President's Letter for Issue 183
By Ray Seta

Well it's unseasonably warm today, Christmas Day 2015, and I can't believe how fast my 1st year as President has flown by. I have an amazing Board of Directors, which consist of our Executive Committee, Regional Directors, and their Associate Directors. We are all volunteers and dedicate many hours for the AMYA and it's members. Please, if you get a chance, do thank them as I do every time I sign off at the end of our monthly online meetings. I can never say Thank You enough to our Model Yachting staff and especially the gal that holds us all together, Michelle Dannenhoffer, our Membership Director. As you finish reading my letter to you, please take a moment and scan the names of all these folks on the page prior to my letter called “The Masthead”. These are folks working for you, and let me mention once again we are all volunteers with the same passion for Radio Control sailing.

This year has been jam packed with events and regattas. Over the past 12 months there has been approximately 132 official AMYA regattas over all 7 Regions involving 26 AMYA classes. There has been 23 National Class Regattas (NCR's) Championships, and various Regional Championships in the majority of all Classes in all 7 AMYA Regions. This was also the year of the Triennial San Diego Classic over a 13 day period hosting 7 Classes and 6 NCR. This year we were happy and honored to be part of the prestigious 2015 IOM World Championships bringing in 76 of the top qualified Skippers from around the world over a 9 day period hosted by South Bay MYC, Foster City, CA. All the aforementioned was just the sailing done by our great members of the AMYA. Thank you to all the Regatta Chairmen, Race Directors and/or Chairwomen for giving their time to organize.

This year also caps off two months of trying to reach out to more individuals by hosting two online meetings (June/November) for our Class Secretaries. Out of the 32 AMYA Classes we had 22 in attendance over the period of both meetings. This was very well received and very beneficial for the Class Secretaries to voice some concerns to our Executive Committee in the hopes that we could be an educating tool for them to better serve their individual Class members. I found it interesting the Class Secretaries were able to use some of the ideas from other Classes with respect to fund raising, fund spending, and basically learning that better communication with their individual Class members is the key to success and problem solving. We have encouraged each Class Secretary to share this information with you through individual Class newsletters, websites, or our very own “Class News & Tips” reports in this and future issues of Model Yachting (MY) magazine. This coming 2016 is shaping up to be as big or bigger with the number of official regattas. I personally plan to attend and represent the AMYA at the 100 year Anniversary of the Central Park MYC this coming April, it will be my honor!

One last point I would like to bring to everyone's attention are the emails and feed back I receive every week from Class Secretaries about how difficult it is for them to convince folks about the benefits of the AMYA. Other than the obvious four issues of Model Yachting that you will receive for your membership, we offer so much more. Through Model Yachting magazine we bring the dedicated suppliers to you, the members. We bring the voices of the Class Secretaries to you, the members. We provide you, the member, with data and information that you may need to make your next purchase. We try to follow up monthly between issues of MY with the AMYA Bulletin, from Hew Hamilton, with shorter version and stories related to our hobby. We try to keep a current and accurate website for the AMYA members. If you scan the links on the left of the website and go to those drop-down links, I bet you will find items you didn't know existed. We provide the ability for your Club to be able to sail on your pond, at times, with 3rd party Insurance policies. We provide funding back to clubs hosting major events. Whether you participate in these events or not is not the point. The success of these events and clubs is probably why you sail that particular class or are a member of that club. The list goes on of what the AMYA does for their members, be it directly or indirectly. Like any organization, club, group, or pack of get out of it what you put into it! When you consider any other sailing organization can charge you more and you might receive only a membership card and a window decal, the price of a yearly membership with the AMYA is still one of the best values out there in terms of a tangible return. Please be encouraged and embrace with a positive outlook what you belong to, you will enjoy it just that much more. Please be proud to be a member of the National Governing Body of Radio Control Sailing.

This issue of Model Yachting #183, has been a year in the works. Not necessarily dedicated to one Class but a “Special Interest” issue that covers everything from individual club's beginnings to successes, to even how to design a Club banner. It also includes some builds that you may find interesting and useful for yourself or your club. This particular issue, I encouraged all 7 AMYA Regional Directors at the beginning of the year to find a story within their Region so we could actually get a story from every Region in the country. I believe we have succeeded. I know I speak on behalf of our Editor, Mr. John Davis when I say Thank you in advance. Thank you also to all the contributing authors for your efforts. Also while you scan through your MY magazine please note we actually have some new advertisers with us. If you find yourself in need of any new parts or in the market for a new complete, partial kit, or Ready to Sail (RTS) boat, please consider patronizing our advertisers. Mention you saw their add in Model Yachting magazine.

In closing I would like to say Thank you to everyone for making it a great first year for me as President of the is truly my honor, and I'm proud to represent the AMYA where ever I travel!

Good Winds and as always....take a friend to the lake!

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