Inexpensive Boat Stand

I would like to submit the following suggestion for an inexpensive boat stand that doubles as a camping stool (or should that be a camping stool that doubles as a boat stand). I'm not sure about larger boats but, as the pictures show, it works quite well with my Victoria.

The Stand / Stool can be purchased from K Mart or Wal-Mart for about $6.00, they come in various colors and consist of a hardwood frame with a canvas like material for the seat. Simply make a cut in the material just long enough to accommodate the base of the keel and located where the boat will be centered on the seat. By making the opening the same size as the width of the keel the material will support the weight of the keel and prevent stress on the hull. Make sure the cut is parallel with the grain of the material in order to minimize unraveling, the opening may be finished by applying iron-on material. The height of the stool is much better than the kit stand for displaying your boat on your Den floor and once the boat is in the water it reverts back to a somewhat comfortable seat.

Thank you.

Tony_Pardinas/#/ Tony Pardinas 10601

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