President's Letter for Issue 204

So far 2021 has been a year of waiting. Very few regattas are being scheduled, so our master regatta schedule seems to have more cancelations than regattas going forward. Hopefully as we get closer to summer and vaccinations are more available, we will move closer to normal.

From a personal side Lynne and I have been living in a condo in Vero Beach since November while waiting for our home to be completed. We have three storage units and my boat trailer holding our belongings, I'm not sure where my boats, equipment or parts are at this time - which is very frustrating when I try to attend a regatta. I sail locally in Vero with the DF 65/95 and Soling fleets, and on Sundays with the EC 12 fleet in West Palm Beach, so sailing is going on in local fleets. We should be in our new home by the time you're reading this and I should have found all my boats and gear. We will then pack everything in the trailer for our annual trip to Stowe Vermont to sail the Whirlwind J, my new Svea J and the EC 12. If any of you have the chance to sail in Stowe you should do it. Usually light and shifty breeze in a smallish pond but the venue is great. The Commodores Inn is at the side of the pond and its owners Bruce and Carrie are great hosts.

The AMYA has just ordered a giveaway regatta bag for all NCR's. The bag is a recyclable royal blue with the AMYA logo in white. These bags will be shipped out to the organizers of each classes' NCR's, at their request. It's our thought that the organizers can put the NOR and SI as well as local information.

Please contact either myself or Phil Tonks to order your bags.

The AMYA board has approved and is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring a Champion of Champions Regatta in 2022. This regatta will be by invitation only and the participants will be the National Champions in the AMYA classes.

The first C of C regatta will take place at the end of April or early May 2022 at a location to be determined. The regatta will be held in provided DF 95's, thanks to Chuck LeMahieu and Dragon Sailing. The regatta will be limited to approximately 18 boats, so we can sail in one fleet. We will produce the NOR as soon as a venue has been established. In order to keep the fleet size to 18 the NCR fleets with the largest number of participants in their NCR will have the first right to send their National Champions to the regatta. In the case of a multi-national champion, his or her qualifier will be in the fleet that had the greater number of participants.

The C of C regatta will be held annually going forward. but the boats and venue will change. I encourage fleets that want to host this event and classes that would be able to provide 18 matched boats contact me, so we can plan this event well in advance.

The AMYA is growing and with that growth I feel we should examine our current regional breakdown. I welcome suggestions from members in regions that are far too large in distance for easy travel to weekend regattas - specifically in the west, Region 6. The board has been discussing the possible redistricting over the last couple of months with no clear resolution. Perhaps we should look at US Sailing and use the regions they have found so successful. Any change to region breakdown will have to be a By-Law change.

We are getting close to the time nominations and class rule changes must be submitted to the Executive Secretary, Ron Sieloff. As in the past these changes must appear in two editions of the official AMYA publication. Last year, with the new By-Laws the official publication changed from the Model Yachting Magazine to also include the Web Page and the Bulletin. Please keep an eye out in all three for rule proposals and nominations. Please send all proposed changes to Ron.

The North East has been very active this winter, particularly in Newport RI, where Brad Read has organized a large group of new RC sailors that purchased DF 95's. Most, if not all, are big boat sailors experiencing RC sailing for the first time. Seeing the Facebook posts from the Newport fleet each week, with names on the result sheet that all one design sailors recognize from various dinghy national championships, makes me feel that our sport is reaching a far wider group of sailors than we have ever had before.

Our future keeps getting brighter every day.

Sail High and Fast,


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