Since the founding of the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA), many individuals have unselfishly given of their time, energy, and in some cases, resources to promote the sport/hobby of radio controlled sailing in the United States of America. The overwhelming majority of these individuals have neither sought nor received any type of official recognition by the organization in return for their efforts. The general membership of AMYA and the sport/hobby have benefited from their unselfish efforts, often at little personal benefit other then the satisfaction of knowing they have helped others enjoy our shared interest. Additionally, many of these individuals have played and continue to play an important role in insuring that those around them have easy access into the organization and pleasures of R/C sailing. They provide access to the latest thinking about the sport/hobby, while insuring that future generations of enthusiasts will be able to participate in this most enjoyable activity.

Since these special individuals have not sought recognition, it is incumbent on present and future generations of AMYA members to make an effort to recognize them as special members of our organization. These special members should be recognized for their efforts in advancing the enjoyment of R/C sailing. These efforts include on the water activities with local, regional, and national events. They include their contributions to the advances made in the technical and building knowledge of boat and sail construction. Also to be considered is the guidance they may have provided in serving the organization as an administrative leader, dealing with the inner-workings of the AMYA while serving the membership in elected and/or appointed positions. And special attention should be given to the length of time they have maintained a membership in AMYA. These are just a sample of the areas where contributions have been made and should be recognized.

Nomination Process

The Hall of Fame Nomination Form will be published annually in the Winter issue of Model Yachting. You can also find it here on the AMYA website. Information to support a nomination includes:

Section 1: Personal History of the Nominee
Section 2: Qualifications of the Nominee
Section 3: Miscellaneous Information about the Nominee

The American Model Yachting Association's Hall of Fame nomination and election process begins on March 1st with the opening of the time period to submit nominations. The closing date of the nomination time period is July 10th. Nominations received are reviewed and voted on by a 16 member committee. The committee membership consists of the AMYA President and Vice President, the seven Regional Directors, and seven RD appointees — one from each of the AMYA regions.

The process to review and vote is completed by November 30th.