President's Letter – Issue #191

As parts of our country may still be digging out of the strangest winter on record, this is a part of the country, namely our own Region 7 (Florida), that do not play the winter game like the rest of us. The January/February months actually mark the beginning of the start of their 2018 racing schedule. With some of the more popular Classes such as EC12's, Soling 1 Meters, and RC Lasers, they have all established a "Southern Circuit" of regattas all starting this month. Good luck to all racers traveling to these events especially the "snowbirds" that will be making the trip down. Even though I'm from Texas, the weather is unseasonably cold we are still sailing in our own "Frostbite" regattas.

As in years past, we at the AMYA wonder how we are going to end the year in respect to our memberships. As we ended the 4th quarter of our fiscal year, 3 major hurricanes, Irma, Harvey and Maria hit the southern coastal states mainly Texas and Florida. Our members that were affected by these major disasters had other priorities (other than renewing membership) in their recovery efforts. I am happy to say that we too have recovered and our membership numbers are on the rise. I look forward to seeing the numbers as they will be reported by our Membership Secretary next quarter. I want to thank those that were affected by these hurricanes for your continued support and your membership in this great hobby.

This past year brought some changes for some Classes in the AMYA with new Class Secretaries(CS). I would like to welcome the following gentlemen and thank them for stepping up and taking on their new position as Class Secretary, Bill Klein – Fairwind, Ty Beach – Soling 50, Ryan Schofield – Infinity 54, Gary Boell – IOM, and Steve Vaczosky – US 1 Meter. These are the gentleman that will be your contacts for these Classes and their contact information can now be found in the "Masthead" of this issue of Model Yachting (MY). Your CS will be responsible for their respective Class business and are also encouraged to attend the semi-annual CS online conference call meetings in June and November that will be hosted by the Executive Board of the AMYA. This past November, we had 11 CS's attend this meeting and I would like to thank and commend them for attending. As members of any Class, it is your responsibility to encourage your CS to attend and communicate information back to the Class members any important points that might be of interest to the Class. If you do not feel you are being updated from your CS, please ask why and/or maybe even consider stepping up also to help improve your Class. It's all about involvement!!!

For many years now, and I apologize I don't know the exact number, Eric Rosenbaum has been part of Model Yachting's staff as Regatta Reports editor. I am sad to report that Eric has stepped down as editor but happy that he will be living out his dream of sailing around the world in 2018. Many of you may also know Eric as a repeat RG65 National Champion and Class Secretary. Eric is a fellow Texan and friend of mine, and I would like to recognize and thank him for many years of service to the AMYA. "God's Speed & and Safe Seas" in your travels. With this being said, we here at Model Yachting have a position open now for a new Regatta Report editor. Please consider if you would like to see this great section of the magazine continue and would like to take that next step in being involved with this fun informative section of the Model Yachting magazine. I can say that it does not require any writing on your part as all the content is sent to you by everyone else. If you are interested in this position please contact myself or Cliff Martin, Model Yachting's managing editor, for details.

Ending 2017 on a financial positive note we at the AMYA are once again sending you a "Member" car window decal in this issue of MY as a "Thank You" for your support. Please display this "MEMBER" decal proudly on your vehicle to show your continued support for a hobby that is near and dear to us all. Maybe one day someone will ask you what RC Sailboat Racing, THE AMYA.ORG is all about. If you would like to purchase additional "MEMBER" decals you may do so at the Ships Store.

2017 was jammed packed with many clubs, and dedicated individuals, hosting boat shows, exhibits, classes, public sailouts, build parties, and all kinds of creative promotions for themselves and the AMYA. We also Thank You and please remember that we are here to help in any way we can for 2018.

It was my honor to represent the AMYA in November at the retirement celebration of John and Madeline Tucker, a husband and wife team from the Central Park Model Yacht Club. Together they served the CPMYC for 25-30 years (no one knew exactly) holding various offices. John is best known for his holding the Commodore office these past 25 years. John and Madeline are not going anywhere, now is their time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor with the CPMYC. On behalf of the AMYA, I would like to thank John and Madeline for all the years of service and dedication to the CPMYC and model sailing.

On behalf of myself and the AMYA staff, We wish everyone "Good Winds" in 2018!!!

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