President's Letter for Issue 192

As we move into the second half of the year and what is known as the best times for recreational fun for RC model sailing, I hope you enjoyed your last issue of Model Yachting with your enclosed vehicle window decal (for Members only). Please display it proudly as the year goes on, in the hopes that someday in a parking lot somewhere, someone out there may just ask you, what is the AMYA? In my travels around the country this past year, I have enjoyed viewing them being proudly displayed on vehicles.

This issue of Model Yachting (#192) is commonly known as the official publication in which to announce all nominations of new AMYA officers and Class Motions before the Ballot Issue comes out next. I hope you will take the time to review the nominations and Class Motions. As a service to our AMYA members, it is important to assist all of our Classes to maintain a strong set of Class Rules and guidelines for the good of the Class and its Class racing. Model Yachting magazine is the only magazine in the country dedicated to just model sailing and for the model sailing enthusiast. Please note that we strive to keep the information with respect to Regatta Schedules, Class Population, and Class News current. We rely on our Class Secretaries to utilize Model Yachting as their way to communicate with their class members through the Class News and Tips section.

Speaking of the Class Secretary (CS), by the time this issue of Model Yachting reaches you, Vice President Ron Stephanz and I will be hosting our midyear, online CS meeting. We have now hosted six of these online meetings for our CSs, and we have some excellent CSs with a perfect attendance of six meetings under their belts, and then we have some CSs who have never attended a single one. I would like to give special recognition to the CS of the Newport 12, Open, SeaWind, US 12, and RG65 Classes for their attendance at least five of these meetings. If you are a member of one of these Classes, please thank your CS for the passion and time put into your Class. On the other hand, we have the CS of certain Classes who have never attended a single CS meeting. As I am not here to point out any specific Classes for non-attendance, I will say that some of these CSs are also the same CSs who do not communicate with their members through our Model Yachting's Class News & Tips section. This is a huge disservice to the members of that Class, and I would ask that if anyone is in a position of being a CS and feels they just do not have the time or passion to serve anymore, please contact me and allow us to look into the possibility of finding another member of your Class to step up for the good of the Class.

In this issue of Model Yachting magazine, featuring the Victoria, one of the AMYA's Classes for almost 20 years, there are various articles discussing new topics and some reprints that have passed the test of time. I would like to thank Doug Fox (Vic skipper and sailmaker), and his son Andrew Fox (past Victoria National Champion) for their contribution of articles for this issue. Also, Ron Stephanz and I will be honored with a reprint of our articles printed in past Victoria featured magazines.

Also in this issue, you will see an article and regatta report that was unfortunately omitted from Issue #191. We sincerely apologize to John Tushingham, the brainchild of the DF models, Denny Ginsburg of the Naples MYC, and the DragonForce 65 (DF65) and DragonFlight 95 (DF95) community for these omissions. The staff of Model Yachting, which by the way are all volunteers and R/C sailors themselves, do a very difficult job in getting a quality magazine out to our members on time. Sometimes, with respect to deadlines, they get delayed by circumstances beyond their control, with contributors, and even the highly technical aspect of sending information back and forth to other editors. Sometimes, things just get lost in the shuffle and even e-mails. This is a thankless job, and as for myself, I could not be prouder of them for how we all try to work through all these issues. It seems we never hear about the 99 items that go right, but when one item goes wrong, we hear back from everyone.

One of the largest and most historic events, hosted by the San Diego Argonauts, named The 13th San Diego Race Week, will be happening this August. This year's event will take place over the entire month of August, hosting some eight different National Regatta Championships (NCRs). For all the dates and Classes being hosted, go to the AMYA's website ( and look under Regattas, then Schedule. This should be yet another great event, with the staff and volunteers of the San Diego Argonauts (AMYA #8), with the help of various other clubs and Class Associations.

One last item I would like all AMYA members to do: please be sure to go to the "Members Only" link of the website. After logging in, you will be able to update your membership profile. It is very important to have this information accurate and your mailing address correct. This will ensure that your copy of Model Yachting will be delivered to your proper address on time. We have had many members miss issues because of a change in address, and an error may occur in the data entry. Please advise us, either by e-mail or telephone, as soon as possible, to correct the problem. We are happy to do this if there is a problem with your delivery. We have even been known to replace all issues you may have missed, due to an error, at our cost.

As always, it is my honor and pleasure to serve the members of the AMYA and will be sad when my term as your President comes to an end on December 31, 2018. Now, as I always like to close my letters with "go sailing and take a friend," I would also like to say, "please get involved with your local sailing club; give back and be rewarded!"

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