President's Letter for Issue 178
By David Brawner

The entire membership of Chicago Model Yacht Club should stand up and take a bow. Your Race Week was a wonderful celebration of our hobby, thanks to all the efforts of the volunteers, better known as the “Orange Vest Worker Bees,” who were simply fantastic. We could not have asked for anything more. And, you could not have done a better job. Many thanks for making this idea come to fruition.

The event taken in its entirety certainly had the feeling of summer camp for adults. The competition was fierce, and the camaraderie was even better.

As we get ready to start the New Year, there is much transition going on at the AMYA. Long time Region 1 Director Jim Linville has stepped down to allow Colin Mosgrove to get in his new position a bit early. Jim has led his region for the past 16 years. He will certainly be missed in that role, but he is still more active than most of us with his other AMYA duties. Thank you for your past and continued efforts in the betterment of our pastime.

Jarl Wathne and Rob Hill will be retiring from their respective director positions in region 2 and 4. Both have served as active members of the Board and represented their regions well. As the facilitator of the Chicago Race Week, Rob Hill went well above the call of duty. Thank you to both of my friends for your support and help along the way.

We will, of course, be getting a new Region 5 Director, as Ray Seta will move from that position to being our next AMYA President on January 1. Please give Ray that same support that you have given me. I am thrilled that he answered the call to run for the position. He will be a great asset to the AMYA.

I appreciate that you have let me be the President of the AMYA for the past four years. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to be allowed to fill this position. Please take a moment to flip back to the Masthead to see the list of people who made my job so much easier. While I could easily take a page to describe all the help I received from each individual, suffice it to say, nothing would happen without each and every person on the Masthead doing their part. Please let them know how much you appreciate them. Each of these volunteers lives on a thank you.

Four years after becoming President, the experience of traveling the country, sailing with different clubs, and getting the chance to meet so many people has left me more in love with this hobby than ever before. While I expect to be able to spend more time in my local area, Region 2, next year’s regatta travel schedule is still going to keep Lisa and me busy. Hmmm…San Diego Race Week happens in August. Right?

Ray, the helm is yours. You will be leading a great organization filled with more great friends than you could ever imagine. Enjoy.

It's time to go sailing. See you at the pond.

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