President's Letter for Issue 172
by David Brawner

Wow! What a great issue. The feature section alone is 37 pages long. Congratulations to Jim Linville and the US One Meter Class for coming through big time in their turn as the featured class.

I am truly amazed at the amount of volunteer effort that goes into getting this magazine to us. I am very fortunate as President to have this talented and dedicated staff handling every detail that must be addressed to get Model Yachting into our hands. Besides piecing together the magazine, John Davis is constantly on the prowl for contributors to improve what you have in your hands now. To John and the entire Model Yachting staff, a continued thanks.

We are midway into the racing year. Have you checked out the new Appendix E yet? There are some changes that you need to know about, if you are serious about racing. I'll leave the explanations to the experts. You can download the Racing Rules of Sailing, including Appendix E, from the ISAF website.

This is a great time of the year, with the regatta schedule moving north of the Mason-Dixon Line now that spring has sprung. After taking part in regattas in Florida, South Carolina, and Texas, I will now turn the van northward for a while. My annual trek to Stowe, Vt., for the Green Mountain Regatta is only weeks away. I believe this will be my 21st year attending this regatta. The amazing part is not that I have gone every year, but rather that I have come home each time.

A new one on my schedule this year will be as the RD for the V-32 NCR, hosted by the Iowa Model Boat Racing Club in Des Moines, Iowa. The venue for this will be a pond surrounded by restaurants at Jordon Creek Mall. Talk about the opportunity to attract some spectators.

Ever been to Mystic Seaport, Conn? If you haven't, you should go. Thanks to Chuck Luscomb and the Dry Pants MYC, you now have an excuse to go. They will be hosting the J Class NCR, August 8-9, followed by the Mystic EC12 regatta on August 10-11. With the minimal channel traffic at that end of the Seaport, the Js will often use the numbers 51 and 53 navigational buoys as windward and leeward marks. Please don't mention that to the Coast Guard. It's quite a site, steeped in living nautical history. What else have you been saving those vacation days for? There is plenty there to keep the spouse and kids happy. The registration forms will be available on the Regatta page of the AMYA website.

Speaking of the AMYA regatta schedule, I'd like to thank everyone who has posted a regatta. Class Secretaries should be making sure that all of their regattas are posted on the AMYA schedule. Our Regatta Coordinator prefers that you use the AMYA website online regatta submission form. There are some very active classes that have only a couple regattas posted so far. We'd love to have the others posted for all to see. Thanks.

The Victoria Frostbite Regatta outside of Houston, Texas, was a perfect advertisement for model yachting. Hosted by the Clearpoint MYC and directed by Mark Cooper, the regatta, though fiercely competitive, had a family reunion feel to it. Mark's low key, calm and cool style set the tone for an event where voices rarely rose above conversation level, even during protests. What I noticed and what I commented on was the pleasant atmosphere that led many of the people in park to just stop and watch for extended periods of time. Trust me, AMYA Region 5 Director Ray Seta made sure they all got an AMYA brochure and had all of their questions answered.

Not to take anything away from the competition part of the regatta, which was impressive, but I really think this group of sailors would have shown up just to hang with each other, whether or not sailing was involved. This was a great chance for me to check in with old friends and put faces to names that I have heard for years. Having the chance to speak with Mark Cooper, Ray Seta, and Class Secretary Bob Szczepanski solidified my belief that this club, this class, and this region are all in good hands. Enjoy the fun. After flying in from cold, dreary New Jersey, my only question is how can you call it a Frostbite regatta in 70-degree weather?

Region 4 Director Rob Hill reports that plans for the race week to be hosted by the Chicago MYC are moving forward with the Soling One Meter, Santa Barbara, J, and EC12 Classes. This looks to be a nine-day event, taking place in September 2014, with exact dates to be announced after park commission approval. The venue will be Big Bear Lake in Century Park. There are hotels and plenty of restaurants nearby, and just down the road is a big city with Bears of the NFL variety.

We have now completed a full year cycle of membership renewals using our new method of including the renewal form with your issue of Model Yachting. We understand that changing forty years of tradition is not always easy to accomplish. Just in case members accidently discard their renewal forms, we are also e-mailing reminders, to those members who have supplied up-to-date e-mail addresses, at least once, if not twice, before their memberships expire. Then as an added layer, Michelle also mails out a postcard to remind you that your membership expired. As always, you have the additional options to either renew online or download a renewal form from the AMYA website.

During this quarter, we will be launching a new online membership interface for both new memberships and renewals. Doug Hemingway has been hard at work on this project during the snowy season. This should make it a more seamless transition between the AMYA and the credit card processor, along with just making it easier for the member. Thanks again to Doug for his efforts.

There will be a motion on the ballot to make Florida Region 7. Though I am in full support of this motion, I will hold off on my comments as to why for the next issue, where I will have more space to dedicate to it.

Now it's time for me to load the van and head north. See you at the pond.

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