President's Letter for Issue 205
June 2021

Sailing is officially back. I've just returned from the Green Mountain regatta in Stowe Vermont. For the past six years Stowe has been the opening regatta in New England and, personally for Lynne and I, the start of the new sailing season.

Since Lynne and I moved to Vero Beach, Florida in November the drive added another five hours to our trip, so after leaving Vero at 4 am on May 30 we arrived in Stowe after 26 hours of driving time. The Green Mountain Regatta, if you haven't done it, is one of the best regattas you can attend. It's a small lake with the hotel only steps away, boats can be kept rigged all weekend and the new bar and restaurant complete the total package. If you have a J or EC 12, please join us in 2022. You too will get" Stowed."

The Green Mountain regatta sails the Whirlwind J on Wednesday with 7 boats attending followed by 11 Big J's for Thursday and Friday. The weekend is devoted to the fleet of 17 EC 12's. Great competition and a chance to renew old friendships. Rick West drove all the way from California, I don't think he's missed the regatta in 12 years.

After the Stowe regatta, on our way south to Plymouth Mass, we did the annual Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream stop. In Plymouth we sailed DF 95's on a reservoir for the cranberry bogs. The typical south-west breeze shows up around noon all the way from Buzzards Bay making sailing conditions spectacular.

After sailing most of the day in Plymouth we drove to Newport RI to sail DF 95's with the new fleet at the New York YC. The group is organized by Brad Read who runs Sail Newport. They are very enthusiastic and have many top big boat sailors in the fleet. It didn't take long for the good sailors to be competitive in RC sailing.

By the time your reading this, the new web site should be up and running. A great deal of time and effort has gone into this project and many thanks should go to the committee that was involved, Ron Sieloff, Phil Tonks, Jerry Cobley, Don Hain and Doug Hemmingway. I know you will all be impressed with the new site.

We are looking to publish race results on a weekly basis. Regatta organizers and RD's should send results to the AMYA office on Monday or Tuesday so the bulletin can be distributed on Thursday. No write up is needed, just sent the total results, location and wind conditions. These results will also be added to the new results page on the web site.

A tremendous amount of thanks to John Skerry who has been our treasurer for the past 15 years. The AMYA wouldn't be in the financial position it is today without his diligent attention to details. John has decided to step down from his position on the board and we thank him for his efforts and wish him good luck in his retirement.

We are now looking for a replacement for John as AMYA treasurer. If anyone would like to volunteer for the position please contact me.

Next on my agenda will be the IOM and DF 95 NCR's in San Diego, both fleets will be high in numbers and sailing quality. I look forward to meeting the west coast sailors that haven't sailed in the east in the past couple of years. Speaking of NCR's, all regatta organizers should contact me to get the AMYA gift bags to hand out at the NCR's

Good luck, drive safely and sail fast.


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