President's Letter
Ray Seta

My following President's Letter was submitted prior to John Davis's passing on Dec 30. It was only after heartfelt thought that I felt I still wanted my words of John Davis's performance as our Model Yachting's Managing Editor to be read as written. Our thanks forever to John Davis for what Model Yachting magazine has become and will continue to be!

As we bring the year 2016 to a close and complete my first term as President, I would just like to say thank you to all my Executive Board, iDoug Hemingway, Ron Stephanz and John Skerry. Of course, I thank also the great group of other volunteers we have in our Board of Directors (BOD), which includes our Regional Directors and Associates, for their contribution and passion they bring to the hobby, without which we could not have accomplished what we did in 2016. It's my honor to mention John Davis, our illustrious Model Yachting editor, who not only had his own battles with health issues this year but never missed a deadline throughout it all. John Davis's commitment to Model Yachting is second to none. John Davis is truly one of the strongest and most positive people I have ever met and with whom I have had the pleasure of working. Our unbelievable Michelle Dannenhoffer, who not only keeps our membership rolls intact all year long, even had to evacuate her home this year for Hurricane Matthew and then rushed back home to tend to AMYA business no less than 24 hours after Matthew had passed by her city of Melbourne, Florida. She is truly a trooper for all of us at the AMYA and deserves a special Thank You! A special highlight this year for me was being invited to attend the Central Park MYC's Centennial celebration in New York City. What an honor it was for me to be able to represent the AMYA not only at this event but also to go to the West Coast's San Francisco MYC and be a part of the 2016 Victoria NCR. It was not just an ordinary NCR, but with the involvement of US Sailing, it brought this event to another level. Visiting both of the oldest model yacht clubs in the country was a thrill for me! But then, ending my racing year by attending this year's largest AMYA NCR, the first Dragon Flight 95 NCR, in Dallas, Texas, was an additional thrill.

State of the AMYA

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect a bit on 2016 and thank our great members for an extremely positive year, which left us with a higher number of members—with 426 new members—and revenue higher than the year before. It was because of this positive year that we can give back something to our AMYA members. In this issue of Model Yachting, you will notice our new AMYA Members only window decal. Please except this as a thank you for your support; we hope you will display it proudly on your vehicle. With the increased revenue, we are also giving back a subsidy, similar to the current NCR Subsidy, to Regional Class Championship (RCR) hosting clubs. Also, we welcomed 10 new AMYA clubs, and we witnessed the recognition of two of the fastest growing classes to hit the water this year. Both the DragonForce 65 (DF65) and the DragonFlight 95 (DF95) approached the AMYA for recognition status (by fulfilling their requirements) to be sanctioned classes within the AMYA. Both classes are experiencing tremendous growth within their class associations and lending support to the AMYA. Congratulations to the new recognized classes, we are proud to have you!

As in 2015, in 2016 we had two separate opportunities for Class Secretaries (CS) to join scheduled online meetings. These meetings have become very beneficial for the CS to have a voice within the AMYA. Building membership is a priority with the Executive Board and the BOD. Our intent is to build membership and exposure for the AMYA and to assist clubs/fleets in any way we can to encourage existing mainstream yacht clubs to host events, as well as introduce RC model sailing to folks who may be ready to step away from their current big boats but are not ready to actually step away from sailing world. RC sailing offers something for everyone from this targeted group of existing sailors. Please contact your Regional Director for any assistance in getting a group together to visit any yacht club to which you may belong.

Promotional AMYA Banners, TriFolds, and Windblades: We have designed and created tent/table banners and Windblades for promotional display during major regattas/events/or outings you may want to host. Again, to add some color and purpose to your event and to help us promote the AMYA, please contact your Regional Director early on for these items. Our TriFold color brochures are also free of charge to hosting clubs and members.

New AMYA Staff

This year, we have introduced a new Model Yachting Features Editor, John Stoudt, as well as Racing Rules of Sailing editor Tom German. Our new behind-the-scenes Regatta Coordinator is Bob Piper, who handles all the website's Regatta Schedules and chevrons mailings. Our new International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) representatives for the AMYA, Bob Wells and Colin Mosgrove, will keep us informed of international topics in radio sailing. With everything mentioned above, you can see it has been a very busy year!

Please enjoy this issue of Model Yachting, Issue #187, featuring our Marblehead Class. Also, I hope you will enjoy the article by Graham Bantock, speaking about the class from an international viewpoint. In addition, there is a building article by Biff Martin and Pat Butterworth. In addition to the usual Regatta Reports, Class News & Tips by our CS should inform each member of the class's financial status. And as in every other first-quarter issue of Model Yachting, we would like to present to you, the members of the AMYA, our annual financial statement, as reported by AMYA Treasurer John Skerry.

As we end the year 2016 and my first term as President, I would also like to thank you for the support you have given me with your vote of confidence this past September by electing me to another two-year term as your President! I'm looking forward to 2017, and as usual, I always like to end my letter by inviting you to go sailing and take a friend!

Happy New Year, Ray Seta

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