President's Letter for Issue 180

By Ray Seta

In my previous President's Letter (in issue #179) I stated, in error, that the 2015 International One Metre (IOM) World Championship, to be held in Foster City, California, was the first World Championship of RC Sailing ever held in the United States. I would like to correct this and offer my sincere apology for this oversight to the members of the Central Park MYC (CPMYC), located in Central Park in New York City. The fact is they hosted the 1992 Marblehead World Championships, with 74 skippers, representing 16 countries. This event was sponsored by the International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU), with a score of volunteers from the CPMYC, including Race Chairmen/Directors John Tucker and Dan November. At the time of this prestigious event, the Commodore of the CPMYC was Madeline Tucker who, by the way, was the first female Commodore of an RC Club in the US. With the ongoing support of the CPMYC members, this club continues, since 1916, to be a pillar of history in the Radio Control world. Next year will the Centennial of the Central Park MYC - congratulations!

As I write this President's Letter in the middle of Spring Break, ironically, some AMYA Regions are still buried in snow. Do we blame that groundhog who predicted it or the weatherman who doesn't sail? I hope all your winter projects and builds went to plan and schedule, because I promise you it's going to be another great year. As you read this, we will have completed the largest, with 76 skippers, and the most prestigious RC event hosted here in the United States, the 2015 IOM World Championship. I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank in advance the key people of the US IOM Class Association, the AMYA's Region 6 IOM Organizing Committee and the folks of Foster City, California, for their hospitality and great event.

As the second quarter of the year gets going, the southern states and regions have been sailing hard. Especially the new AMYA Region 7 of Florida; it's calendar, for just the first quarter of the year, was scheduled almost full every weekend. This has brought on a problem that is sometimes considered a welcome one, that is, too many events! I have been sharing my thoughts with the Regional Directors that more emphasis and education in placing annual regattas on the AMYA website's Regatta schedule needs to start earlier and earlier every year. I have asked all Regional Directors to assist Regatta Chairmen by directing them to the website when selecting a date and to consider a few things while doing so. Such as, if a conflict exists for regatta dates, then Regatta Chairmen should contact each other and work out a solution. It is an issue of professional courtesy to at least contact other Class contacts or Regatta Chairmen before publishing a specific date, especially for new annual regattas. There will always be conflicts with regatta dates, but it will take a little due diligence from everyone to work out schedules for maximum participation from each Class and Club.

In my new term as President, I have been meeting with the Executive Board (Vice-President, Treasurer, and Executive Secretary) on a monthly basis and then the complete Board of Directors (all Regional Directors and Associates) a week later to discuss our current status, budgets, goals, future business, and ideas to not only further my goal of building membership but to work out any issues and the implementation of any ideas and proposals that we all feel are needed.

In these past few months, I have been so pleased with the new Regional Directors and their enthusiasm to jump in and be part of the team. All Regional Directors have been busy with not only updating the database of AMYA sanctioned Clubs but also sending out friendly reminders at the end of each quarter to AMYA members that their memberships will soon be or have expired. More often than not, every Regional Director has received positive replies and feedback, and in some cases an apology from these members. In this busy world we live in, most are very appreciative of the friendly reminder. This has had a direct affect on our AMYA membership renewals. I am proud to say that our AMYA membership is on the upswing, with the total number of members up from the same time last year. Of course the work of our Membership Secretary, Michelle Dannenhoffer, cannot go unappreciated either. Her system of sending out renewal cards within the 30-day period before an expiration date has had a positive affect on our numbers.

As an AMYA member, you can help us by noticing if your membership expiration date is approaching before the next issue of Model Yachting magazine. Included in this issue should be a friendly reminder that your membership is about to expire. Remember, you now have a few different ways to renew your membership, but by far the easiest way is to just go online to the AMYA website, go to the "Members Only" link on the left and log in with your AMYA (member) number and renew. It's just that simple. Please be sure to update/edit our database with any information on your profile.

This quarter's issue (#180) of Model Yachting is our annual notification of all Class Motions and Nominations of selected Class Secretaries and Regional Directors. This will help prepare you for Model Yachting's "Ballot" Issue (#181) at election time later this year. This year, up for election or re-election are Regional Directors for Regions 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Take a moment and read the kind nomination letters sent to us by AMYA members, and please support your Regional Director's quest for continued service with your vote in this year's election. It is also time for election or re-election of selected Class Secretaries, many of whom are incumbents and have served you well. Please show your support during the voting period later this year.

Also looking for your support and vote is a motion to change the Victoria Class Rules. If you are a member of this class, in this Issue is a brief explanation of the motion for your review. You will be asked to participate later this year by voting for or against this motion. I'm sure you will be able to learn more about this motion through your own class online discussion forum than through what is printed in this issue of Model Yachting. If you are truly supportive of your class, you owe it to yourself and the class to vote on this motion. This is a privilege and right of your AMYA membership. Please be involved and participate by voting.

Last but not least, I want to thank all the contributors who make this issue of Model Yachting possible. This includes our dedicated Model Yachting Editor's Staff for their countless hours and dedication to put out a quality product, the Regatta Chairmen and clubs for their contribution of regatta reports and results, and to the members of the J Class and Santa Barbara Class, which are the featured classes in this issue. One side note while I'm on this topic: any article(s) you feel would be of interest to our hobby of RC sailing may be sent to our AMYA Bulletin editor, Hew Hamilton. The "Bulletin" is a monthly e-mailed supplemental newsletter of shorter, yet interesting article(s) to enhance the Model Yachting magazine. You can find Hew's e-mail address for article submissions, as well as the contact info of our Board of Directors and dedicated staff on the Masthead page, opposite my President's Letter.

Now go sailing, take a friend to the pond, put a transmitter in your friend's hands, and enjoy a great day at the pond - but only after you enjoy this issue of Model Yachting!

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