President's Letter for Issue 189
Ray Seta

AMYA President

San Antonio, TX

As we enter the 2017 Dog Days of Summer, some of the southern AMYA Regions are already slowing down their sailing time due to the rising temperatures. But these are usually the regions that can still sail 12 months of the year. Being from Texas myself, I sometimes envy the pleasant temperatures that some of the northern regions might experience during the summer months, but I sure like sailing during the winter months. For those fortunate sailors that like chasing the mild, beautiful weather from north to south and back to north—aka "snowbirds," I need to ask if you would still like to receive all your Model Yachting (MY) issues at your alternate address. Please remember that the US Post Office does require First Class postage ($10 additional postage) be paid through your membership in order to forward your magazine to you. Please contact our Membership Secretary, Michelle Dannenhoffer, to upgrade your membership with that First Class postage. We had 39 issues of Model Yachting returned to us by the Post Office last quarter. That's 39 members who want to use the additional address option but have not paid the First Class postage as part of their membership. We really want you to receive your issues of Model Yachting and not miss anything. Please help us help you!

I can't help but I want to mention again about all the AMYA RC Sailing Clubs around the country that have been doing such a fantastic job targeting your local Yacht Clubs with sailing displays and fun sails. I have heard great reports back about these RC Sailing Clubs picking up new members and friends who are joining them now. Keep up the good work and keep proving that a little effort will reap big returns! Keep flying our AMYA Banners and WindBlades and handing out those AMYA TriFolds; it works to not only build your club but also your Boat Class also!

During this past quarter, the Executive Board, featuring our Vice President, Ron Stephanz, hosted our fifth Class Secretaries (CS) online meeting, with all Class Secretaries invited to have their voices heard within the AMYA and learn from each other ideas to make their Classes successful. It would be fantastic to have all CS in attendance, but that would be next to impossible, considering that all CS are volunteers with other commitments or obligations. It seems we do get about 40 percent of CS attending our meetings twice a year, and not always the same CS, which is a good thing! The passion for the hobby and their Class that some of these CS have is so encouraging and overwhelming. Their passion is definitely reflected in the success of their respective Classes. I want to thank the CS who attended this past June (2017) and look forward to hearing back from you in November 2017. If you have a passion for the Class of boat you sail and fail to ever hear from your CS, please ask him why! The common denominator that all the successful Classes have is that their CS usually have positive relationships with their builders and/or distributors. It's a win-win situation when the CS takes a proactive approach in their operating their Class. They need your ideas and feedback as members, and as members you deserve to get feedback from your CS. Not only do these Model Yachting issues give your CS a tool to communicate back to you, the Class members, four times a year, but your Class's website and newsletters are great tools for the CS to utilize. Please insist that these tools are being used for you and your Class's benefit! Please be involved; you will get so much more out this hobby if you are involve with the same passion and enthusiasm as some of our successful CS and AMYA staff!

This particular issue of Model Yachting is jammed packed with the EC12 featured Class! Special goes to the EC12's Class Secretary for organizing and compiling this great issue. We also call this particular annual issue the "Ballot Issue." It will be of particular interest to the T37 and Newport 12 Class members, as they will be voting on complete rewrites of their Class Rules. AMYA Regions 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 will also be electing some new Regional Directors. If you live in these Regions, please remember to vote. As important as it is to vote, it's also important to show your support or non-support of any voting opportunity.

Do you remember when I said the more involved you are, the more you get back? This is your time to be involved in the AMYA system. Invoke your right to vote for your Class motions and/or Class Secretary. They need to know whether or not you support them! Also, we need to know that they are serving you! Please vote and return the ballot! Please check the back side of your mailing address sheet inside the clear wrap of this magazine for your ballot. This is your paper ballot to mail back or to refer to. You can also vote online by going to the "Members only" section of the AMYA website and then click on "Go to Ballot." Please keep in mind that all votes will need to be submitted by September 30.

In closing, again I would like to thank all the individual Club members and sailors who jump in for your local club and support a proactive approach to gaining new members. The idea that sailors at heart never want to just climb off a boat because of age, they want to keep sailing. Put that transmitter in their hands and watch that smile grow. Continue to target your local Yacht Clubs, and you would be surprised at the return it pays! Continue to build those positive relationships with Yacht Clubs, specific RC boat builders and distributors, because they all have the same passion to see sailing grow!

Have a great summer, Vote, and remember to take a friend to the lake!

Ray Seta

AMYA President

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