Presidentís Letter 163 (Spring 2011)
by David Brawner

Iíd like to start my term as president by thanking past president Pete Maxson for his help in making my transition as smooth as possible. Itís pleasing to hear that his health has improved to the point where he can live an active life again. Thanks for your years of service to the AMYA.

Itís been a blast playing with my toy boats for the past couple decades. Whether the sailing has been at my local pond or at a national championship on the other side of the country, itís been a pleasure participating. Whether I am working in my shop alone or with a few dozen people at the annual Pour Party, I am a happy camper. My goal as president is to help as many people as possible find the enjoyment that I have had in this hobby. I may ask for your help along the way.

So, where do we start? Our initial efforts are focused on promotion, nothing too big yet, but weíve got to start somewhere. Youíll notice a couple additional loose pages inserted with your copy of Model Yachting this time; one is a poster and the other is a membership form on the back of the address label. If you threw them out by accident, quick, run back to the trash can.

With the poster, we adhered to the theory that less is more. The size is small enough to be welcome on public bulletin boards. The picture alone is eye catching and worth the 1,000 words everyone talks about. Even if the class isnít one sailed at your club, the poster promotes the idea of organized Model Yachting. Your job is to put your local club information in the white box and find a creative place to hang it. The more AMYA members you have in your club, the more posters the club will have. My thanks to John Davis and Rich Matt for making this program happen.

To test the program, there is going to be a poster in this issue and the next. Thanks to the staff of Model Yachting, weíll be making digital copies of posters for other classes available on the AMYA website ( The list of available class posters will grow in time. Youíll be able to print those on your printer or ship the file off to an office supply store for printing.

Printing the membership form on the back of the address label serves a couple purposes. First, it opens up a page in the magazine. The real purpose of the membership form is to give you a chance to get on the payroll. Please give the form with your name on the other side to someone who hasnít been a member of AMYA for the past two years. When the recipient uses it to join, weíll apply a $10 credit to your membership renewal account. Seeing as this form will be delivered to you three times this year (the fourth is the ballot), you now have the ability to earn up to a $30 credit, which of course is equal to a free individual membership. Thanks for your help, and welcome to the payroll.

Many members have suggested that a nice new brochure was needed to give out at lakeside. Thanks to the efforts of Joe Walter, we now have those available. Your regional director has a full supply ready for distribution. Just give him a call or drop him an e-mail to get some sent to your club. Like the posters, there is a section for your club to add its contact information.

Doug Hemmingway has brought the database online. By now, you should have received an e-mail with your username and password. If you have not, it is most likely because we didnít have a good e-mail address for you. If thatís the case, you may request your username and password at this address: ( Once you have access, please take the time to update your profile. The accuracy of your information is critical to us being able to communicate with you, and for class and regional census information.

We want you to feel comfortable having your information in the database, therefore we have instituted a new Privacy Policy, which is published on page ?? of this issue. The policy makes it clear that any information in the database is to be used for AMYA purposes only. We have also instituted a Candidates Access to Communications Policy, which opens up all forms of AMYA communication to candidates, limited only by the provisions of the Privacy Policy. Candidates in the future will not need to create their own mailing lists.

In time, the database will afford the AMYA the ability to automate the membership renewal mailing program, which can lead to significant savings in both labor and postage. The success of this type program hinges on membersí willingness to keep their information up to date. The savings can then be put to use in promotion of our hobby.

John Hanks, our long serving Executive Secretary, has indicated that time commitments relating to caring for his father have impacted his ability to carry on in the position. With regret, I have accepted his resignation. We can not thank John enough for his hard work and guidance during his 13 years as Executive Secretary. Doug Hemmingway was offered and has accepted the position of Executive Secretary.

There can be good times ahead, but we are going to need your help and support. The AMYA is blessed with great volunteers and staff. The toughest part of my job is being able to communicate their achievements with you. I have access to this column, four times a year, the website, and the Bulletin. If all goes well, you are going to get sick of hearing from me, although you can always contact me if you think something was missed along the way.

Take a friend to the lake. I hope to see you there.


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