President's Letter for Issue 193

We have officially hit summer, and the temperatures around the country are rising. As the sailing and racing might be slowing down here in the south, due to these rising temperatures, this always seems to be the busiest time of the year for the many volunteers of the AMYA, including the Class Secretaries (CSs). In June, our AMYA Vice President, Ron Stephanz, hosted the seventh and most informative online CS meeting to date. A special thanks to all the CSs who gave up a couple hours this one evening to stay updated with AMYA policies, review Operating Guidelines of CSs, have a question and answer period with Model Yachting staff, and discussions about the future of their respective classes. This past meeting was attended by some 20 people, representing 14 classes. We have asked all CSs to consider more communication with class members through Model Yachting magazine and to be more in touch with organizers with respect to scheduling of Regional and National Championship regattas,. As a registered member of any class, please consider contacting your CS and getting more involved with the growth of your class. After these meetings, it has always very gratifying to hear back from CSs that they actually enjoyed the opportunity to contribute and feel appreciated after they have learned something they didn't know before. I have always said that we, the Executive Board (EB) and Board of Directors (BOD), are always here for them.

My next topic is a very hot topic for all classes and CSs. With respect to new technologies coming to RC sailing, we are in a very interesting time right now. With the advent of the new telemetry options now being offered on most 2.4 GHz radios, we have so many more options from which to choose. Just in the last couple years, radio-signal strength and receiver battery-level are now common on all radios and are considered a safety item. But classes are now having to address how, and will this new technology that can be called performance features affect their respective one-design or developmental/open-type classes. As I mentioned in last quarter's Model Yachting, the Soling One Meter Class has taken the lead with their current class motion on this issues ballot to limit and define the uses of this telemetry for the future use in the Soling One Meter Class. The results of their motion vote will surely offer a direction for other classes on how they will also proceed to limit this within their Class Rules. The AMYA EB and BOD will continue to let all classes, with the leadership of their CSs, govern themselves and not dictate or try to persuade them in one direction or another on this subject. If you feel a change or limit is in order for your class, please be involved in the process we have in place to help classes make any adjustments to their own Class Rules. With this being said, in this issue, please be sure to read the article submitted by AMYA members Todd Brown and John Whalen, titled Technology and Innovation. It is very good!

This issue of Model Yachting magazine is commonly titled the Ballot Issue for the AMYA. As it contains a mail-in, paper ballot for all members of the AMYA to return as part of their right to vote for new Officers, Class Secretaries, AMYA Bylaw changes, and Class motions for the Soling One Meter Class. It will actually take less time to vote than you'll spend reading my President's Letter. With your promise to go Vote, I wouldn't even mind if you stopped reading my letter right now! By either mailing a ballot or voting online, we would like to hear from you. To vote online, just simply go to the "Members Only" link on the AMYA website, log in, and click on "2018 AMYA Online Ballot" button to see the ballot and Vote! Afterwards, you will get a confirmation page thanking you for your time! Voting deadline is September 30, 2018. Your VOTE counts!

One item I would like to also mention here is the success that we, the AMYA, have been having with mainstream big-boat Yacht Clubs (YC) being introduced to RC sailing. I would like to thank all of the AMYA members who have had a hand in this. YCs all over the country have been enjoying RC sailing and even starting their own racing programs. I was successful pursuing this idea at the beginning of my Presidency and, with the approval of the BOD, given a free hand to support this target of potential new members with anything we could supply. The Chicago YC has had the most success with their DF65-Class program and was officially asked to be part of that club's racing program, as they hosted the coveted National Offshore One-Design (NOOD) regatta series for big boats this past June. Special thanks go to AMYA member Daniel Burns, a Chicago YC member, for his efforts and success in bringing RC sailing/racing to this prestigious YC. At the beginning of 2017, they had only four boats (DF65s) in their club, now they are up over 125! Thank you, Daniel!

This issue (#193) of Model Yachting features the V-32 Class. Please be sure to read the articles submitted by AMYA V-32 members Ralph Kanko, William Buschor, Rob Hill, Eric Carson, and Gene Wisner. Thanks also go to Dave Eckard, the V-32 Class Secretary. Also in this issue is an article by Steve LaBrenz about a Spectrum DX6i radio repair. Of course our Rules expert, Tom Germer, keeps us up to date with anything regarding rules. A very nice article from our Collectors Editor, John Stoudt, who is also the new President of the US Vintage Model Yacht Group and of course our usual Class News from CSs, as put together by Fran DiTomasso. And I would like to welcome to our Model Yachting staff, our new Regatta Reports editor, Richard Lomax; he will be handling all regatta reports submitted. Welcome aboard, Richard!

I would like to wish the members/volunteers of the San Diego Argonauts (Club # 8) and all skippers traveling out to San Diego for this year's 13th Triennial Bob Debow Memorial 2018 Race Week Regatta; the best of luck! From August 1–29, 2018, this year's event will be hosting nine Class National Championships,.

In closing, a special Texas "hacker" shout-out and correction for my friend Will Rottgering of San Antonio, Texas. It seems the cover shot of Issue #192 (Victoria issue) and the full-page color photo on page 53 were taken by him, not me! I really thought I had taken those shots but was quickly corrected, as he produced the high-resolution originals. Somehow, I had the medium-resolution originals, so he won! Now, I'm off the hook!

Good Winds to all!

Ray Seta, President

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