Basic Sailing

Report By: Paul Kylander

Welcome to "Basic Sailing". The purpose of this manual is to provide people who want to learn sailing with an appropriate book with which to do so. This manual will cover the basics of sailing. In it you will find information on basic land skills, basic on the water skills and finally other general sailing skills. For those people who have always wanted to learn how to sail, but were turned off by the cost, this is the perfect manual.

As a sailing instructor I recognize the value of practical experience. I also understand the frustration of trying to learn a skill from an incomplete manual. It is for this reason that I will provide you with the drills and sample tests that you will need to learn how to sail. Providing drills and sample tests does two things: (1) It provides sailors with the resources to learn proper sailing techniques; (2) It provides insight into the finer points of sailing, specifically those things that most other sailing manuals neglect to tell you.

There are a multitude of sailboats in which a sailor can learn to sail. Traditionally sailing has been taught in smaller boats called dinghies. Sailors who wish to learn sailing in larger keel boats must recognize that, while the sailing theory is the same, some of the terminology, techniques, and safety requirements may be different. For the purposes of this manual I will refer to a boat called a Flying Junior. This boat is one of the most popular boats used by sailing schools. I have chosen this boat since it contains most of the characteristics that sailors will encounter in various dinghies.

This manual will cover four aspects of basic sailing:

Basic Land Skills
Sail Theory and Concepts
Practical Aspects of Sailing
General Sailing Skills

In addition to these sections there are two Appendices:

Appendix I: Tests and Drills
Appendix II: Glossary

After reading this manual and completing the drills and tests provided, a sailor should have general knowledge of both the practical and theoretical aspects of sailing.

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