Hitec Radio Ratchet Plate

How to make your "Throttle" stick ratchet
or stick where you want it.

By David Goebel

I've been fortunate to have several RC radio systems in my RC glider and Electric flying days and now in RC Sailing.  One frequent question asked is "How do I make the "Throttle" stick stay in place where I set it,  versus self centering as many two stick radios come set up?".

Below are some photos of the provided ratchet (or detent) plate added to some of my radios, Skippers with other radios or instructions on how they modified their radios are welcome to submit their suggestions to the Web Master.


This is an older 2 channel radio with ratcheting stick.
Hitec supplied ratchet plate on a Challenger II radio
back of the radio removed looking at the back of the
left stick (Marked Channel 2 on the front)

You can make this modification easy.
A Hitec Ranger IIz with it's ratchet plate visible in the upper
right of this photo.

Note the ratchet ( or detent plate ) plate in upper right.
A closer view with better lighting.

A very simple modification to make with the plate supplied
by Hitec.