Model Yachting Magazine Back Issue Contents

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MY #175 Featuring The San Francisco Model Yacht Club: Introduction to the SFMYC, by Carl Brosius and Mary Rose Cassa. Golden Gate Park, Spreckels Lake, and the SFMYC, by Carl Brosius, Mary Rose Cassa, and Craig Carter. What Makes the SFMYC Special?, by Carl Brosius and Mary Rose Cassa. The Free Sail Tradition: X, M, 36R, by Jeff Stobbe. The Power Squadron, by Don Ciucci. Public Outreach, Regattas, and Fun. SFMYC RC Racing Fleets: Star 45, S/B, Infinity 54, ODOM, and Victoria. A Freesailor.s Guide to Spreckels Lake, by Mike Stobbe. Vesta - A 51-inch Gloucester Sloop, by Carl Brosius. History and Restoration of Margie, by Don Ciucci, Ken Valk, and John Garis. The Divided Rig, by Mike Stobbe. Theory and Practice - Bulb Cant and Other Comparisons, by Lester Gilbert. RRS Q&A - Stay Clear I Say, by John H. Super. Model Knotting - Knot Oddity, by Glenn Dickey. A European Odyssey, by Mike Eades. Dragon Force RG65 Product Report, by Eric Rosenbaum. Which Clown? Cartoon, by Ralph Kanko.

MY #174 Featuring Footy: Introducing the Footy Class, by Bill Hagerup. Fascinating Footys, by Scott Spacie. A Footy Fanatic - the Wife's View, by Sheila Ryan. Building a Cheap, Simple Competitive Rig, by Bill Hagerup. Building the Back Bay Footy, by Bill Hagerup. Footy Vacation Cartoon, by Ralph Kanko. High-tech Hull Plugs using CAD and CAM, by Craig Huzway. Building HalfPint Too, by Bill Hagerup. SF Footy Program Inspires Young Sailors, by Bob Heacock. A Free-sailing Footy for Young Skippers, by Mark Whitehead. Creative Thinking Inside the Box, by Niel Goodrich. Building a Footy Cassette, by Peter Jackson. Building the Puma 305, by Paul Risdale. A Soft-sail Swing Rig, by Roger Stollery. SliM Footy-Winner of the 2013 Gold Cup, by Phil Tyler. Red TYDE, by Nathan Titcomb. Footy Kits, Compiled by Peter Shepherd. With a Little Help from my Friends, by Bill Hagerup. H.B.R.C. Sailboats VO 70 Product Report, by Patrick Turner. RRS Q&A, by John H. Super. Theory and Practice - Trim and Drag, by Lester Gilbert. Model Knotting - Ring Bolt Hitching on a Boat Cradle, by Glenn Dickey. Footy Catch Cartoon, by Ralph Kanko.

MY #173 Featuring Star 45: Introducing the Star 45, by Larry Ludwig. Virginia History - Early Days, by Rod Carr. Texas Hisory, by Dick Rutledge. Ohio History, by Jim John Emery. Voyages of Star 45 Trekkie Captain Pratt, by Eric John Emery. Fiberglass Star 45 Short-Kit Build, by Bob Szczepanski. Wooden Star 45 Build, by Robert Weaver. Star 45 Sailing in Light Wind, by John Emery. Model Knotting - Ring Bolt Hitching, by Glenn Dickey. Theory and Practice - Stiffness, by Lester Gilbert. The Need for Speed, Bob Szczepanski. Thunder Tiger Volans Trimaran Product Report, by Chip Bullen. Up A Tree Cartoon, by Ralph Kanko.

MY #172 Featuring US One Meter: On Swede Johnson, by Dennis Desprois. The US One Meter Class, by Bill Turner & Jim Linville. US One Meter Class Champions, by Jim Linville. Building Il Moro/Mistral, by Jim Linville. Keel Construction, by Eric Rosenbaum. A New Lead Ballast Design, by Marc Schafer. Relative Weights of Different Beam Materials, by Steve Vaczovasky. Boom and Sail Sizes for a US One Meter, by Steve Vaczovsky. Using CF Kite Spars to Make a One Meter Mast, by Jim Linville. Arrow Shaft Mounted Continuous Loop Sheeting, by Jim Linville. Venom - Comeback, by Will Lesh. Building a Classic US One Meter Model Yacht, by Jim Linville. Theory and Practice - Rudder Dynamics, by Lester Gilbert. Model Knotting - The 3L4B Turkís Head Knot, by Glenn Dickey. Letís Race with the Rules, by Carl Bihlmeyer. General Changes - Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016, by Carl Bihlmeyer. No Rudder Cartoon, by Ralph Kanko.

MY #171 Featuring V-32: Letter to the Editor. Thereís Rules? Cartoon, by Ralph Kanko. Introduction to the V-32 Class, and History, by Steve Pratt. Remembering George. V- 32 Specifications and Class Rules. V-32 Basics, by Jack Gregory. How a Model Yacht Club was Born, by Dave & Terry Endert. Legal V-32 Mods, by John Davis. V-32 Build, by Larry Tregear & John McKinney. Winter Maintenance, by Ralph Kanko. Setting the Sails on a V-32, by Charlie Rhinehart. Numbering Your V-32 Mainsail, by John Davis. The Waterline Trick, by Bob Szczepanski. Three Common Fouls and How to Reduce Them, by Russell Hardie. Start Tactics, by Rob Hill. Rudderless, by Bob Szczepanski. Model Knotting - Mast Reinforcement, by Glenn Dickey. Letís Race with the Rules, by Carl Bihlmeyer.

MY #170 Featuring San Diego Race Week: Congratulations Race Week 2012 Volunteers, by Mark Hallberg. Nostalgia, by Ernie Mortensen. Race Week Cartoon, by Ralph Kanko. A Tribute to Bob DeBow, by Stephanie Sides. San Diego Race Week Regatta Reports. Marblehead NCR, August 1, by Ron Cunningham. IOM NCR, August 2 - 5, by Bob Wells. RG65 NCR, August 6 - 7, by Eric Rosenbaum. Soling 50 NCR, August 8 - 9, by Greg Dawe. ODOM NCR, August 10 - 12, by Jim Atkinson. Wheeler NCR, August 13 - 14, by Jim Atkinson. Santa Barbara NCR, August 13 - 14, by Ernie Mortensen. US One Meter NCR, August 16 - 17, by Jim Atkinson. Micro Magic NCR, August 18 - 19, by Mike Eades. Is Tiger Woods the Craig Mackey of Golf, by Bob Schumacher. An Inside Look at the 2012 ODOM Champ, by Jim Atkinson. Fleet in a Box, by Ken Shaw. Letís Race with the Rules, by Carl Bihlmeyer. Model Knotting - Hitching, cont, by Glenn Dickey.

MY #169 Featuring SeaWind: Over Late Cartoon, by Ralph Kanko. Remembering Rich Matt and Chuck Black. The SeaWind One-Design Class - Introduction, by Mike Eades. SeaWind Class Rule Evolution, by Mike Eades. Building the SeaWind, by Charles Samaha. SeaWind Tuning, by Doug Lanterman. Tuning and Sailing the SeaWind in Very Light Air, by Kelly Martin. Tuning and Sailing the SeaWind in Very Heavy Air, by Mike Eades. Featured Club: Sacramento SeaWinds, by Mark Erdrich. The SeaWind Resource Center, by Mike Eades and Augie Gieseke. Rags2Riches-My SeaWind by Rob Fresh. Letís Race with the Rules, by Carl Bihlmeyer. Model Knotting - Hitching, by Glenn Dickey. How to Become a Fast Guy II, by Bob Szczepanski. Are You on Top at the Start? by Chuck Black. A Conversation with Ahab, by Rich Matt. The Problem with Low Resolution Images, by Rich Matt.

MY #168: Featuring EC12. The East Coast 12 Meter and the Class, by Rick West & Tom Phillips. Class Administration, by Rick West. EC12 Class Regatta Scheduling, by Tom Phillips. Florida and the EC12, by Joe Walter. Skype and the RRS, by Mike Cavanaugh. Building the EC12, by Rick West. EC12 Custom Wood Decks, by Tom Germer. Some Help in Building an EC12 Boat or Rig, by Scott Vernon. Spring-Loaded Boom Vang, by Ivor Walton. Low Cost Radio Option, by Tom Germer. Lithium Batteries, by Richard Hedderick. Model Knotting: The Ocean Plait, Part 2, by Glenn Dickey. A Spiffy R/C Yacht Stand, by David G. Burns. Let’s Race with the Rules: Racing-On a Beat, Along with Obstructions, by Carl Bihlmeyer. Race Management, Part 2, by Rick Lange.


MY #167: Featuring Technology. Building & Controlling Gloriana, by Andrew Charters. Delta Rig, by Marc Smith & Claudio Diolaiti. Locating the Center of Effort, by Jim Linville. Fairwind Build Update, by Dennis Desprois. Replacing Spektrum DX6i Trim Tabs, by Al Stall. WRMYC: the story continues..., by Mike Wyatt. Model Knotting: The Ocean Plait, Part 1, by Glenn Dickey. Safety on Shoreline, by Harvey Mickelson. Race Management, Part 2, by Rick Lange.

MY #166: Featuring Victoria. Introduction to the Victoria One Design, by Bob Szczepanski. Feeding the Fleet III: The Victoria Workshop, by Rod Carr. How to Become a Fast Guy, by Bob Szczepanski. Dynamic Mainsail Twist Control, by Bob Szczepanski. Door Hinge Gooseneck, by Chase Thomas, Modifying a Victoria Rig, by Richard Proseus. Carbon Sheet Hull Frame and Other Mods, by Craig Mackey. Servo Arm Length & Travel Options, by Ivor Thomas. It’s Not the Slot! How Sails Really Work, by Bob Szczepanski. Tips, Tricks, and the Case for Victoria Travel, by Ron Stephanz. Hosting a National Championship—the Next Level, by Ray Seta. Victoria Tuning, by Ray Seta. Need a Club Website? by Mike Eades, Al Stiewing & Bruce Zemke. Product Review: Compact StartMate Start Timer, by John Davis. Model Knotting: The Square Knot, by Glenn Dickey. Product Review: Stainless Steel Boat Stand, by John Davis.

MY #165: Featuring RG65. Chuck Black and those 1977 ACCRs, by Johh Davis. Introduction to the RG65, by Earl Boebert. RG65 Design, by Earl Boebert. Sailmaking with the Claudio Gadget, by Eric Rosenbaum. An RG65 Conventional Rig, by Earl Boebert. Introduction to Swing Rigs, by Eric Rosenbaum. McRigs.from Footys to RG65s, by Bill Hagerup. Building the Round Ranger RG65, by Jim Linville. Carbon Fiber Keel construction, by Eric rosenbaum.

MY #164: Featuring Schooners. Help the Regatta Directors & their Staff, an article reprint by Frank Angel. Schooners, Schooners, Schooners . . . , an Introduction by Pat Butterworth. Great Schooner Model Society, by George Surgent. Orange County Model Sailing Club Schooners, by Don Frakes. Vintage Schooners, by Andrew Charters. Building Cicely, by Andrew Charters. Elsie−An American Fishing Schooner, by Bill Huizing. Building a 50" North Carolina Oyster Sharpie, by Tom Pratt. The Fiji Magic Schooner, by Mark Steele. What’s in Your Regatta Toolbox? by Kenneth B. Hall.

MY #163: Featuring Organizing and Building Clubs. Pond Owner Insurance by Rich Matt. AMYA Club Ponds Around the USA by Rich Matt. Feeding the Fleet by Rod Carr. Building Fleets and Keeping Them Healthy by Jerry Callahan. Starting a New Club by Mike Wyatt. Model Yacht Build Clinic Outline by Mike Wyatt. Local Sailing Rules & Obstacles by Glenn Dickey. Model Yacht Launching Handles by Rich Matt. Building Ranger−A Racing Footy by Bill Hagerup.

MY #162: Featuring Micro Magic. Introducing Micro Magic by Andy Rust. Micro Magic Class History by Andy Rust. Featured Club: WVRCM by Mike Eades. Micro Magic Design & Development by Andy Rust. Micro Magic Building Tips & Tricks by Andy Rust. Optimizing the Micro Magic by Bill Worrall. Making Sails for Your Micro Magic by Dennis Futterlieb. How to Trim the Micro Magic by Thomas Dreyer. An Eye Splice for Model Yachts by John Lind. 2.4 GHz Transmitter with a Stub Antenna by John Davis.

MY #161: Featuring T37. Introducing the T37 by Will Lesh. Building the T37 at School by Eric Adam.T37 Festival and Regatta by Allan Van Ness. Partnering with the Big Boat Yacht Clubs by Allan Van Ness. Working with Epoxy by Will Lesh. T37 Construction Photo Essay by Al Rapp. How to Get That Perfect Varnish Finish by Will Lesh. T37 High Gloss Finish by Dave Bruce. A Power Switch System for Model Boats by Allan Van Ness. Sail Numbers and Class Insignia by Allan Van Ness. T37 Travel Box by Ron Meicho. Boom Vangs and Perfect Sail Shapes by Will Lesh. RC Model Sailing−One Guy´s Experience by Allan Van Ness. Never Too Late by Ray Soderlund. The Philosophy of "Windling" by Will Lesh. Starting Young by Robyn Lesh. The Creation of Mariah by Todd Weber. Tippecanoe and Parkinsons´s too! by Bob Hisam.

MY #160: Featuring Pea Pod. Chuck Buzek, 2009 Hall of Fame Inductee by Dick Rutledge. A Pea Pod Class History by Captain Sam Bell, ret. Pea Pod by Tom Protheroe. Pea Pod Mods by Ken Cashion. Building a New Pea Pod by Captain Sam Bell, ret. LiPo Batteries for RC Model Yachting by Bell, West, & Carr.

MY #159: Featuring Getting Started. Celebrating 40 Years of the AMYA by Honest Ahab with Rich Matt. The AMYA Getting Started by Rich Matt. A Model Yacht Map by Jack Gregory. Sailing Basics by John Davis. Introduction to Model Sails by Rod Carr. About Radio Control for Model Yachts by John Davis. The Correctly Balanced Model Yacht by MYA−UK. AMYA Sanctioned Classes by John Davis. Club Growth and Development by Larry Ludwig. Building the Footy V−12 by Howard Maculsay. Building Tips Using a Micro Magic Kit by Pat Butterworth. Legal V−32 Mods by John Davis. Model Yacht Photos by Rich Matt. How to Write a Regatta Report by Doug Hemingway.

MY #158: Featuring US12 Class. John Snow, 2009 Hall of Fame Inductee by Earl Boebert. Introducing the US12 by Jack Ward. US12 History by Ray Single. The Canadian Mini 12 by Gwen and Bernie Reid. Building a US12 by Art Hawes and Gary Falkenstein. The RA Class Today in the UK by Chris Jackson. New Method for Hull Lay−up by Jim Linville and Hal Robinson.

MY #157: Featuring The Soling 50 Class. Soling 50 Class Introduction by Stan Ogden. The History of the Soling 50 by Chuck Black & Stan Ogden. J.D. Vincent Award Winners by Stan Ogden. Soling 50 Construction Guide by Stan Ogden. Rigging and Tuning the Soling 50 by George Pedrick. Featured Club: Los Chocotoros MYC by Unix Huerta & Stan Ogden. What´s a "Pasjex": by Chris Staiger. Soling 50 Rescue Project by Gary Bell. A Basic Guide to Written Protests by Bill Worrall.

MY #156: Featuring The J Class. Understanding the J Class by John Hanks III. The J Yachts by John Hanks III. History of the J Class by John Hanks III. Building a J Class Model by John Hanks III. Deck Construction−Endeavor by Hanks, Eger, & Brecheen. J/2 Class Proposal by Bill Young. Yankee III by Earl Boebert. The Herreshoff Marine Museum by John Snow. Building Basic by Schulze, Hahn & Loets.

MY #155: Featuring European Model Yachting. 2008 AMYA Hall of Fame Inductees. Images from the "Making of an IOM" by Klaus Huber. Participating in the 2008 Micro Magic European Championship by Bill Shorney. Learning How to Set the Trim of Your Boat by Thomas Dreyer. The Vintage Model Yacht Group in the United Kingdom by Russell Potts. The RG65 in France by Pascal Delapierre. The RG65 in Spain by Martin Rickards. The RG65 in Germany by Ing Joachim Pelka. Footy Internet Course−An Introduction by Roger Stollery. Sheeting Sails with Two Servos by Klaus Huber. Introducing the Basic by Gerth Schulze.

MY #154: Featuring RC Laser & Nirvana. Which is the Best Boat for Me? By Steve Lang. Introducing the RC Laser by Steve Lang. RC Laser Specifications by Steve Lang. Got Thumbs? By Steve Lang. I Drew the Laser on a Napkin! By Bruce Kirby. Having a Baby−Elephant Style by Steve Lang & Jon Elmaleh. Crazzzy Good by Steve Lang. Where Ya Headed, Young´un? By Steve Lang. Nirvana Specifications by Steve Lang. Captain Crash, a Love Story by Robert Franklin. Ninety−three Nirvanas and Growing by Dan DeLave. RC Laser and Nirvana Photos. Myth or Rule by Bill Worrall. Regatta Administration Personnel by Bill Worrall. Judging by Ken Morrison. Lajabless−the Canadian (Footy) Contender by Nigel Paul Heron.

MY #153: Featuring CR 914. Introducing The CR 914 by Dick Martin. The CR914 Class by Dick Martin. History of the CR 914 by Dick Martin. CR 914 Fleets−Featured Clubs by Brian Johnson and Dick Huntington. Small Boats Mean Fun and a Dream Career by Julia Hockenberry. The CR 914 has been Important to Me by Chuck Winder. Building the CR 914 by Mark Benedict. Racing the CR 914 by Chuck Luscomb. Avoiding Traffic by Geoff Becker. Oh Say Can You See by Dick Martin. Coping with Fluky Air by Dick Martin. Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Radio Problems by Dave Ramos. Rechargeable Batteries 101 by Dick Martin. How to Make Your Own Battery Pack by Chuck Winder.

MY #152: Featuring Footy. Introducing the Footy Class by Bill Hagerup. Fascinating Footys by Scott Spacie. Footy Design Trends by Niel Goodrich. A Perfect Footy Stand by Alain Jousse. Birth of the American Footy by Dennis Desprois. Evolution of a Footy by Andrew Cook. Building the 507 by Keven Jackson. The McRig UnaRig, a Footy Original by Bill Korsgard. Building Cobra Mk2 by Bill Hagerup. Getting the Most from Your V−12 by Richard Proseus. Can Footys Handle Big Wind? By Bill Hagerup. Moonshadow by Angus Richardson. That´s a Long Way for a Footy by Graham McAllister. Model Yachting in the Classroom by Larry Ludwig.

MY #151: Featuring 75th Anniversary of the Marblehead. Introduction & Marblehead 75th Anniversary Celebration by John Snow. Marblehead History by Earl Boebert. The Modern M Class by Standley Goodwin. Early AMYA M Class Models Recognition by John Snow. Early Design and Control in the M Class by Standley Goodwin. The Wooden Boat School by Thom McLaughlin. The Marblehead MYC by John Snow. The Spring Lake Marbleheaders by Harry More. The Metro Marine Modelers by Ray Davidson. Building the T−50 MOD by Will Lesh.

MY #150: Featuring IOM. AMYA Hall of Fame Inductees. Introduction to the IOM Class by Steve Landeau. ISAF One Metre Class In the Beginning by Graham Bantock. Jon Elmaleh Talks About Twang by John Davis. Lester Gilbert´s Website by Brig North. IOM Strategy−When to Change Rigs by Brig North. Purchasing Goods from Overseas by Brig North. Fleet Building−The Story of the "Sweat Equity" IOM by Lawrie Neish and Barry Fox with commentary by Brig North. IOM Tuning−Diagnosing Speed Problems−and Remedies by Brig North. Assembling a Santa Barbara OD, Part 2 by Rich Matt. Thoughts on Scratch−Building a Vintage 10 Rater by John Fisher and Mark Gee.

MY #149: Featuring US One Meter & ODOM. The US One Meter Class by Jay Barnes. History of the US One Meter Class by Bill Turner. Fitting Out a US One Meter Rig by Ken Bauser. Modifying a Spektrum DX6 Transmitter by Jim Linville. Spektrum DX6 Lessons Learned by Chuck Winder. ODOM (One Design One Meter) Introduction by Bill Mullica. How I Built My ODOM Rig by Bill Mullica. Let´s Add Some Science to Building a Boat by Will Wagner. ODOM Tuning Guide by Proxy by Will Wagner. ODOM Tips, Tricks and Techniques by Bill Mullica. Reflections on Transforming the Mistral into a 36/600 by Jay Barnes. Vintage Speed Rigging by George Baron (1937). Assembling a Santa Barbara, cont by Rich Matt.

MY #148: Featuring Soling One Meter. The Soling One Meter Class by Paul Fixx. The Stowe Yacht Club by Curt Wright. Palm Beach Gardens: Building a Strong Club by Harry Strunk. Soling One Meter Construction Tips by John Pitkin. Building Hints and Suggestions by Curt Wright, Jack Gregory and Paul Fixx. A Drum Winch for the Soling One Meter by Jim Linville. The Soling One Meter Building Jig by Jack Gregory. Calculating S1M Jib & Main Sheet Geometry by David Allsebrook. Tuning and Sailing Your S1M in Light Winds by Paul Fixx. The Classic soling One Meter Cradle by Joe Mueller and text by Curt Wright and Paul Fixx. Diamond & Sidestay Building Jigs by John Bartrom and Paul Fixx. Allowable Soling One Meter Rigging by Paul Fixx. Product Review: The S1M Carry All by John Davis. Assembling a Santa Barbara, Continued by Rich Matt.

MY #147: Featuring Santa Barbara and 36/600. The Santa Barbara Class by Jerry Dolis. Assembling a Santa Barbara, Part I by Rich Matt. Epoxy Construction Pointers by Dick Lemke. Tote That Boat by Ernie Mortensen. The Helmsman Model Yacht Club by Bob Richmond. Race Yourself Against the Clock by Bob DeBow. The 36/600 Class by Dennis Deprois. The Venom 36/600 by Bob Sterne.

MY #146: Featuring Getting Started. The History of Model Yachting by Earl Boebert. US Vintage Model Yacht Group. Honest Ahab and the New AMYA by Rich Matt. A Model Yacht Map by Jack Gregory. About Radios and R/C Systems by John Davis. Sailing Basics by Jim Linville. The Correctly Balanced Yacht. Sails: The Source of Power, Part 2 by Rod Carr. My Start in Model Yachting by Pat Butterworth. Starting Model Yacht Clubs by Dick Martin. Getting Started with by Philip Sarelis. Some Internet Links to Explore by Dick Lemke. A Dummies Guide to Racing by Rick West. Taking Model Yacht Photos for Model Yachting by Rich Matt. A Footy with a Heart of Foam by Graham McAllister. Book Review and Recommendations by John Davis.

MY #145: Featuring EC12. The East Coast 12 Meter and the Class by Rick West. Class Administration by Rick West. Inside the Florida EC12 Association by Joe Walter. Class Organized Racing by Rick West. The Disney World Affair by Rick West and Joe Walter. Equal Opportunity Racing System by Rick West. File Card Computer by Francis Angel. Thoughts on Racing the EC12 by Kelly Martin. Thoughts on Racing the EC12−The Details by Mikey Pearson. Sail Tuning and Trim by Reichard Kahle. A Builders Boat by Rick West. EC12 Construction Ideas by Paul Proefrock. Sail Design for the EC12 by Rod Carr. Alternative Sheeting System−Belt Drive by Doug Bowe. How Are EC12 Hulls Made by Skip Allen

MY #144: Featuring Tips and Info from Past Issues. Friction Down, Power Up by Jim Hitchens. Tuning by Bob Sterne. Marbleheaders of Spring Lake by Harry Mote. How to Design a Lead Keel Bulb by Gene Dunham. Class News comments regarding the Honolulu Boom by Jim Linville. Counterweight Holder by Doug Hemingway. Low Weight, Low Tech Booms by Doug Hemingway. Hal Robinson´s Canting Mast by Jim Linville. Quick Disconnect Shroud Attachment. Twist Wires by Chuck Winder. Product Review: RMG Smart Winch by Rich Matt. Have Victoria, Will Travel by Tom Causin. Honest Ahab by Rich Matt. How to Name Your Boat by Laurie Fenimore.

MY #143: Featuring Star 45: Why a Star 45? by Robert Japikse. The History of the Star 45 R/C Sailboat by Donald Peacock. Star 45 Specifications by Robert Japikse. Building a Star 45 by Steve Pratt and Don Peacock. The Star Gazer´s Guide to Tuning by John Emery. Growing the Fleet by Phil Geren. Laying Up a J−Boat Hull by Dave Brawner. How To Build a Wood Strip Deck For Your Pond Yacht by Larry Mazoway.

MY #142: Featuring Design and Construction. Building the Gambit USOM by Dennis Deprois. Formula 100 Development by Doug Lord. Building a Chined Hull by Jim Ayer. Spektrum DX6 R/C System by Chuck Winder. AMYA Insurance Program by Rich Matt.

MY #141: Featuring the Open Class by Paul Meskill and Bill Young. Open Class Technology by Doug Lord. The Three Rater (3R) by Jim Ayer. The 3R Epic by Paul Meskill. A Spinnaker−Equipped 3R. Climate Models Panache Mk. II by Peter Richards and Tim Chance. Making a Scoreboard by Doug Hemingway. Downwind Sailing by David Ryan.

MY #140: Featuring the SeaWind Class. The SeaWind COA by Mike Eades. Building the SeaWind by Ken Bauser and Walt Chapman. SeaWind tuning by Doug Lanterman. Building a Club Around the SeaWind by Andy Rust. Mike Eades interview with the SeaWind Manufacturer. Traveling Case for the SeaWind by “Texas Bob” Harmon. Product Review of the RobotZone Power Gearbox Sail Servo by David Ward.

MY #139: Featuring the US Vintage Model Yacht Group. The USVMYG by John Snow. Model Yachting in Detroit 1938−1942 by Bill Roper. The Vintage 36 (V36) by Alan Suydam. The US/UK Challenge Regatta by Graham Reeves. The X Class in San Francisco by Jeff Stobbe. The Southern CA Schooner Fleet. Cicely, a Large Schooner Model by Andrew Charters. Franklyn Bassford’s 1890 Model Yachts by Earl Boebert.

MY #138: Featuring Hardware and Rigging. R/C Spinnakers by Rich Matt. Rotating Wing Mast on a 10−R by Mark Gee. Sources of Hardware and Fittings by Paul Proefrock. Gooseneck and Vang Construction by Dennis Desprois. Single Channel SCU with Jib Sheet Fine Tune by Scott Spacie. Hardware and Rigging Photo−Article by Paul Proefrock. Skalpel−M Running Rigging by John Davis.

MY #137: Featuring the Infinity 54 Class. Infinity 54 Description and Rules by Jim Hensel. Infinity 54 Tuning Guide by Jim Hensel. The San Francisco MYC by David Sands. Hobbico CS80 Sail Control by Jim Hensel. Care of Sails by John Amen.

MY #136: Featuring the V−32. V−32 Specifications and Rules by David Goebel. V−32 Basics, Sailing and Racing by Jack Gregory. Victor Model Products Factory Tour, a photo−article by John Davis. The Orange County MSC by Bob Blount. Legal V−32 Modifications by John Davis. Numbering Sails by John Davis.

MY #135: Featuring the Fairwind Class. The Fairwind by Will Gorgen. Learning to Steer From Shore by Will Gorgen. Tuning the Fairwind by Will Gorgen. The Fairwind Rig by Dennis Desprois. Single Channel Sail Control with Main Sheet Fine Tune by Will Gorgen. Offset Elliptical Vang by Will Gorgen. Winning R/C Races by Will Gorgen, Stan Ogden and Chris Staiger. The Edina MYC by Terry Mackey.

MY #134: Featuring R/C Regattas. Setting Up Your Club’s First Regatta by Francis Angel. Promoting Your Regatta by Dick Martin. Entering a Regatta by Francis Angel. Promoting the Racing Rules by John Davis. The Promotion/Regulation Race Management System by David Brawner. The Odds & Evens Race Management System by Steve Lang. The Matrix Race Management System.

MY #133: Featuring the Ten−Rater Class. The International 10−R by Mark Gee and Fred Barnes. 10−R History by Mark Gee. Interview with Graham Bantock by Mark Gee. Measuring your 10−R by Mark Gee and Tim Sheffield. The Denver Area MYA by Fred Barnes and Mark Gee.

MY #132: Featuring the Victoria Class. Victoria Class description by Terry Hsu. Tuning the Victoria by Rod Carr. Tuning the Victoria by Ray Seta. A Travel Case for the Victoria by Tom Causin.

MY #131: Featuring the Wheeler Class. Wheeler History by Jim Mayne. Building Your Wheeler by Jim Mayne. Wheeler Impressions by Tony Marshall. Sailing the Wheeler by Gordon Stout. Toledo Weak Signals R/C Show by Paul Meskill. The Drum Trolley Sheeting System by Bob Mersereau. Airport Security and Model Yachts by Mark Gee.

MY #130: The “Getting Started in Model Yachting” special issue. A History of Model Yachting by Earl Boebert. Your First Boat by Tom Houle. Model Yacht Clubs by Dick Martin. Radios for R/C Sailing by Jack Gregory. Sheeting Winches by Jack Gregory. Sails by Rod Carr. Scratch Building a Hull by Jim Linville. Skipper Tuning by Jack Gregory. Basic Racing Rules, by John Burnham and reprinted with permission from Sailing World magazine. Descriptions of nineteen (19) AMYA recognized classes by the Class Secretaries.

MY #129: Featuring the Newport 12−M Class. Newport 12−M History by John Aynes and Frank Pastrana. Racing the Newport 12−M by John Aynes and Frank Pastrana. Building a Newport 12−M. Modernizing your Newport by John Aynes and Frank Pastrana. Sunrise 24 product review by Charles Blume. Model yachting pioneer, Dr. Ted Houk by Rod Carr. A set of articles by Chuck Winder about radios, and reprinted with permission from the CR914 Class News.

MY #128: Featuring the RC Laser Class. RC Laser introduction by Abigail Kelly. RC Laser Designer’s Comments by Bruce Kirby. Production of the RC Laser by Abigail Kelly. RC Laser’s Unique Features by Steve Lang. Who Sails the RC Laser by Steve Lang. Laser Tuning Tips by Jon Elmaleh. RC Lasers at the Sequoia Yacht Club by Russell Breed. One−Design Philosophy by Steve Lang. RMG SmartWinch product review by Rich Matt. Sailing a Trimaran by Mark Baldacchino. A Schooner from an Obsolete Marblehead by Cap’n Sam Bell.

MY #127: Featuring the “J” Class. J Class introduction by John Hanks III. A History of the AMYA J Class by John Hanks III. The (full−size) J Yachts by John Hanks III. Building a J Class Model by John Hanks III. A solution to transporting the large model boat by K.N. “Jack” David. Mentoring with Model Yachting Part 4 by Dale Wenninger.

MY #126: Featuring the Soling 50 Class. Soling 50 Introduction by Pete Jefferson. Soling 50 History by Chuck Black. Soling 50 Hull Construction by Carl Tulp. Soling 50 by Pete Jefferson. Maximizing Soling 50 Performance by Pete Jefferson. The NorCal Fleet 2 by Bob Miller. The Barbados Soling 50 Fleet. Mentoring with Model Yachting Part 3 by Dale Wenninger. EC12 OnLine by Paul Proefrock.

MY #125: Special Issue, Design and Technology. Spinnakers, the microSAIL F3 hydrofoil trimaran, moveable ballast and more by Doug Lord. Battery Science by Chuck Winder. Things Electrical by Rod Wallis. Jib Counterweight Holder by Doug Hemingway. A Simple Gooseneck by Doug Hemingway. Mentoring with Model Yachting Part 2 by Dean Pedersen.

MY #124: Featuring the ODOM Class. ODOM Beyond the Instructions by Gordon Stout. Interview with ODOM Manufacturer George Ribeiro by Erik Evens. Converting the HiTec HS−705MG to a Sail Winch by Erik Evens. Mentoring with Model Yachting Part 1 by Dale Wenninger.

MY #123: Featuring the AC Class. The AMYA America’s Cup Class Introduction; a History of the (full−scale) America’s Cup Class; and a Description of the 1/12 Scale Model America’s Cup Classby Eric Reno, Tom Wicks and John O’Dell. Development of Multi−Channel AC Boats; Developing a Competitive 2−Channel AC Boat; Ball Bearings in an AC Boat by Wick Smith, Eric Reno and John O’Dell. A “Portable”AC boat by Rich Matt. West System Epoxy product review by Dick Lemke. Curing Servo Jitters by Steve Thompson. How to Design a Lead Keel Bulb by Gene Dunham. Model Yachting in New Zealand by John Emery.

MY #122: Featuring the US Vintage Model Yacht Group. US VMYG Origins by John Snow. American Model Yachting in the Vintage Era (1851−1970) by Earl Boebert. The Vintage Marblehead (M Class) Group by Charlie Roden. Marbleheaders of Spring Lake by Harry Mote. Scale Sail (Traditional) by Harry Mote.

MY #119: Featuring the USOM Class. USOM Introduction by Bill Turner. Mistral Building Shadows. Special Report: Clubs, dozens and dozens of AMYA clubs listed by state, compiled by Jack Gregory. Converting the Futaba S3801 to 180 Degrees Rotation by Rich Dannenhoffer.

MY #113: Featuring the Star 45 Class. Star 45 Introduction by Chuck LaMahieu. New Radio Frequency Update by Paul Proefrock. Promotion/Relegation Race Scheduling Systems by Larry Robinson. A Simple Servo to Sail Winch Conversion by Neil Waterhouse. Information needed when ordering sails by Rod Carr.

MY #112: Quick “One−Off” Foam Hulls by Dick Lemke. Changes in Helm Associated with Heeling by Larry Robinson. Performance Modifications for the Thunder Tiger Victoria by A.J. Moritz.

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MY #108: Many officer reports, Class News reports, Regatta Reports and 1997 Ballot information left little page space available for feature articles in this issue.

MY #103: Laying−Up Composite Hulls by Gregg Sunshine.

MY #102: Racing Rules that relate to mark rounding by Art Gorov. Preparing the Regatta Sailing Instructions by Art Gorov. EC12−M Ballast by Lon Robinson and Larry Robinson. Ranger and Bill Bithell win the Cup for USA 1948−49 by Charley Williamson. Part 3 of the Construction Series by Greg Sunshine. RC Laser product review by Paul Brown. Futaba 5801 Sail Winch product review by Bob Sterne.

MY #101: Designing Your Own Model Yacht by Glen Horvath. The second installment of Gregg Sunshine’s Construction Series. Building a Foam Plug for One−Off Composite Hulls by Tom Price. Analysis of Model Yacht Sails – Wind Speed Considerations by Rod Carr.

MY #100: Racing Rules the Apply to Starting by Art Gorov. The First in a Series of Boat Construction Articles by Gregg Sunshine. Model Yacht Construction in Wood by Wilford L. Fletcher. Analysis of Model Yacht Sails – Mast Shape and Rigging by Rod Carr.

MY #99: Building the One−Design One−Meter (ODOM) by John T. Hanks III. An Early New England Radio−Controlled Model Yacht – Circa 1932 by Jim Dolan and John Snow.

MY #98: USOM 1994 Design Trends by Dave Bowes. Analysis of Model Yacht Sails – Photographic Method by Rod Carr.

MY #97: Analysis of Model Yacht Sails – General Observations by Rod Carr. Tactical Tips by Kelly Martin. A Gooseneck and Vang Assembly by Rex Weedon.

MY #95: Racing Rules 38.1 and 42.1 described by Jack Gregory. Racing Technique reprinted from the Dix Hills & Eisenhower Park MYC Newsletter. Charging NiCads reprinted from the Chesapeake Bay MSA Newsletter.

MY #94: Racing Rules 42.1 and 42.2 described by Jack Gregory. USOM Design Trends by Dave Bowes. Making Removable Keels by David Korwek. CAD Computer Programs by Jack Gregory. 100 Years of Marblehead MYC Model Yachting by John Snow.

You can order many of these back issues from the Ship’s Store.

MY #74: Correspondence about AMYA and the International Model Yacht Racing Union – Norman Hatfield, Jan Dejmo, Charles Scales and Gene Dunham. Decks and Hatches by Gene Dunham.

MY #73: Many Regatta Reports left little room for feature articles.

MY #72: Designing a Keel Bulb, Bulb Placement on the Fin, and Fin Placement on the Hull, all by Gene Dunham. Nickel−Cadmium Batteries by Jim Porter.

MY #71: Sand Casting Keel Bulbs by Swede Johnson. Casting Keel Bulbs in Fiberglass Molds by Glen Horvath. The Delta−Bulb Keel by Bob Sterne. The 60” model Stars and Stripes 12−Meter and the g−FORSE 78” model Stars and Stripes 12−Meter by Bob Rieger and Rod Carr.

MY #66: Radio Boards and Swing−Arm Sail Winches by Gene Dunham. Orco Sail Control Unit and Futaba S−25 Sail Winch by Swede Johnson. Two Methods of Using the Olympic Whirlwind Drum Winch by Chuck Black. Modifications to the Dumas−Probar Winch by Bob Sterne. Designing a Model Yacht by Computer by Rod Carr. Making Sails by Using Paper Patterns by Bud Salika.

MY #65: Introduction to the J−Class Yacht by Gene Dunham. The J−Class Experience by John Hanks III. Building (the proposed) AMY One−Design by Bud Salika.

MY #61: Many Regatta Reports. Modifying the Dumas Mechanically−Proportional Sail Winch by Larry Grant.

MY #55: Part II, Spinnaker Mechanism Installed on an Epic M by Rich Matt. How to Write Articles for the periodical newsletter (MY Magazine) by Gene Dunham.

MY #53 & #54: Part I, Spinnaker Mechanism Installed on an Epic M by Rich Matt. The Swiftsure Club Project by Baird McLean. Easy Fins and Rudders by Bill Mercer. Clew Outhaul Fittings by Leonard R. Shelton. About Racing Rules and Tactics by Dick Hein.

MY #52: Larger Deck Construction by George Bard. Building with Balsa by Bill Webb. NiCad Batteries by Jack Patton. Sliding Jib Club Swivel by W.I. Whitten.

Thanks to Rich Matt for Compiling the Contents and Scanning these Covers