President's Letter for Issue 181
By Ray Seta

These past few months have been very busy for the Board of Directors (BOD) and me. Newly elected members of the BOD have been getting comfortable in their positions, and we, as a group, are getting into a routine of meeting once a month via online teleconference, which our past president set up. It has been truly the best way to get business done. This past quarter brought us some new challenges, with the tasks of trying to streamline and simplify our AMYA membership process, help Regional Directors get more in touch with Region commodores, simplify our NCR hosting subsidy program, and continue to find ways to improve our exposure to the RC sailing community in the hopes of building membership.

One major event that took place this past May in Foster City, California, just south of San Francisco, was the 2015 International One Metre (IOM) World Championships. Hosted by the #84 South Bay MYC and attended by numerous US organizations, it was a great success. In future articles in Model Yachting you will read how this great event came to fruition, but I would be remiss if I didn't say something here. I was truly honored to represent the AMYA, as President, and have a role in the Opening Ceremonies on May 9. I was given some speaking time at the Opening Ceremonies, along with other distinguished guests representing the International Radio Sailing Association (Jim Atkinson), the USA IOM Class Association (Fred Rocha), IOM Worlds Regatta Chairman (Bob Dunlap), Parks & Recreation Manager for Foster City (Jennifer Lui), and Master of Ceremonies/Media Chairman (Bob Wells). With 76 international skippers representing 21 different countries, not to mention the wealth of knowledge from the International Jury and Measurement folks. The atmosphere truly had an international feel to it, complete with the flags of all countries represented. The scores of volunteers (many of them AMYA members) from all over the country and staff for this nine-day regatta are too many to list. Mr. Gary Boell played a major part with the core organizing staff and as member of IOM Team USA. For two years, Gary not only helped in the planning of the event, worked sunup to sundown during the event, and also sailed in the event, representing his country. Kudos, Mr. Boell. I have been involved in International Sailing events in the past, and I can say without a doubt that such an undertaking could not have happened without the dedication of all these people to our passion of RC sailing. All deserve a special thank you for not only what they did for RC sailing in Foster City, California, but also for proudly representing the AMYA in their efforts bring about a successful event, which I was proud to attend. You will be reading more about this event in this and future issues of Model Yachting. In the meantime, to view all kinds of videos, photos, and daily reports, visit the IOM Worlds website ( and the scores of Facebook pages.

This quarter's Featured Class is ODOM, one of the AMYA's largest and oldest classes. Thank you, Stan Pleskunas and Will Wagner for your great articles, and to Jess Atkinson for your service as CS and for representing the class so well.

Another major endeavor in which I was involved just this past month was the first of many tele-conference calls and online meetings with the Executive Board and the AMYA Class Secretaries (CSs). This meeting was a huge success, with almost half of the AMYA-sanctioned CSs in attendance. It was very educational not only for us (the Executive Board) but also for the CSs themselves. This is a new approach to give the CSs a voice in what we do and an open door to us in order for them to better serve their members. Our AMYA Vice President, Mr. Ron Stephanz, is our go-to person for all CS needs. We have encouraged all CSs to feel free to contact us with any questions, ideas, and suggestions that may increase their ability to better serve their respective classes in a more pro-active manner. One particular item that the Executive Board had asked the CSs during this online meeting was to please make an effort to keep their members informed of class business through Class News & Tips in Model Yachting magazine. At the end of the 90-minute online meeting we opened the floor to an open discussion of what is going on within each class and gave each CS a chance to voice some current topics, as well as learn from other CSs how certain items are handled within each class. The positive feedback I received from many CSs about the meeting and chance to speak and listen with us was greatly appreciated. Between the past June meeting and the next Executive Board/CS meeting in November, our hope is this information will make its way down to the class members and result in better-informed and more involved members.

As I close this edition of my President's Letter on this Father's Day 2015, I would like to wish all skippers who are fathers a happy Father's Day. I just lost my father a couple weeks ago, on June 1, and I can tell you that the time I spent with him as a fellow skipper in our club, club commodore, a competitor, an adversary, mentor, grandfather to my son, godfather to many, and my biggest supporter in all my recent AMYA roles, I can truly say he will be missed by me and everyone else! He was a sailor at heart his whole life, and will always be remembered by many of us. If you sail with your father, please cherish the time you have with him and maybe cut him some slack in the later years as he barely crosses your bow on port or barely has that inside overlap going into the mark in those closing moments of a race! If he is anything like my dad, he too will cherished for the times he could actually beat you in a race and love to rub it in till the start of the next race! “Sail on dad—make for that horizon!"

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