Presidentís Letter for Issue 164 (Summer 2011)
by David Brawner

In our hobby, itís the boats that draw us in, but itís the wonderful people that we meet along the way that keep us coming back. My friend Frank Angel, who recently passed away, was at the top of that list. Many successful clubs and classes have their own Frank Angel. They are masters of enjoying our hobby and inspiring others to do the same. He is the reason that I am in the position to write this column. I hope you know or get the chance to meet someone like "Uncle Frank".

The pieces of the puzzle are coming together thanks to the help of a great bunch of volunteers. Our initial outward push has been to give members the tools to publicize and run their regattas. While this has been going on, we have been working to improve our internal operations. Each and every staff member has stepped up to help with our goals. Itís difficult to say thank you enough.

Bob Armbruster of Chicago MYC has provided the AMYA master score sheet, which is available in the Club Resources section of There are two versions, horizontal for lots of races and vertical for lots of skippers, which can be downloaded and sent to an office supply store like Staples for printing. If youíre the person that usually gets stuck with the yardstick and a marker the night before the regatta, youíll love this one.

Our new brochure put together by Joe Walter of Jacksonville MYC is in hand and ready for distribution. Club Contacts can get in touch with their regional director to have some shipped. Joe did his normal wonderful job on this project. All the photographers were most gracious to allow us to use their photographs. Our thanks go to everyone involved in this project.

This is our second issue with a poster and the referral membership form. It is my hope that we continue to distribute posters. Some feedback from you would be helpful at this point. Our club doesnít sail the Micro Magic, but the poster is doing the job of catching peopleís eye as they walk past the park bulletin board.

If you happen to have thrown the first membership form away by accident, donít worry, I wonít tell anybody. Please put this one in your tool box for next time youíre at the lake. Maybe hand the inquisitive passerby the form and a new brochure. If they join, youíll receive a $10 credit towards your membership renewal if they havenít been an AMYA member in the past two years. The program allows you to receive up to $30 credit by referring three members.

I am not sure if this is a clarification or a policy change, but there are two ways you can get your copy of Model Yachting delivered to your "Snow Bird" or secondary address. You can choose to have your copy of Model Yachting delivered via first class mail for $10/year, which means your magazine will not only arrive faster, but it will also be forwarded with your other mail. Please remember that the post office does not forward the magazine if it is sent via third class mail. The other option is to list your secondary address and active dates with the AMYA, which can be accomplished via the database, the membership form or contacting the membership secretary directly. There is no cost to you for this option.

We really want to make sure you receive your magazine. So, if you have a "Snow Bird" or secondary address, please make sure to either purchase the $10 first class option or make sure our database contains your correct address and active dates. If not the magazine will be returned to the AMYA and there would be an additional postage charge to re-mail it to you. Please help us help you to avoid this unnecessary charge.

The AMYA data base created and maintained by Doug Hemingway was launched earlier this year. Please take the time to log on to make sure your contact information is correct. Your username is your AMYA membership number. If you didnít receive your password via email, you can contact for one. The AMYA can realize both cost and labor savings by transitioning some of our renewal process to the electronic system. A good email address is a key to making this work. Thanks for your help.

Online regatta registration is a pilot program being managed by Gerry Cobley of Triangle MYC. The idea is that Gerry has the technical knowledge to set up the online registration process for clubs that want to offer online registration for their regatta participants. Included in this will be the ability to accept credit cards. We are going to be offering this for a few regattas to work out the kinks before opening it up to all interested clubs and classes.

Centralized online boat registration was discussed with several class secretaries on the internal forum. The class secretaries indicated that the registration process is their best opportunity to have one on one contact with their new members and they prefer to handle the process directly. So, we have put that idea on the back burner.

If you interested in planking a deck, John Hanks and Bob Eger have put together an excellent video of the re-decking of Bobís J boat. Their method can be used on boats of any size. To obtain the video, you can contact John at Their next video endeavor is planking a hull.

The Shipís Store is being separated from AMYA operations this year to help us comply with our 501(c) 7 status. Therefore, please do not combine a Shipís Store order with your membership renewal. The money goes in two different directions and we are trying not to have our treasurer pull his hair out. Thanks for your understanding.

This is such a great time of year for us in the Mid-Atlantic States as our regatta season is kicking into high gear. One of my favorites, the Green Mountain regatta in Stowe, VT, is just around the corner. You know those regattas that feel more like a family reunion than a competition? Oh what a grand time it is every year up there. Itís time to charge some batteries and head north. Iíll see you at the lake.


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