the AMYA President, Vice President (serving as HOF committee chair), executive secretary, treasurer, and all Regional Directors (RDs).

ii. Appointed Members - The committee includes, in addition to standing members, appointed members. The Vice President will request each Regional Director to appoint one member from his/her Region.

f. Selection - The Vice President sends HOF Ballots to each HOF Committee Member by September 30. The voting must be completed by October 30. A committee member may vote for nominee/s that the committee member feels meets the criteria of the HOF. Nominees must receive 2/3 confirmation of the Selection Committee. The Vice President will tally the ballots and notify the committee of the award recipients.

g. Award Recipient Notification - Those selected for the AMYA Hall of Fame, or their next of kin, are notified by the President in writing by end of December. Communication to the general membership of the HOF award recipient/s is done through an article published in the spring issue of the AMYA official publication.

IV. Hall of Fame Awards
Hall of Fame awards include a personalized plaque and lifetime membership in the AMYA. The costs for the award/s must be placed in the AMYA budget.

IV. Presentation
The HOF award plaque plus a copy of Model Yachting announcing the winners are presented to the recipient or his/her next of kin. Plaque(s) are presented to the winner(s), if possible, by an AMYA Regional Director or other Officer. If a personal presentation is not practical the plaque and magazine may be mailed.

V. Changes to this Policy
Suggestions to change or amend the procedures or qualifications may be made by any standing committee member. This can be done by sending them to the Vice President during the month of November of each year, to take effect the following year. The committee shall vote on the changes by means of a roll call conducted by the Vice President during the month of January. Any change receiving a 2/3 majority of the votes cast by the committee shall be considered approved.

VI. Public Relations and Historical Documentation
This will be coordinated by the Vice President. The HOF winners will be added to the list of winners and published in the official publication in the spring and posted to the appropriate location on the AMYA website. Newspapers and other media outlets, local to the recipient, will be sent a press release.