President's Letter for Issue 176
By Ray Seta

It's been another great fiscal year for the AMYA. Memberships are up, we met budgets from last year, and in some cases we beat the budget. This is because of the great staff I have working with me here at the AMYA, from Membership Secretary, Model Yachting magazine, the Board of Directors, and especially the Executive Board. All these volunteers have the same passion to keep this ship we call the AMYA sailing true and keeping me focused, and I am truly honored to be working with every one of them.I have so many topics on which I would like to touch in this issue of Model Yachting that I am going to attempt to just mention a little bit about each of them. If you have a specific question concerning any of them, please feel free to e-mail me directly (

Dragon Force 65

Congratulations to the newest AMYA-sanctioned class, the DF65. Darrell Krasoski is the new Class Secretary and should now be reporting in this issue to all his class members. In order to find all the information about the Dragon Force 65 Class, please check the Boats page on our website (

AMYA Regional Championship Regatta Stipend

With a very successful year, in regard to the number of members and our treasury, I would like to announce that as of Oct 1, 2016, we have extended our National Regatta Subsidy program to include all AMYA Regional Championship Regattas for all AMYA Classes. As a reward, we would like to pay back a little bit of money ($5.00 per boat) to the clubs that host these events. For more information on how to qualify for these funds, check the Regatta page on the website Regatta Reports submissions to Model Yachting

As with any submission to Model Yachting, we ask you to please familiarize yourself with the requirements for each submission. Each section of Model Yachting is held to a strict set of requirements for layout, space, and uniformity. All volunteer Model Yachting editors have to be responsible for their sections and are held to a strict set of guidelines. It is important that each submission stay within the parameters of that section. If you have any questions about submitting an article, Regatta Report, or Class News column, please contact the appropriate Model Yachting editor prior to your submission. For example, the most important items to always consider are captions, with proper photo credits, for any photo you wish to submit and proper length and format of any Regatta Report.

Class Secretaries (CSs) online meeting

Vice President Ron Stephanz and I have been most pleased with our CSs' dedication and enthusiasm, as evidenced at our online meetings. We are hoping that after hosting three meetings so far (every six months), the ideas and discussion among us and the CSs will be paying off in various ways. We have had some great replies from the CSs with regard to how much they appreciate our efforts and ideas. Please, as a class member of your respected class, be involved in the solution by supporting your CS, and remember they, too, are volunteers. One of the most important items you, as an AMYA member, can do is to make sure your boats are all properly registered in their respective classes, and please help owners register boats you may have sold to them.

Target Audience for AMYA

Coming from some local AMYA clubs around the country, there have been some great, successful stories on establishing new relationships with local Yacht Clubs (YC). All YCs, in some manner, have sailing programs, which target mostly adult sailors/racers, or even juniors, to sail in any particular class in that club. Well, there has now been a push from some AMYA clubs to target these clubs and start RC-class groups for folks who would like something else to do on non-scheduled race days or even people who might find themselves ready to move on to sailing something else but don't want to leave their personal YCs. I applaud these AMYA clubs for thinking "outside the box" a bit and approaching these clubs. If you have had success in establishing a positive, active relationship and sailing program, or even just use of their location to sail or host a regatta, please contact me with the name and address of the YC's contact person, so we can send some complimentary copies of Model Yachting for their clubhouse.

AMYA Bulletin

Remember to keep sending any RC-sailing stories to Hew Hamilton for his publication, the Bulletin. No story is too short or too long! Remember photo credits and links.

Consulting Attorney for the AMYA

Considering the size of our organization and some of the legal issues we need to deal with from time to time, should the need arise, it would be nice to be able to have an individual with whom we could consult. We have been very fortunate to always operate within the law and have always depended on the good morals, values, and common sense of the Board of Directors to never cross any lines. But once in a while a very delicate issue may arise, and at that time we would like to get a second, third, or even a legal opinion. If there are any AMYA members who could help us out from time to time, please contact me directly. It is amazing that when we are all at regattas and wearing shorts and our favorite class T-shirts and all sharing the same passion of RC sailing, we don't wear name tags announcing what we do or did as a career. During a typical weekend, we are a mix of people with various backgrounds, and you would never know when you're calling "starboard" or "inside" on a Federal judge, brain surgeon, carpenter, banker, or a painter!

Model Yachting Issue No. 186

Please enjoy your issue of Model Yachting this quarter, and a special thanks to all the contributors, authors, and Class Secretary Bill Hagerup for assisting in putting together this 10 Rater issue.

In Closing, thank you for a great year! Go Sailing; take a friend with you and put a transmitter in your friend's hand!

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