President's Letter for Issue 176
By David Brawner

We are very fortunate that two very motivated and extremely qualified people have stepped forward to take on AMYA leadership positions starting next January. The next President of the AMYA will be Ray Seta, who is from San Antonio, Texas, and is currently the AMYA Region 5 Director. His Vice President will be long time AMYA member and national champion, multiple times and in multiple classes, Ron Stephanz from Madison, Alabama. I'll take more time to talk about them as we get closer to the transition period. Suffice it to say, the AMYA will be in good hands.

When you look at the nominations further back in this issue, you'll see something that we haven't seen for a longtime. There is a candidate for the position of Region 1 Director whose name isn't Jim Linville. After all these years of incredible service for his region, Jim decided it was time to step aside. Don't think for a moment that Jim is stopping his work for the AMYA. Not only is Jim still US One Meter Class Secretary, but John Davis still has him chained to his desk working on every issue of Model Yachting. Jim, thanks for everything you've done for us, and the next Board will certainly miss your enthusiasm. I hope this doesn't give you time to build even more boats.

Class rules are almost sacred documents. I've always felt that a class rule should never been altered unless absolutely necessary. However, when a change is needed, the process of changing must start right away, or it's going to bite your class in the butt. You'll see that there are a few classes doing necessary housekeeping during this ballot cycle for that very reason.

The official rules for every class are supposed to be posted on the AMYA website. Are your class rules up to date? Are they clear? Could a beginner build a legal boat following what it written? More importantly, could you misunderstand the rules and build an illegal boat, completely unaware of what you are doing so? If so, it's time to start talking about corrections or clarifications. Please don't let your class rule live on interpretations.

Interpretations are only supposed to get a class through to the next ballot cycle. More than a couple of classes have rules living on interpretations that really should be addressed properly through the ballot cycle. One class has more pages of interpretations than of rules. Unfortunately, those interpretations don't appear on the AMYA website. The new leaders of the class have taken all the right steps to assure that class members have the chance to vote on a much-improved set of class rules.

The Chicago MYC has opened registration for all classes in Race Week. The links can be found on the AMYA regatta schedule and on the Chicago MYC's own website. This event is just around the corner. We have a few warm months of summer and, then, up to Chicago for a great time.

If you haven't heard already, IOM Class Secretary Fred Rocha was successful in his bid for the 2015 IOM Worlds to be held in Foster City, California, in May of next year. This is another terrific sailing venue located just south of San Francisco. If you ever fly into San Francisco, just before you fly over the San Mateo Bridge, look to your left and you'll see the sailing site. Hosting the IOM World Championship is a herculean task that will require an army of volunteers.

My sailing season went from zero to sixty in nothing flat. With five events in four different states over a four-week stretch, it's all just a blur at this point. It's always great to get down to Florida to be the RD for the RC Laser regattas in Punta Gorda and Marco Island. Both of those clubs just make it so darn easy on an RD. One of these days, I'll figure out how to stretch that trip out a little longer.

You'll find reports in this issue for the RC Laser week of races held in Florida. Congratulations to all three Champions, Nick Mortgu, Jack Ward, and Jim Kaighin. Special congratulations to Nick for also winning the overall top positions for the three regatta series.

Our annual trip to the Pocono's for what we jokingly call the RC Laser World Indoor Championship was as ridiculous as ever, in such a good way. There is just something so entertaining about getting in two dozen races by 11 a.m. The weather is always 85 degrees, with partly fluorescent skies, and wind out of the East promptly at 7 a.m.

The trip down to Charleston, South Carolina, for the EC12 Champions Regatta is always a well-orchestrated and enjoyable time, even if I spend more time shaking off a winters worth of rust, rather than sailing well. It amazes me every year how poorly I sail the first day of that regatta. Granted it's a tough field, but I should remember which end of the boat goes first.

The process of renewing a membership is always something we try to make easier for our members. Heck, between the online renewal option, the renewal form that comes in your magazine, and all the e-mail reminders that are sent out, one would think it's hard to forget about renewing, though it happens all the time. The Board has started discussions on offering another option, automatic renewal. After all, why should you have to worry about renewing when we could make it happen automatically?

We are working through the details and gyrations to make sure the set up is done right and safely. Hopefully, we'll have this ironed out by the end of the year and can offer it to those who are interested.

I look forward to seeing you at the lake sometime soon. How's Chicago sound?


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