President's Letter for Issue 185
By Ray Seta

As we exit the second quarter of the year, it's hard to believe we are into the midsummer months already. In some parts of the country, mainly down south, the regattas are starting to slow down a bit because of the heat, and in the northern part of the country, according to the AMYA Regatta Schedule, they are just starting to gain momentum, with events every weekend. I encourage all Regional Directors and Regatta Chairmen to help clubs and fleets start planning for next year by actually posting the AMYA Regatta dates for 2017 on the website as soon as possible, so people can start to plan, especially in the southern states when the regatta season will be in full swing starting in January. Posting early on the AMYA schedule will, in most cases, assure that someone else will consider your date selected before selecting a date for their own local regatta.

In this issue of Model Yachting, one of the premier events of this last spring was the 100th Anniversary of the Central Park Model Yacht Club (CPMYC) in New York City. I was proud to represent the AMYA as its President and will always hold this event as one of my all-time favorites to attend. Too bad it happens only once every 100 years! The organizing by many of its club’s members, especially Mr. Bruce Richter, made this event very special for all who attended. Please take a moment to read John Stoudt’s story in this issue and try to imagine upwards of a 1,000 people of all ages coming by the pond that day. With 30&emdash;40 boats, ranging from 26 to 96 inches, on the water sailing, it was a sight to behold. Congratulations to the CPMYC and its members for a great, first 100 years!

I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome the newest AMYA-sanctioned class to our ranks. With the efforts of many within the class, before the boats actually hit the waters here in the US, three very dedicated and talented individuals have taken the lead for this up-and-coming class called DragonFlight 95. With the new Class Secretary, Mr. Russ Gardner, and two Directors at large, Mr. Brian Mohs and Hap McGill, this class has hit the water "planing," so to speak, and we welcome it into the AMYA. To find out more about this great new boat and class, you can go to the AMYA website and find its listing under the "Boats" link.

This past month the AMYA Executive Board hosted its third online teleconference meeting for all Class Secretaries (CS). We have now moved into a tradition, within my second year as President, to actually host two such meetings annually, every June and November. This is a great opportunity for a CS to bounce ideas off other CSs, to have a voice in the AMYA, and to let us (the Executive Board) know how we can better serve them. Our goal, hopefully, is to have the positive effect of having an open dialog trickle down to its class members from the CSs. As class members, we would still like all of you to please stay in touch with your CS via e-mail, phone call, or letter, about any changes in your status of boat ownership or ownership transfer. The CS depends on your accurate information to help keep our AMYA database current and accurate. Your feedback to your CS is more important than you may realize. Please be involved, your CS will appreciate it!

I have been told by a very reliable source and staff member of Model Yachting that one of our longtime advertisers and AMYA supporters for many years has actually decided to go sailing more, we hope!, and retire from his longtime RC Sail business. Dennis Desprois, of Walrus Sails, has informed us that it's time to go sailing more within his area. In his future, we wish Dennis all the luck in the world and thank him for so many years of support of not only the AMYA but also Model Yachting.

This quarter's issue (#185) is featuring two boat classes, the Wheeler and the Canterbury J. I hope you enjoy all the articles and photos put together for this issue. All the contributing authors for these articles are all very well known in both classes, and I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank them: George Ribero, Adrian Olson, Jerry Turney, Steve Scott, Jess Atkinson, Jeff Depew, Skip Hall, Kevin Gault, and David Hopkinson. Thank you for your time, dedication, and contribution in making this issue complete and informative.

As members of the AMYA, you too can be most helpful by not only supporting your local suppliers but also please consider patronizing our advertisers. These are the people who help keep this great magazine going, not to mention our great volunteer staff of editors and regular quarterly contributors.

One last item I would like to address is that it has now been almost a year since our Board of Directors found it necessary to raise our annual membership dues, which went into effect January 1, 2016. In order to maintain our budget goals we need all the members of this great organization to help us by properly responding with the updated membership renewal forms for correct dues amounts. We still seem to be getting a few old membership renewal forms sent in without the proper amounts included. Maybe old forms are still in your computer. If necessary, please "refresh" your forms. Thank you for your annual support and time you dedicate to this fun hobby. Remember, the more you put into anything, the more you will get back! Good Winds! Go Sailing and remember... take a friend sailing!

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