2024 Pond Owner Liability Insurance 

Many municipalities and pond owners require this type of insurance to allow their park and lake facilities to be used for a club's sailing activities. In 2022, 42 AMYA Sanctioned Clubs insured their Pond Owners with this policy. Every pond owner found the insurance provisions satisfactory.
AMYA offers Pond Owners Insurance to protect the pond owner with liability coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.
Sanctioned AMYA clubs may apply and purchase this coverage by completing the form at the link below and submitting the payment listed per number of AMYA members the club.
This certificate of insurance is part of the AMYA liability policy and is for coverage of AMYA members. The certificate of Insurance names the pond owner as insured.
If your club has purchased Pond Owners Insurance in the past, you will notice these changes:
  • The 2024 fee has has remained the same as 2023. Your fee is determined by the size of your club Membership.
  • If your club sails at two sites with different pond owners, there is no charge for the second pond. You only need to fill out a second form.
  • You no longer must print out forms and mail them in. Everything can be completed online, and your payment can be by PayPal, Credit Card, or check made out to AMYA and mailed to AMYA Treasurer Bob Shapiro. Bobís address is at the bottom of the form.
Further questions: Please contact AMYA Insurance Secretary 
Nick Mortgu