This guide provides a set of templates and suggestions that are applicable, useable and should be considered for all RC Classes’ sailing regattas.

However, a Notice of Race, as well as Sailing Instructions are required for all AMYA-sanctioned regattas including “Open” regattas where no “title” such as ____________ Champion is bestowed, and for Regional and National Championship Regattas.  They are recommended (especially Sailing Instructions) for club racing, released at the start of a new Series or season.


From the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017-2020:


89.2 Notice of Race; Appointment of Race Officials

(a) The organizing authority shall publish a notice of race that conforms to rule J1.

 (b) The notice of race may be changed provided adequate notice is given.

(c) The organizing authority shall appoint a race committee and, when appropriate, appoint a protest committee, a technical committee and umpires. However, the race committee, an international jury, a technical committee and umpires may be appointed by World Sailing as provided in its regulations.


90.2 Sailing Instructions

(a) The race committee shall publish written sailing instructions that conform to rule J2.

(b) When appropriate, for an event where entries from other countries are expected, the sailing instructions shall include, in English, the applicable national prescriptions.

(c) The sailing instructions may be changed provided the change is in writing and posted on the official notice board before the time stated in the sailing instructions or, on the water, communicated to each boat before her warning signal. Oral changes may be given only on the water, and only if the procedure is stated in the sailing instructions.


The NOR and the sample SI documents for a regatta are particularly useful for National and Regional Championships and other events of similar importance. Each item should be reviewed by the regatta organizers and the Race Director (RD) prior to the event, and those that are not necessary or are undesirable for a particular regatta should be modified or deleted.

A Notice of Race, as well as Sailing Instructions are required for all AMYA-sanctioned regattas including “Open” regattas where no “title” such as ____________ Champion is bestowed, and for Regional and National Championship Regattas.  They are recommended (especially Sailing Instructions) for club racing, released at the start of a new Series or season.







Notice of Race

The primary principle on which all Notice of Race documents should be based is:  

The NOR should contain only the information necessary for a potential competitor to

-  decide to enter the race(s) or not

- to submit the Registration properly

- arrive at the right venue for the event in time for Registration and/ or required events.

The Sailing Instructions (SI) are where specifics regarding RACING are included; separate documents for schedules of non-racing activities should be developed.  

Specific NOR content requirements are covered in RRS Appendix J. Summarized below:

1. The title, place and dates of the race and the Class of boats to be used

2. The name of the Organizing authority

 3. A statement regarding the Rules to be used

4. A list of any other documents that will govern the event.

5. The times of registration, warning signal for practice races and first race.

6. Other appropriate information such as driving directions, Lodging and camping information, meals, facilities, etc.

7. A statement regarding Sportsmanship and Corinthian Spirit. The official AMYA statement is recommended, available on the AMYA website.

8. An entry form, to be signed by the boat’s owner or owner’s representative, containing words such as ‘I agree to be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing and by all other Rules that govern this event.’

To use this guide: First: Download this guide as a Word document to your computer. Then review Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) Rule J1 and decide which instructions will be needed.

Instructions that are required by Rule J1.1 are marked with an asterisk (*). Delete all inapplicable or unnecessary instructions. Select the version preferred where there is a choice. Follow the instructions given as comments to insert text at the point of the comment.

Example: [insert time here]. After following instructions, delete the brackets and then delete any unnecessary words or phrases.

<end introduction>Template: (rev. 1/19)

* [Regatta Name]

[enter dates here]

[Enter street address here] *

[Enter city and state here] *

Sponsored by [Your Club Name] Club [#000]



  1. 1.*Rules: The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, as modified by Appendix E regarding radio sailing, the Sailing Instructions, the [Class name] Class Rules and other attached documents. Measurement of boats [will or will not] be conducted   (see note below) 


     [no measurement will take place.]


NOTE:  the organizers can measure any aspect of the Class Rules.  BUT- when it is announced (NOR) that Measurement will take place, the organizers must be prepared to do the checks as announced.  For example, if at the time of Registration, there is not sufficient staff to actually DO the measuring as announced a competitor could protest the regatta to US Sailing.  All this because the regatta committee did not perform measuring as announced. The organizing club could be ordered to refund fees to all competitors, and cancel the results.  The club and ultimately the AMYA would be liable.


Secondly- the same measurements must be performed on all boats, unless some sort of random method is used (say a competitor draws a colored ball from a bag, and those selecting a certain color are all measured for the same one or two factors etc.)


  1. 2.Funds stated in this document are all in U.S. Dollars;  Canadian and other international competitors submit payment1 [add the method that non-US entrants can use for payment- such as “in cash, U.S. funds at Registration”,  “by check written in U.S. funds”, or other method.)  (See footnote 1 at the end of this document) 


  1. 3.*Eligibility: The regatta is open to entrants sailing boats of the [Class name] Class whose skippers are current members of the AMYA, and where the boat has met measurement [has a valid Measurement Certificate].   


If it is required that entrants be Class Members in addition to AMYA Members, add: [and who are properly registered with the Class.]  Other entrants may be invited consistent with AMYA guidelines and objectives.  Entrants AMYA Member number must be included on the entry document and AMYA Membership status will be checked in advance of the regatta.


  1. 4.*Regatta Registration: 00:00 [AM or PM] to 00:00 [AM or PM] on (day and date) at (enter time and location for Registration).  Advance Registration (is or is not) required.  See Entry form. 


  1. 5.*Registration fee [$0 .00] U.S. [is payable in advance with Registration, or will be collected on site at time of registration].  


  1. 6.* Schedule:  (regatta organizers need to state the date, time, and place to participate in the regatta.  The times and dates need to be in the NOR for the first and last official required racing event, but not for social events where attendance is NOT required such as a “welcome picnic”, “practice session”, or other non-competitive activity.) 


  1. 7.Check-in: 00:00 [AM or PM] to 00:00 [AM or PM] on (day and date) at (enter time and location for check-in) [if check-in and measurement are done at the same place and time frame, Check-in details need not be supplied.] 


  1. 8.The first Skippers Meeting2  begins at [time], Daily [Heats] [Races] begin at [00:00] 

    1. a.No Race [Heat] will be started after [00:00] on [insert date and planned time of last Race or Heat.] 


  1. 9.*Additional Information: Please call [phone number] or e-mail [e-mail address. 


  1. 10.*Accommodations: Local hotel and campground information may be found on a separate page attached. [add a lodging page]  




Notes  (remove before releasing NOR.)


  1. 1. Often payment by non-U.S. residents presents problems for both the regatta organizers and the entrant.  If the funds are sent via check drawn on a foreign bank – there will be fees for the transaction that have to be paid by the entrant or by the regatta organizing club, whether written in (say) Canadian funds, or in U.S. funds.  Therefore often it is best to allow Canadian or other foreign sailors to pay in cash, U.S. funds at time of Registration, regardless of the method stated for other entrants.  


  1. 2.Skipper’s Meetings:  ideally, a Skipper’s Meeting should be where only details concerning non-racing matters are discussed, such as a welcome to the event, venue details, non-racing activity schedules, introduction of the race officials, thanks for the organizers, a flag ceremony, etc.  A US Sailing Appeal a number of years ago upheld a protest of a regatta when the organizers changed parts of the racing procedure from those in the SI, and announced the changes at a Skipper’s Meeting. 


The Skipper’s Meeting should not include RACING details that a competitor needs to compete; those should be in the Sailing Instructions, which should be totally self-explanatory.  The worst-case situation is where the RD does not understand or read the SI’s, or some kind of a “vote” is taken that changes what is contained IN the SI’s (about touching Marks, Rule 30 issues, etc.), and at this affects one or more competitors’ results, because they missed the Skipper’s Meeting.  


A late arrival, someone who oversleeps or for some other reason does not attend a Skipper’s Meeting, should not “miss” anything of significance to the competition itself by missing the Skipper’s Meeting.  In extreme cases - adding or changing, but not posting racing details could result in the regatta being protested.  


Communication between the race organizers and the RD BEFORE the event will assure that all are in agreement, so that the operation of racing and the Sailing Instructions match and nothing is changed AT the Skipper’s Meeting.



Sample Registration and Entry Form


Registration and Entry Form

* [Regatta Name] [enter dates here]


Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Address:____________________________________________________________________City: _______________________State/Province _________ Zip./Postal Code: ____________

E-mail Address: ______________________________

Phone No.:        (           )                                      AMYA Member No.: __________

Emergency Contact:  

Name __________________ Relationship______      Emergency Telephone:______________


Sail No.:________________  

All boats must have properly numbered sails per Class Rules


[4” X 3/8” stroke Sail Numbers will be required] [on the mainsail OR on all sails]


OR [one suit of sails may be presented for measurement at time of check-in]


and state number of suits of sails to be allowed) suit(s) of sails may be presented for measurement at time of check-in



Radio band: 2.4 GHz _____  Other:                              .                


Lunch: lunches each day will be provided for the Skipper; additional lunches may be purchased for $ (state the charge for additional lunches)     per day, paid at time of Check-in.



[Lunches each day are not included]

Number for lunch: Skipper plus ______.

Number attending __________ [state any/all evening activities where there is a    

 separate fee] evening _____


If more than 1:  Entry fee includes (list all included lunches, coffee and doughnuts, lunch etc.

Entry fee  $ _____________  additional lunches    Additional events__________

Total amount enclosed:  $_____________


Waiver of responsibility:  In consideration of accepting this entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waive and release any and all rights to claim damages that I may have or acquire against the Host, Sponsor Club, or its members, the sailing site owners, employees, agents, representatives, or assigns, and the American Model Yachting Association, or its members, from any claim for injury or other damages to me or my family during this regatta’s events.


I also understand and agree to compete in the spirit of SPORTSMANSHIP and CORINTHIAN SPIRIT

Remember that we are always in Friendly Competition.

In the event of any protested behavior which is deemed to be a breach of good manners or sportsmanship, or which may bring the sport into disrepute, the Race Director, any designated race officials, or competitor may protest the party or parties in accordance with RRS #2.

Penalties available to the RD and/or Protest Committee, include exclusion from the Race in question, or expulsion from the regatta as per RRS #69.2 and #69.3.

In the event a skipper is penalized under RRS #2 at an AMYA event, a report of the incident shall be sent to the AMYA Class Secretary of the Class being sailed and the AMYA Executive Board for review.

As adopted by the AMYA Board of Directors (2018)



Participant's signature: ____________________________ Date: _________________


Please make a check payable to: [enter name]


Mail the entry form and check to: [enter name and address]