President's Letter for Issue 194
By Ray Seta

AMYA President

San Antonio, TX

Well, it just seems as if three months ago we were entering the "dog days of summer," and the sailing around the southern states started to slow down a bit due to the heat. Now, I introduce this letter as we exit the "dog days of summer" and can start enjoying days at the lake without having to hear the weatherman explain heat index anymore. As I travel up north from Texas, home to will more than likely be the largest National Championship Regatta (NCR) of the year, featuring the Soling One Meter, in Ohio. I am delayed at the airport for 11 hours, due to mechanical issues. So I figured this would be a good time whip out the laptop and do some work!

Elsewhere around the country, there were AMYA Clubs hosting regattas, one of the largest being the San Diego Bob DeBow Memorial Race Week. With no less than hosting nine NCRs this year, the Memorial Race Week consisted of 19 days of racing, which spanned the entire month of August for the San Diego Argonauts. With the trusted volunteer efforts of Mike Eldred, Robert Hirsch, Kim Robbins, and others, it was a huge undertaking and commitment to host so many events and maintain a level of professionalism that was shown when I was out there attending only two of the events that month. Please take a moment and scan the Regatta Reports for their stories. Thanks guys, see you again in three years!Over the summer, the AMYA saw itself filled with all kinds of drama! Some and mostly on social media, which reminds me of a cliché: "Just cause it's on the Internet does not mean it's always true." The Facebook pages, for some classes, lit up with controversial topics with very strong opinions, for and against such topics as the new Telemetry being offered, now as standard for most new 2.4 GHz radios. As we saw this past AMYA voting cycle, with the Soling One Meter Class taking it head on with its Class Rule motion defining what would be and not be allowed within its class. And as you will read later in this issue, the class members made their voices heard by voting on this motion. The AMYA voting system, working as designed, gives the Class Secretary (CS) the ability to present a motion in due time and letting the Class decide. I'm sure other classes will be reading the words of the Soling One Meter Class Rules closely and following suit with their own proposals. With respect to Telemetry, another hot topic is the advent of allowing and building into a boat the ability to send back live video to skipper's through video screens mounted on their radios. This is commonly called First Person Video (FPV). Over the summer, on forums, including social media, opinions were divided regarding this topic, to the point that it was actually getting unprofessional (ugly) at times. I believe that sometimes folks might forget that this is just a hobby and not life or death! The US One Meter Class is now taking Telemetry head on, by following the mechanism set in place by the AMYA, by writing a motion to its Class Rules and will be allowing the members of the Class to decide what level they would want to allow, or not allow, this option with respect to the use of Telemetry for its racing. I would encourage all CS to follow this outcome and continue to stay aware of the needs of your Class and assistance with this.

On September 10 of this year, the AMYA Membership Secretary signed up and welcomed member ID# 20,000 to our organization. With his Family Membership, Imre Berecz, of Trabuca, California, was issued his Welcome Package with his membership card #20,000. I would like to personally welcome Mr. Berecz to the AMYA and thank him for his support. Also in September was the end of AMYA fiscal year. I am very happy to report that with the great help and guidance of our Treasurer, John Skerry, we have once again ended our year with a balanced budget and also managed to put some money in the bank for future operations. Also, with that, it is safe to say that our membership numbers rose again over our projected mark for 2017–2018. You will be able to see our financial statement in this issue of Model Yachting.

This issue (#194) features the SeaWind Class. Mike Eades, Seawind CS, has been working diligently for almost a year to put together some very interesting SeaWind Class articles. Especially interesting is his report on the history of this strong Class and his tuning tips to simply go fast. If you are a SeaWind owner, I would read with interest, as Mike is a past SeaWind National Champion. Also in this issue are our regular contributors; such as The Collectors' article in John Stoudt's Collectors' column, featuring various members of the AMYA, each issue showing their passion for collecting many different types and styles of radio control sailboats. Please enjoy and take a moment to read any communications that the Class Secretaries will have for their members in the Class News & Tips section. In some cases, this may be the only line of communication that a CS will have with the Class members.

This next quarter will also be busy for the AMYA, with a scheduled Class Secretaries online meeting, hosted by our Vice President, Ron Stephanz, helping all CS to feel they have an open line with the Executive Board. We encourage all CS to attend this open discussion teleconference for 90 minutes, every six months. This quarter will also mark my last quarter as the President of the AMYA after four years. Ron and I will begin our transferring of responsibilities and files over to the incoming President, Mike Wyatt, and Vice President, Colin Mosgrove, for a smooth transition of office by January 1, 2019.

In closing, please, never forget that all officers of this great organization, as well as your local club, are volunteers and take on these responsibilities for various reasons, but the common denominator for all of us is we all have passion for helping others and love this great hobby of radio-controlled sailing. So the next time you go to the lake for a regatta or club sailout, and one of your friends with a title is not sailing, but helping, remember that he or \\she is there so you can sail.

Good Winds, and always hand your transmitter over to a new person to enjoy and get hooked!

Ray Seta

AMYA President

Issue 192

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