President's Letter – Issue #195

It is bittersweet that I type my final President's Letter for Model Yachting magazine as my reign of four years comes to an end. As your president for the last four years, I have had the honor to work with a group of individuals that also share the passion for RC sailing and volunteering to help all members of this great organization. One of the greatest and most humbling honors for me was to have actually traveled around the country meeting folks that I have only, prior to my presidency had read their names in Model Yachting magazine or on the website. With many of the folks being inducted into the AMYA Hall of Fame years before, it was easy to feel a bit intimidated at first. But with the utmost respect that they gave me in return, it was easy to feel relaxed when working with them. First and foremost was the late/great John Davis, Model Yachting's Managing Editor for so many years, who made it point to meet me in Dallas just prior to me taking office, just to let me know that I was his boss and would always be open to my directions, if I had any! Needless to say, I could not improve on his work.....Model Yachting magazine was his passion for the AMYA. When we unexpectedly lost "JD" as we called him, a number of folks stepped in to fill his shoes. Knowing that the Model Yachting magazine is the heart and soul of our organization every quarter, I could not have asked for a better group of individuals to actually volunteer and step up their game and keep this magazine on track and seemingly brought in the very next issue and subsequent issues on time. Cliff Martin and John Stoudt were the new heartbeat of this magazine, and deserve most of the credit for the challenge. Pat Buttersworth, Jim Linville, Michelle Dannenhoffer and Marco Incrocci of Graphics Plus(printer) all played their own responsibilities with regard to the magazine and I cannot thank them enough for the job they did and continue to do for the AMYA.

Moving forward now, with Model Yachting - Issue #196, we will be having a few changes in the Model Yachting's staff. Cliff and John will be stepping down and handing the reigns over to Richard Lomax as Managing Editor, Mary Hains as Features Editor, and Gary Roby as our new Regatta Reports Editor. I want to welcome and thank these folks for having the desire and passion to take these voluntary positions and further promote the AMYA. I also again want to thank Cliff and John for the time they gave the AMYA as our Manager and Features Editor these past few years!

During the past four years, we, the AMYA's Executive Board and the Board of Director have done some great things. With John Skerry's guidance we operated within our budgets and with Michelle Dannahoffer's unbelievable work as Membership Director and Advertising Manager, we were able to finish our fiscal years on a positive note financially and with our membership numbers up. At present we are at a seven year high with membership! With this success we were able to start giving back to AMYA clubs more money for hosting National Class Regattas (NCR) and even start paying money to clubs for hosting Regional Class Regattas (RCR). We have also added the Junior Grant program that actually pays entry fees for our Junior member to any NCR or RCR event. We have also set aside funds for Class Grants, Club Grants, Trade/Boat shows and even Yacht Clubs presentations to help promote the AMYA and RC Sailing. There were so many other agenda items that the Board of Directors would touch on and act on every month during our on-line live meetings (far too many items to list here) to help better our organization. But then again, working with these great volunteers I would hang up the phone with a smile on my face and proud to be associated with them.

On a personal note, I not only had a bucket list of goals that I wanted to meet during my tenure, but also had a bucket list of trips around the country I wanted to fulfill while meeting members, shaking their hands to thank them for their support, and sometimes even compete at a local event with them. I wanted to hit all four corners of the country and also sail with the AMYA's largest Class NCR my final year. With the help of many people, I was able to make this happen. My thanks go out to the members of the Central Park MYC, San Francisco MYC, San Diego Argonauts MYC, Naples MYC, and the Western Reserve MYC for their hospitality and always allowing me to speak freely to their members. With honor, I began my presidency at the 2015 IOM World Championships and ending my presidency at the 2018 DF95 Global Championships by welcoming our Global Skippers the Opening Ceremonies. These were perfect bookends to my four years and I have Gary Boells and Chuck LaMahuie to thank for this! I would also like to thank my right hand man, our Vice President, Ron Stephanz, who was always the voice on my shoulder to "keep it Presidential" when my blood pressure would go up. Ron was always there for me to consult with and vent to during some rough times and tough decisions these past four years, Thank you Ron!!! And of course last but certainly not least, my family of Sylvia and Joshua who went many evenings without me at the dinner table as I attended to business for the past few years! They were a big part in all this with encouragement and support.

As I sail on now as a past President, please join me in welcoming and fully supporting Mr. Mike Wyatt, and Colin Mosgrove to the office of President and Vice President of the AMYA. They will join the other Executive Board members of Doug Hemingway and John Skerry to continue to man this ship we call the "AMYA". Please take a moment and review the names on the "Masthead" page of Model Yachting as you may recognize some of the same names but more importantly see new ones. I personally want to thank them for their time and passion these upcoming years and I will continue to be out there, always pushing this great organization we also call the National Governing Body of RC Sailing – The AMYA !!!

Farewell and Good Winds!

Ray Seta, AMYA President 2015-2018

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