AMYA Policies

Code of Conduct

Adopted by the AMYA Board of Directors

Every time we put our boat on the water, we become Ambassadors of our hobby and the AMERICAN MODEL YACHTING ASSOCIATION(AMYA). How we conduct ourselves on the water and along the shore is a reflection on the organization itself. Spectators, children, interested new skippers, and most importantly, our fellow skippers see and hear what we do and say and take that away with them. It is the responsibility of all of us to conduct ourselves in a manner that keeps the AMYA organization in good standing and promotes the sport of model sailing.

To that end, ALL AMYA regattas and events will maintain the highest level of courtesy towards those around us at the lake shore and respect the Racing Rules of Sailing(RRS).


A boat and her owner shall compete in compliance with recognized principles of sportsmanship and fair play. A boat may be penalized under this rule only if it is clearly established that these principles have been violated. The penalty shall be either disqualification or disqualification that is not excludable.

The following statement is recommended to be included in all Notice of Race and/or Sailing Instructions for any AMYA regattas:


Remember that we are always in Friendly Competition. In the event of any protested behavior which is deemed to be a breach of good manners or sportsmanship, or which may bring the sport into disrepute, the Race Director, any designated race officials, or competitor may protest the party or parties in accordance with RRS #2.

Penalties available to the RD and/or Protest Committee, including exclusion from the race in question, or expulsion from the regatta as per RRS #69.2 and #69.3.

In the event a skipper is penalized under RRS #2 at an AMYA event, a report on the incident shall be sent to the AMYA Class Secretary of the Class being sailed and the AMYA Executive Board for review.

Privacy Policy

Adopted by the AMYA Board of Directors

The AMYA respects the privacy of all of its members. The AMYA does not sell or make available any of your personal information to individuals, groups, or businesses, outside of the AMYA organization. This covers all of your information, including, but not limited to, contact information and electronic contact information. Access to the AMYA's membership database is given only to the officers of the AMYA and to individuals authorized by those officers, solely for approved AMYA business.

All members will have the ability to opt out entirely or categorically from AMYA electronic communications.

Candidate Access to Communication Tools Policy

Adopted by the AMYA Board of Directors

All candidates who are running for election for an AMYA office shall be offered and granted equal access to the multiple tools for communication the AMYA has available. This may include, but not be limited to, print forms such as Model Yachting magazine and electronic forms such as websites, electronic newsletters, and forums, etc., owned by the AMYA. So long as this access does not violate any Privacy Policy of the AMYA. This access is granted for the sole purpose of communicating the candidate.s platform to the AMYA members. Candidates may place articles or link to external sources to promote their platforms.

Once candidates are nominated for an office, the AMYA Executive Secretary shall supply all candidates with a list of resources available to them for communication.