President's Letter for Issue 182
By Ray Seta

Howdy all… You know it never ceases to amaze me; when I finish one President's Letter for Model Yachting it is time for me to start thinking about the next one. And I have a three-month spread between deadlines! I can tell you it's not like that with our intrepid Model Yachting staff. As soon as one issue is off to the printers, the next issue is underway. Sometimes they actually overlap issues. Every three months this great staff (including John Davis, Pat Butterworth, Jim Linville, and Ralph Kanko), all volunteers who share a love for hobby, somehow seems to always pull it off. It all seems so easy to the average readers who just want to get their copies and read them from cover to cover. One of the most active and diligent volunteers, whose name is always mentioned in the Masthead, is our very own Michelle Dannenhoffer. Michelle not only handles the full time job of Membership Secretary but is also responsible for all the advertising in the magazine. Not only does she handle advertising layout and artwork, she also makes sure we get paid for all the ads. Every issue produced is a collaborative effort of people who do such a great service for us, such as Eric Rosenbaum (Regatta Reports), Fran Di'Tommaso (Class News), John Stoudt (Collectors), John Super (Rules Column), and Lester Gilbert (Theory & Practice). Most of the aforementioned I have met personally, and my goal before I finish my tenure of President is to meet them all and personally thank them for the great job they do. I hope you will do the same if you see them at the lake! Featured in this particular issue of Model Yachting is the RC Laser. Nick Mortgu, RC Laser Class Secretary, has put together a remarkable issue, with a variety of articles from some of the best-known RC Laser sailors around. These articles vary from the humble beginnings of the RC Laser to tuning an RC Laser, a chat with the National Champion, and the infamous "Blue Bag"—probably the biggest selling point of this boat! Please enjoy reading and viewing more pictures than you have ever seen in any issue of Model Yachting magazine. Also take a moment to read a short article about the 2015 Inductee to our AMYA Hall of Fame, Earl Boebert, who is known for many things in the world of RC Sailing. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Earl, I'm sure you will agree he is most deserving of this honor, and I would like to personally thank him for all his contributions to the world of model sailing and to the AMYA!

Now, I would like to talk some business. In the past few months the AMYA Board of Directors (BOD) has had to make some serious decisions. With the start of the new fiscal year, on October 1, we needed to evaluate some serious money matters. With the increase in almost every cost of doing business these days, even we at the AMYA are not immune to the inevitable. With our continued club support of National Class Championship Regattas, supporting and sponsoring major regattas around the country, including a World Championship this year, promotional items we supply to clubs and members, such has an extra Model Yachting issue for new members, titled "Getting Started," we have found ourselves in a bit of a tight squeeze to balance the budget for the 2015-2016 year. It has been around five years since the last $5.00 increase in membership dues, and the BOD voted that again it was time to increase our membership dues by $5.00. This increase will become effective January 1, 2016. It will include only these types of membership: Adult, & Family, (both New and Renewal) but not Junior. For those with a Secondary Address (aka Snowbird Address) during part of the year, the USA First Class Option of $10.00 will automatically be added to your membership dues to assure effective delivery of Model Yachting magazine. (If you already use this USA First Class Option to expedite your Model Yachting magazine, there will be no additional mailing charge for a Secondary Address.) A side note: If you know your membership is going to expire by June 30, 2016 or sooner, and you would like to temporarily avoid this increase, please feel free to renew your membership before December 31, 2015, before new membership rates apply. However, you will not be able to avoid the $10.00 USA First Class Option for delivery to your Secondary Address. It will go into effect for all renewals of memberships expiring December 31, 2015 or later. Just another reminder: all these budget changes will take affect only on and after January 1, 2016. We thank you for your understanding and continuing support of the AMYA. In closing, I want to thank everyone who has sent and continues to send me condolences for the loss of my father (known to all of us here in Texas as "PapaSeta") this past summer. Thank you also for the many words of encouragement and praise for me, the volunteers on our Model Yachting staff and the Regional Directors and their Associates. Please remember that our great Board of Directors and I love what we do for the AMYA and try to serve everyone's needs. Always feel free to come up to any of us and let us know what we can do to better serve you.

Good Winds & Take a friend to the lake, Ray.

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