President's Letter 190
by Ray Seta

AMYA President

San Antonio, TX

As the AMYA ends another successful year and begins a new year this October 1, I would like to thank all members, new and those that renewed, for your support and confidence in us to run and operate this great organization. As we end the 2017 fiscal year, I am proud to say that we once again ended with a positive financial balance. One of the main reasons we ended on such a positive note was due to the great work of our very own Advertising Manager for our Model Yachting, Michelle Dannenhoffer. Not only does she have a way of keeping repeat customers coming back to advertise but acquiring new advertisers. Remember, Michelle also does double duty as our Membership Secretary. The AMYA and the very successful Model Yachting magazine would not be the same without her! Michelle did this great job despite having to evacuate her house twice this past year for hurricanes that hit Florida. She's a real trooper for us—Thank you, Michelle! By ending the year on a financial positive note, the Board of Directors (BOD) and I have come up with a few great ideas we will be implementing in the 2017–2018 fiscal year from which our members and clubs can benefit. Please read a short synopsis of some of the ideas with which we will be moving forward.

Junior Skipper Grant Program—Earmarked funds for young skippers wanting to sail in any AMYA Class Regional or National Championship Regatta. If you know of any skippers 18 years old, he/she may apply for this Grant money to be used for his/her registration fee for the regatta. Details for submitting an application will be coming out soon on the AMYA website and in future issues of Model Yachting.

Class Promotional Grant—The Class Secretary of any AMYA Class may apply for Earmarked funds for any kind of promotion of that Class.

Regional (RCR) or National Championship Regatta (NCR) Subsidy Program—For the mutual benefit of the AMYA and the club hosting any RCR or NCR, the BOD decided to increase the currently awarded stipend funds by $5 per boat. Please read the article in this issue of Model Yachting for details.

AMYA Outside Advertising—In order to gain additional exposure for the AMYA, we will be researching advertising opportunities in other mainstream sailing magazines. It seems that our target audiences are, for example, the same people who are currently members of big-boat yacht clubs who might find themselves ready to step off their boats but don't want to step away from the sailing environment in general. Model sailing and racing offers all the aspects of big-boat, one-design sailing and racing without the expense of expensive crew travel, boat-slip fees, or even a costly boat payment. Sailing magazines such as Sailing World, Sail, Cruising World, SpinSheet, Soundings, Yachting, WindCheck, and maybe even AARP are just some examples into which we are looking. We want to gain exposure for the AMYA and let the world know we exist are our immediate goals. Gaining new members is our ultimate goal!

Eliminating New AMYA Member Service Fee—We feel that our main goal when signing on any new members should be to keep them around for years to come. We see no reason to actually charge them an extra fee simply because they are new. Our new forms and website form will reflect this change.

This particular issue of Model Yachting is packed with a number of Special Feature articles and not necessarily those of one featured class. Most of these articles were submitted by various AMYA members. Thanks to our Executive Secretary, Doug Hemingway, it will also contain our latest results of the AMYA's annual ballot. I hope most of you got to exercise your right to Vote, especially if you were a member of the T37 or Newport 12 Class, which had asked its members to approve a new set of Class Rules. For those who did, we appreciate your effort and support, along with our regular features of Regatta Reports, Class News & Tips, and Racing Rules of Sailing by Tom Germer, and Selwyn Holland's column of 3D Printing. We have included many more articles that can only be described as Special. Two articles featuring the VO70 and Nirvana Class are also included. Even our Features Editor, John Stoudt, got the writing bug by submitting four articles from the Woods Hole Model Boat Show and an article titled "Therapy Boats." He also wrote about some very inexpensive products that any model sailor can use, which I think you will find most interesting. Peter Wilding, Nirvana Class Secretary, dropped us an article about the one of the hottest 2.4g radios on the market these days; please check it out!

These contributions (articles) sent in by our very own AMYA members could not be any more appreciated. Our great staff at Model Yachting is always there to accept your articles on any topic that may fit our agenda of promoting model sailing. Please feel free to send in your articles and don't hesitate to send any high-resolution pictures (with photo credits) to us. Our great editors will then decide in which future issue you might see your article in print, with your name accompanying it.

As we enter these fall months and get ready for the holiday season, please remember our very own AMYA Ship's Store for some of your shopping needs. Don't forget to help us prove to our vendors that advertise in Model Yachting that their money is well spent. Let them know you saw their ad in Model Yachting and show your support by patronizing them with your purchase(s).

On a personal note, as I travel around racing in my own regattas, I want to thank everyone for the kind words and show of support for this great magazine. Please know that I do pass your comments on to this great Model Yachting staff!

Good Winds!

Ray Seta

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