President's Letter for Issue 184
by Ray Seta

AMYA President

San Antonio, TX

Since my last President's Letter, we have had a number of things take effect. Since the very successful 2015 IOM World Championships, hosted here last May in Foster City, California, the AMYA will once again take an active role in the International Radio Sailing Association's (IRSA) General Assembly meeting in November. The AMYA is one of 30-plus nationally organized RC sailing governing bodies worldwide. There is a featured article in this issue of Model Yachting you can read and learn about the IRSA. Representatives for the AMYA are Jim Atkinson, the AMYA's Region 6 Director, and newly appointed Colin Mosgrove. Colin also represents the AMYA's Region 1 as Regional Director and will also be the USA's designated voting member at this coming November's General Assembly. I felt that by me stepping down from David Brawner's appointment and appointing Colin to this position for the next couple of years, we would be fully represented in the IRSA for the upcoming years. Thank you both, Jim and Colin, for taking on the added responsibility of making sure the AMYA is represented and informed within the IRSA. They are currently reporting back to the AMYA Board of Directors on a monthly basis, as well as corresponding with each other.

I would like to mention that with the recent increase in AMYA membership dues, our membership is actually on the rise compared to the same time last year. We have experienced an increase in new members and renewals for the past four quarters, and I would just like to personally thank everyone for their continuing support, dedication, and confidence you have bestowed on us, the Board of Directors. Just as a reminder, you can take advantage of our online membership renewal service. When you're in the secure "Members Area" of the website, you can update your personal information, such as address change, alternate address, phone numbers, or even club affiliations, as needed. Also, please take a moment to review all boats listed in your "Registered Boats" area. If you need to add, delete, or update any listed boat, please contact the appropriate Class Secretary to update the information. It can be changed only by the specific Class Secretary! It is important to contact him directly to do so. It is very important to keep this information current for our files. Also, please note that if you decide to renew your membership using your address form provided with in your last issue of Model Yachting, please make sure it is the latest renewal form (Issue 183 or later) and not a form from years ago.

I just mentioned how important it is to keep your personal information up-to-date and accurate, and this is why: We take this information and publish the individual boat classes by population (in total and for each AMYA Region) as a service to our current AMYA members, in order to help with any future purchases they may make. A typical AMYA member can take this information and do further due diligence on the website by searching Clubs for boat classes sailed and the regatta page for class championship, and other, regattas. Then before making a purchase the member can be more confident the decision was an informed one. In the near future we will be taking this idea of posting the population information on the website (currently only found in the back of Model Yachting magazine) as a free service to potential AMYA members.

In this issue of Model Yachting you will notice the Featured Class is the RG65. Eric Rosenbaum, RG65 Class Secretary, has done an excellent job in hand picking and authoring many of the articles featured. Eric did double duty on this issue, while still completing his usual task as Regatta Reports Editor—great job Eric! I believe I can speak for Eric when I thank all his fellow contributors for all their hard work to produce this issue. It is an honor to be a Featured Class in Model Yachting magazine, and it takes hard work from its class secretaries and members to produce such an informative issue. With the recent surge in popularity of the Dragon Force one-design boat, which also measures in as an RG65, this issue, featuring the RG65, couldn't have come at a better time. I would also like to introduce and thank Mr. Tom Germer, our new Racing Rules Editor. Tom is taking over this position from Mr. John Super, whose very concise and accurate racing rules article we had the pleasure of reading for many years. I want to thank John for his many years of time and dedication to us and Model Yachting. As usual, all of our contributing authors, such as Lester Gilbert, John Stoudt, Mike Wyatt, and Craig Huzway also deserve kudos for their contributions, whether it's for the first time or recurring featured articles. Please take a moment to read about this quarter's Featured Club, the North Virginia MYC, written by Scott Allen. This club has some great history in its 26 years. I was fortunate enough back in the early 2000s to sail with them in front of our nation's Capitol Building in Washington, DC, in the reflecting pond...great memories as well as an honor!

One last item I would like to touch on is the AMYA Regatta Coordinator position, formerly held by Mr. Ernest Thorpe. Mr. Thorpe has been with us as Regatta Coordinator for many years and to many of us (who went to regattas and received AMYA Chevrons or have even gone to the AMYA website to check the Regatta Schedule) has lived in the background. Thank you, Ernie, for your many years of dedicated work for us, and if you see him I hope all of you will join me and give him a pat on the back. Bob Piper, of Dallas, Texas, will now be handling our Regatta Coordinator position. If you are a Regatta Chairperson and will be organizing a future regatta, by submitting your Regatta Information online, Mr. Piper will be handling the duties of website schedule posting and sending you the chevrons.

In closing, in my preparation for going to New York in exactly one month to represent the AMYA, I would like to congratulate the Central Park Model Yacht Club in advance for its 100th Anniversary Celebration!

Thank you again for another great quarter with in the AMYA and Model Yachting magazine! Remember, take a friend to the lake and put a radio in his hand!

Ray Seta, President

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