​What is the Champion of Champions regatta?

The purpose of the Champion of Champions Regatta is to establish, every two years, the tradition of bringing together AMYA National class champions to compete in a one design regatta to crown a true champion of Champions in Radio Sailing. 2022 was our first year of hosting the C of C Regatta and 2024 will be our second C of C Regatta in hopefully a continuing tradition for the AMYA. Please work with your classes to meet the qualification criteria so your class can be represented in the 2024 C of C and beyond.

Qualification Criteria

    1. A ranking formula will be used to determine who is invited,
    2. Invitations will be given to the National Champion only in the top five classes in 2022 as determined by the ranking formula.
    3. Invitations will be offered to the 2023 National Champions in classes that have 15 or more boats sailed in the 2023 NCR if the NCR meets the AMYA standards in running the championship.
    4. If the National Champion in 2023 declines the invitation the spot will be offered to the second or third place finisher, but no lower than third place.
    5. The regatta will have a total of 17 boats, with one spot awarded to the C of C Champion in 2022.
    6. If a sailor wins more than one National Championship in 2023 the spot will be awarded to the class that had the largest participation in the NCR.
    7. Two additional spots may be awarded to Special guests. These spots will be awarded by the Champion of Champions Committee.

Formula for class ranking

On September 15, 2023, we will tabulate the membership of each AMYA class and rank each class by membership numbers.The membership number will be added to the entries in the 2022 NCR and two times the entries in the 2023 NCR.Once all three numbers are added we will rank each class from top to bottom and invitations will be sent out to sailors based on the overall ranking.

Location of the 2024 Champions Regatta

Regatta to be held in the September - November 2024.
Clubs are invited to submit a proposal to host. Contact Chuck Millican for details for hosting.

Class of boats

The DF 95 will be the class of boats used for the 2024 Champion of Champions Regatta.

Selection Committee for the C of C regatta

AMYA President   Chuck Millican
AMYA Vice President   Don Ouimette
Chairman of the Competition Committee   Jon Luscomb