AMYA Chevrons



Chevron Regattas: Winners of a National Championship Regatta are entitled to display Gold colored chevrons on the hull or mainsail of the winning yacht. Winners of Regional Championship events display Red chevrons. Green chevrons may be displayed by winners of annual recurring events. The Class Secretary or class owners association determines which event or events are eligible as Green Chevron Regattas. Black chevrons may be displayed by winners of local Club Championships.

Three chevrons are awarded for First Place, two chevrons for Second Place, and one chevron for Third Place. Chevrons should be about two inches wide and one quarter inch deep. The pointed end of the chevron should point up. Numerals, about one inch high, indicating the year won (for example, 15 for 2015) should be placed directly below the chevron.

Awarding Chevrons:

Contact your Class Secretary for authorization to award Gold, Red, or Green chevrons. Contact information is found on the Class Page under the Boats menus at left.

Submit your regatta to the Regatta Coordinator at least 30 days before the event. Be sure that you have identified the chevrons required.

The Regatta Coordinator will put the regatta on the web page schedule and mail the chevrons and year numbers to the Regatta Contact identified on the submission form approximately 30 days before the event date.