President's Letter for Issue 170
by David Brawner

It only takes three letters to describe San Diego Argonauts Race Week 2012...WOW!! My thanks and congratulations go to Fred Rocha and the entire club for pulling off this Herculean nineteen day effort, which is chronicled fully in this issue of Model Yachting. From top to bottom, the rotating regatta staff operated with a level of professionalism that is to be envied and enjoyed. The San Diego Argonauts obviously have some sort of special deal with Mother Nature. The weather every day seems to be sunny, 80 degrees with a nice breeze out of the west.

Racing in San Diego is the sailing equivalent of box lacrosse or indoor football. At roughly 150 feet wide, itís a skinny lake, which really condenses the action. You are never far from your competitors. The Wheelers appeared to be bow to stern all the way across the lake at times. This is not a complaint, just an observation. As is the norm in San Diego, we were racing from left to right. This meant my main goal was to stay off the left hand shore. For me, the left was usually a near death experience. Once over there, finding a way back to the right was usually difficult at best often resembling a game of Frogger. Being skinny also meant there was no one taking a crazy flyer on the outside. There is no outside there, just what would be considered the middle of most other lakes. The lake proved to be a very good and fair test of skills.

After thinking about it, I realized my best training for San Diego was probably the indoor Laser regatta held in a swimming pool in the Poconos last winter. Quickly reacting to chances to get back to the right was just as important there.

I hope you enjoyed the daily updates sent in the Bulletin back in August. If not, you can blame any over coverage squarely on my excitement prior to leaving for San Diego. Describing me as a kid waiting for Christmas would have been accurate. With the exception of the slight hiccup when the shipping company misplaced our 336 pound box in LA for a couple days, our entire trip was perfect. Thereís nothing like the adventure of packing up boats, gathering friends and going across the country to sail. Itís no easy task, but we are already planning on doing it again for the Santa Barbara NCR in San Francisco next year.

The excitement level from San Diego Race Week has prompted thoughts of holding an East Coast version in 2014. Just a word of warning, a week on the east coast is not nineteen days long. Weíll see if we can find a suitable location.

This has been a busy sailing year for me. I was fortunate enough to be able to sail four different class boats in five regions in ten multi-day regattas and act as race director for a couple more. Add in a few one day regattas and itís easy to see that I spent a lot of time lakeside this year. Next year looks just as busy and I am looking forward to it.

The operating budget approved by the Board in August includes funding for the 2013 National Championship Regatta subsidy program. While this is a small step, it is a step back in the right direction of supporting model yachting events. The complete details are listed on page ??. The requirements are simple; all participants must be members of the AMYA or their national governing body for model yachting and the club must submit a regatta report for inclusion in Model Yachting.

This is where the pieces start to come together. Thanks to the database that Doug Hemingway created, your class secretary can and should verify membership of all, not most. Please, please, please donít put us in the position of having to decline a subsidy request. Verify membership before the regatta.

The full election results are reported in this issue. With the RC Laser motion approved in an overwhelming fashion, we now look forward to the first AMYA RC Laser national championship regatta sometime next fall. Based on past events held by Nick Mortgu, this will be an event not to miss.

My first term as president has been a fairly easy run because of the tremendous group of volunteers that make this organization go. It would be unfair for me to point out any one person as everyone on the Masthead has been a great help. My thanks to go to all of you. I look forward to starting my next term with this strong group of volunteers.

I hope to see you at the lake sometime soon.


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