President's Letter for Issue 179
By Ray Seta

I would like to start my new Presidency term this 2015 by thanking the past administration for its dedication and support over these last years. A special thank you to David Brawner for handing me the ship’s wheel of this fine organization and to the wonderful people who have come on board with me for the next few years!

I hope everyone had a safe and joyful time with family and friends this past holiday season. With the festivities behind us and old man winter upon us, more so for some than others, what better way to spend the next few months shuttered in than to get those builds and repairs done on your boats in preparation for spring. Being from central Texas, we look forward to the rare 1/100 of an inch of snow to shut down the city, which gives us a legitimate excuse to do nothing else but work on our boats. Seize the snow day(s)!

With this being my first full President's Letter to the members of the AMYA, I would like to share a few things I have in mind as objectives for my first term. As I have mentioned before, the previous administration left me with a very well balanced budget and strong membership to carry forth. My goal for 2015 is to build on that membership in ways that have not been tried before, using social media, such as Facebook. There is a great Facebook page called "AMYA RC Sailors"” which I encourage you to check out and join (no charge). You will see many of the members are currently using the Facebook page to get the word out about RC sailing, locations of NORs, manufacturer's websites, and even personal photos of boat builds and ideas. I have used it to introduce myself to the AMYA with a variety of photos. Check it out.

I would also like to introduce some new ideas and programs to help emphasize what we, the AMYA, have to offer our members, which you may not be aware of. Please continue to check out our very own website (, as it is always being updated with information on a weekly basis. It is the best place to go for Regatta schedules for all Classes. There is also a link on the left sidebar titled "Club Resources"” This is probably one of the most helpful and informative links you will find to assist clubs members in organizing and running their own clubs. As a member of the AMYA, you can access your own personal information by setting up an account, and, best of all, quickly and easily renew your Annual Membership online.

We have many new Regional Directors with fresh ideas taking office this year, and many will be bringing along new faces to join them as Associate Regional Directors. Some of these new Directors and Associates come from Classes that have not necessarily been represented in the past and may bring a fresh, new look to our Board of Directors. For example, Hew Hamilton from Mandeville, Louisiana, will be taking over the occasional monthly AMYA Bulletin. I ask that you find his address on "The Masthead" page of this magazine and also submit any stories or regatta reports to him, as well as to the appropriate Model Yachting editor. This Bulletin is designed to just be an e-mail type newsletter to help keep information flowing rapidly after an event. For those of you who are Regatta Chairmen, the bulletin needs your input of short story submissions, a synopsis of regatta results, and links to various hosting clubs for members to view complete stories, results, and photos of your events. Also, keep in mind that this Bulletin is not just limited to regatta stories but anything of interest with respect to our hobby. If you do not receive the AMYA Bulletin in your e-mail account, please go to our website and click on "Learn about the AMYA Bulletin," and you can also access all past issues.

In this issue of Model Yachting (#179), the Featured Class is not really a class but a Featured Special Interest Group, highlighting the US Vintage Model Yacht Group. This is a group of multiple classes, which keep old style RC and non-RC boats very active and sometimes keeps some of the most beautiful, classic, realistic, model sailing craft alive and on the water. Please enjoy learning about these boats, and I thank all the contributing authors for their efforts to make this issue of Model Yachting possible.

Also in this issue is a short article about the upcoming 2015 International One Meter (IOM) World Championship Regatta, hosted by some very dedicated members of the North American IOM Class Association and the AMYA. Please read it and visit the website ( to view their promotional video about the event. There has never been an RC World Championship of any RC Class held in the USA, and this event will be like no other you have ever witnessed. The IOM World Championships are held every two years, anywhere in the world, with some of the World's best skippers in attendance. This event is big enough that the organizing committee will be looking to the AMYA and its members for a volunteer to help manage this nine-day event.

In the previous issue I dedicated my first term in office to my dear friend who passed away some years back, Mr. Porter Loring. Many of you who may have had the honor of knowing Porter, from San Antonio, Texas, knew of his dedication to sailing and, in his later years, RC sailing. His contributions to not only my local club, the Woodlawn Sailing Club (#112), but to me, personally, can never be matched. His collection of some 65 RC sailboats and vintage sailing ships was beyond words to describe. I personally know many of you who have been fortunate enough to know Porter and now own some of his boats. I wish Porter were still here today to see his prediction of me becoming the President of the AMYA. I can only hope in my first term in office I will do him proud and, if all goes well, in years following, you too will come to know about this man I called my friend.

In closing, I will sign off my first full President's Letter with the following mantra and invite you to join me in practicing what I preach and that is... take a friend to the lake!

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