AMYA By-laws

Section 1: Duties of the Officers
1.1 President
1.1.1 The President shall administer the affairs of the Association according to the Constitution and by laws and with the advice and counsel of the Executive Board.
1.1.2 He shall appoint ad hoc and permanent committees as required.
1.1.3 He shall appoint an Executive Secretary and supervise his/her duties.
1.1.4 He shall appoint a newsletter Editor, with the approval of the Board of Directors, and supervise the Editor’s duties. (1992)
1.1.5 He shall appoint a Membership Secretary, manage his/her duties or delegate such responsibilities to another member of the Board of Directors and define his/her working relationship with the AMYA and any applicable compensation, all with the approval of a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

1.2 Vice President

1.2.1 The Vice President shall be the acting President in the absence or incapacity of the President.
1.2.1 The Vice President may be assigned by the President to carry out specific duties or tasks. (2009)

1.3 Treasurer

1.3.1 The Treasurer shall control the collection of and disbursal of all funds of the Association.
1.3.2 He/she shall prepare and present an annual financial report for distribution to the Board of Directors and publish this report in the Association’s official publication.
1.3.3 He/she shall obtain approval of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors before disbursing any unbudgeted funds in excess of $100.00.
1.3.4 The Treasurer shall keep all Association funds in bank accounts in the name of the Association. Only the Treasurer or the President shall have withdrawal rights in these accounts.
1.3.5 A candidate for Treasurer must clearly state his or her capability to use the AMYA accounting system in place at the time of nomination for that office. This statement of capability will be included in the nomination of that candidate. The Treasurer shall use the AMYA accounting system in place at the time of his or her election. The Treasurer may propose changing the system to the Board of Directors. Before voting to approve or deny such a change in accounting systems, The BOD must get feedback from any staff member affected by an accounting system change, (i.e. Membership secretary, Model Yachting Advertising Manager, etc.) to fully understand the impact on the organization of our Association. Changes in procedure within the conduct of the existing AMYA system are part of the authority of the Treasurer. (2009)

1.4 Executive Board

1.4.1 The Executive Board shall provide a staff support function. It shall advise and counsel the President and shall share the responsibility for the management and administration of the affairs of the association.
1.4.2 It shall be responsible for the maintenance of the racing rules, the standards for the conduct of regattas and the specifications for yacht classes for which there is no recognized class owners association. (1995)
1.4.3 It shall establish the level of expense reimbursement for services rendered.

1.5 Directors

1.5.1 The Directors shall establish the overall policy for the Association.
1.5.2 The Board of Directors shall have the right of approval of large, unbudgeted expenditures (see 1.3.3).
1.5.3 Directors shall represent the best interest of the entire AMYA. Directors shall also represent the clubs in their Regions and serve as the primary contact for those clubs and individual members with questions, concerns and requests for support from the AMYA. Directors may appoint Associate Directors to help them in their duty to maintain contact with the clubs in their respective Regions and other assignments. Directors or their Associate Directors shall communicate at least once a year with each club in their region and verify and update the club information with all updates to be posted on the AMYA website. Associate Directors will not have authority to vote on motions before the Board of Directors. In general, Directors shall be advocates for clubs and individual members in their Regions and bring their issues to the attention of the entire Board of Directors. Directors may be assigned by the President to carry out other functions, such as Regatta Coordinator, Regatta Procedures and Racing Rules, Manufacturers Representative, Public Relations and Promotions or other special assignments. (2008)

1.6 Board of Directors approvals.

1.6.1 A simple majority vote of the Board of Directors is required for passage of issues presented to the Board of Directors.

1.7 Succession of Officers and Regional Directors (2009)

1.7.1 The office of President: In the case of temporary or permanent absence, which renders the President incapable of serving in that office, the Vice President shall serve as President Pro Tem. If the President is rendered incapable of serving, the Board of Directors (BOD) shall select a President Pro Tem. Any member of the BOD may nominate any other elected BOD member and that nomination needs to be seconded by any other elected Director. If contested the candidate with the most Director votes shall serve as President Pro Tem. The President Pro Tem shall serve until the absent elected officer declares a readiness to return or until the next regular election cycle for President. The President Pro Tem shall have the full authority of the President.
1.7.2 The office of the Vice President or Treasurer: In the case of temporary or permanent absence of the Vice President or Treasurer, which renders the officer incapable of serving in that office, the President (or the person serving as President Pro Tem) may appoint a temporary replacement. The replacement officer shall serve until the absent elected officer declares a readiness to return or the next regular election cycle for that office and shall have the full authority of that office.
1.7.3 The office of a Regional Director: In the case of a temporary or permanent absence of a Regional Director from office, which renders the officer incapable of serving in that office, the President (or the person serving as President Pro Tem) shall appoint an Associate Director from that Region as temporary Regional Director. If an Associate Director is not available or not willing to serve, the temporary officer shall be appointed from the same Region. The Replacement Regional Director shall serve until the absent elected officer declares readiness to return or the next regular election cycle for that office and shall have the full authority of that office.

Section 2: Offices of the Executive Secretary and Membership Secretary (1988)
2.1 The Executive Secretary shall administer the election and referenda on balloted motions including balloting, tallying and reporting the results to the Executive Board and the official Publication, maintain a registry of Sanctioned Clubs, advise the Executive Board on yacht class status, certify new classes and certify class owners associations for recognition by the Association. (1995)
2.2 The Executive Secretary may participate in the deliberations of the Board of Directors but shall not have a vote on the Board unless the Executive Secretary is also an elected Director or officer.
2.3 The Membership Secretary shall maintain a registry of members of the American Model Yachting Association, (1996) collect dues and fees pertinent to the operation of the Association. (2003)

Section 3: Election of Officers
3.1 The President, Vice President and Treasurer shall be elected by ballot. These officers are elected by a simple majority of all votes cast by active members of the Association.
3.2 One director from each geographical region shall be elected by a majority vote of the ballots cast by the AMYA members residing within that region. (1996)
3.2.1 The seven Regions shall be fixed geographic area listed below:

Region 1 - Northeastern: RI, ME, NH, VT, MA, CT and NY except Zip code areas beginning in 100 through 119, Eastern Canada including Kitchener, Ontario and all areas east of Kitchener.

Region 2 - Eastern: PA, MD, DE, NJ, NY City area and Long Island including Zip code areas with first three digits beginning in 100 through 119.

Region 3 - Southern: DC, VA, W.Va., NC, SC, TN, MS, AL, GA (2013)

Region 4 - Midwestern: MI, OH, KY, IN, IL, WI, MN, ND, SD, NE, KN, IA, MO and Central Canada including all areas west of Kitchener, Ont. and east of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.

Region 5 - Southwestern: UT, CO, NM, AZ, OK, TX, AR, LA and all other countries except those included in other regions.

Region 6 - Western: WA, OR, CA, NV, ID, MT, WY, AK, HI and Western Canada including all areas west of the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.

Region 7 - FL including US Virgin Islands and Barbados. (2013)

3.2.2 Any future reapportionment of Region boundaries must first be approved by the AMYA Board of Directors before it can be placed on the annual ballot as a change to the Association’s by laws. (1983)
3.2.3 Of the Officers, the President and Vice President cannot be from the same Region. (1983)
3.2.4 An Officer or Director cannot be prevented from serving his/her full, two year term due to reapportionment. (l983)
3.3 Nominations and seconds shall be submitted to the Executive Secretary in accordance with the schedule appearing in the AMYA calendar (see Section 15) for inclusion in the Association’s official publication. (1990)
3.3.1 Only members whose dues are current are eligible to submit or second nominations and to vote in Association elections.
3.3.2 To be eligible for election a nominee must be a paid up individual member.
3.3.3 Any elected officer whose membership application is not received and whose dues are not paid by the prescribed membership renewal date is at that time on longer a member of the AMYA and shall forfeit that office. The President shall notify the officer of the forfeiture of the office, creating a permanent absence and requiring the President to appoint a replacement officer to serve out the remaining term of that office. (2009)
3.4 All elected officers and Class Secretaries will serve two year terms. In order to provide administrative continuity, elections for approximately half of the positions will be held in even numbered years and the remainder will be held in odd numbered years. The Executive Secretary will maintain an election schedule that will be published in the Association Publication annually. Formal election of a class secretary will occur in the year following recognition of a new yacht class unless the new class is administered by a class owners association. (1995)
3.5 The President may not serve more than 2 consecutive terms in that office.
3.6 Those persons holding Family memberships shall be entitled to only one vote per membership number.
3.7 Newly elected officers shall assume their duties on the January 1st following the ballot tally. (2003)

Section 4: Membership
4.1 Membership in this association shall not be denied for reasons of race, creed, color or sex.
4.2 There shall be three classes of membership: Individual, Family and Junior. Family membership shall include husband, wife, children under nineteen years of age, or full time students. (l988) Junior membership is for ages 18 and under. (2003)
4.2.1 Lifetime Membership, with all the benefits of Individual Membership, is granted, without dues, to all AMYA Presidents who have served a full elected term as President. Temporary absences do not negate a full term, but leaving office before the end of the term does. The same Lifetime Membership is granted to individuals inducted into the AMYA Hall Of Fame. (2009)
4.3 Membership is obtained by the applicant filing a completed membership application form with the Membership Secretary accompanied by one year’s dues. (1989) 4.4 Acceptance of the applicant into membership shall be acknowledged by the issuance of a membership card by the Membership Secretary showing the member’s anniversary quarter as defined in Section 6. (2003)
4.5 The membership of a person will be considered to have been terminated if the specified dues or other fees are unpaid as of the first day of his/her assigned anniversary quarter. (2003)
4.6 A person whose membership has been allowed to lapse, may be reinstated by payment of the current year’s dues and he/she shall be assigned an applicable anniversary quarter.
4.7 The Board of Directors shall have the authority with a majority vote to terminate the membership of any member who, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, has conducted themselves in a manner not in the best interest of the AMYA and its membership.

Section 5: Diversity Statement (2007)
5.1 The American Model Yachting association is an organization that values diversity and inclusion. We recognize that people of varying races, colors and genders bring unique experiences and perceptions that benefit the Association and all of its members. The AMYA actively embraces these differences in order to address and meet the changing needs of our current and future membership.

Section 6: Dues, Fees, Assessments.
6.1 The annual dues amount shall be established by the Board of Directors.
6.2 The member’s dues year shall begin the month that the membership application is received by the Membership Secretary and approved and shall continue for the following four consecutive calendar quarters. (2003)
6.3 For yacht classes administered directly by the Association or by a class owners association, a one-time registration fee for new yachts and a yacht ownership transfer fee will be charged. The amount for these will be established by the Executive Board. Membership in a class owners association shall not require payment of any fees or assessments over and above those charged by the Association except for a nominal reimbursement for the costs involved in distributing ballots and ballot information to members of the association. Class owners associations may charge for additional goods or services provided. However, payment of such additional sums shall be voluntary and may not be construed as a requirement for membership in the association. (1995)
6.4 Deleted (2003)
6.5 Special assessments may be levied on the membership by a Majority vote of the Board of Directors. Any such assessments shall be limited to no more then the equivalent of one year’s dues.

Section 7: Class Administration
7.1 The Association will recognize as official any class of yachts that is represented by twenty or more members with valid registered yachts.
7.2 To register a yacht in any class the owner must be an AMYA member in good standing unless the class is administered by a COA (Class Owners Association). (1995)
7.2.1 Any boat or hull once designed and built, which adheres to the class rules when designed and first built, shall remain approved and acceptable to the class. (2010)
7.3 In order to maintain its official recognized status a class must maintain a roster of twenty or more yacht owners each year. If a class fails this requirement it shall be automatically decertified. In such event, the class may only then be recertified when it again meets the requirements of Section 7.1.
7.4 When the Open Class Secretary learns that a potential new class has achieved the status of twenty or more owners or when a class owners association has twenty or more registrants they shall notify the Executive Secretary who shall notify the Executive Board that a new class has achieved the required number of yachts. If no class owners association has been recognized, a Class Secretary will be appointed by the President and he/she shall serve until the next regular election. Upon the appointment of the Class Secretary the affairs of the class will then be under their jurisdiction until such time as a class owners association is recognized. (2003)
7.5 The Class Secretary or class owners association will handle yacht registrations and transfers and collect the required fees for these services. These fees may be retained by the Class Secretary or class owners association to defray administrative costs. (1995)
7.5.1 The Class Secretary shall provide an accounting of class funds and expenditures. The data shall be provided no later than December 1st but not earlier than November 1st and shall include all class activity for the year. It will then be formatted for publication in Model Yachting. (2003)
7.6 The Class Secretary or class owners association shall be responsible for maintaining a current set of Class Specifications and a roster of registered yachts. Class owners associations shall submit all changes to the Class Specifications to the Executive Secretary as soon as possible after approval by the registered owners. (1995)
7.7 Unless he specifically declines to stand for reelection the incumbent Class Secretary shall be automatically nominated for reelection to the position.
7.8 It shall be the duty of the Class Secretary or class owners association to ensure that a National Championship Regatta is held annually. Regional Championship Regattas may also be held annually or at other regular intervals provided sufficient numbers of registered yachts are able to participate. Championship regattas shall be run strictly according to racing rules and regatta procedures established by the AMYA. (1995)
7.9 Only those active AMYA members who are owners of yachts registered in the class may:

  • If the class is administered by a Class Secretary:
    • Submit motions regarding class specifications.
    • Submit nominations for Secretary of that class.
    • Vote on these or other matters affecting the class.
  • If the class is administered by a class owners association: (1995)
    • Hold a position as officer or director of the class association.
    • Vote on changes to the class specifications.
7.10 The use of ballast materials denser than lead is prohibited in the construction of any AMYA registered yacht, unless specifically permitted by the applicable class specification. (1995)
7.11 Changing Class Specifications. (2003)
7.11.1 No changes in the specifications of any recognized class of yachts shall be implemented except by ballot.
7.11.2 Specifications for yacht classes not administered by a Class Owners Association may only be changed by balloting those Association members owning yachts registered in that class. The class Secretary shall present motions to the class. Motions may be presented in three ways:
1) Published in Model Yachting
2) Sent directly to all class members
3) Sent to clubs for distribution.
Changes will be accepted by a simple majority of the votes cast.
7.11.3 Where a Class Owners Association exists changes must be approved by that association according to its own Constitution and Bylaws.
7.11.4 All class specification changes shall take effect immediately unless otherwise stated in the original motion.
7.11.5 Approved changes are to be dated and are effective for a minimum of two years. Motions for change within the two year minimum period must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. (2001)
7.11.6 The Executive Board, with the Executive Secretary, shall have editing rights with regard to any motions deemed redundant or unconstitutional.
7.11.7 Written commentary on motions for changes may be published in the issue of the Association’s official publication immediately preceding the ballot date.
7.11.8 Any changes made to class specifications may be published in the official publication of the AMYA, sent to the class members, or to the clubs for distribution.
7.12 It is the policy of AMYA that the protection or enforcement of proprietary rights, if any, of designers or manufacturers of any yacht or class of yachts is solely a matter of private concern of the designers or manufacturers.
7.13 Deleted 2003.
7.14 No yacht will be properly registered until the Class Secretary has issued an AMYA registration card for that yacht. The yacht registration card shall display the AMYA class registration number, owner’s name and address and AMYA membership number. The yacht registration number may also be displayed on an AMYA issued sticker inside of the hull. (2003)
7.15 Deleted (1998).
7.16 In order to be recognized by the AMYA, a class owners association shall: (1995)
Submit a copy of its constitution, Bylaws and/or other governing documents to the Executive Secretary for approval. These documents must include a declaration that the COA will: Abide by all applicable provisions of the AMYA Constitution and Bylaws,
Have requirements that the officers and directors of the association be current AMYA members,
Have a restriction that only AMYA members may vote on changes to the class specifications,
Have a requirement that all balloting be on a one-owner-one-vote basis,
Submit a copy of the class specifications,
Submit the names of the officers and/or directors of the COA (minimum 3),
Submit a roster of at least twenty (20) AMYA members holding yacht registrations in the class.
7.17 The Executive Board and the Executive Secretary shall review the class specifications and certify that the proposed new class is precisely defined, is unique and differs significantly from any other class currently recognized by the AMYA.
7.18 Once recognized, a COA shall resubmit a current version of the documentation that is stipulated in 7.16 in order to maintain recognition. This documentation need only be submitted when requested by the Executive Secretary. (2003)
7.19 Class owners associations may be formed to administer existing AMYA classes and then become recognized by the AMYA. The requirements for recognition shall be the same as for a new class except that a vote of all current registered owners shall be required. The vote shall be administered by the AMYA and certified by the Executive Secretary. If a majority of the votes cast favor recognition of the class owners association and all other requirements are met the AMYA shall recognize the class owners association. The current registered owners shall automatically become members of the new class owners association and the position of Class Secretary shall be retained as an AMYA office. (2010)
7.20 Class owners associations may be decertified by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors for failure to comply with the applicable provisions of the AMYA Constitution and Bylaws. (1995)
7.21 The AMYA shall publish a list of all recognized classes and their contact information in each issue of the Association Publication. (1995)
7.22 The AMYA shall, upon request, provide space in the Association Publication for class owners associations to publish notices and to report news of general interest to the AMYA membership. Distribution of ballots, ballot information or other information of interest only to owners of yachts in a particular class shall not be included in this space allowance. (1995)
7.23 Any COA recognized by the AMYA shall be the official contact for International Class Owners Associations established under authority of the organization that controls international radio sailing. (2003)

Section 8: Class Championship and Other Regattas
8.1 Any sanctioned club desiring to conduct a National or Regional Championship regatta shall petition the appropriate Class Secretary or class owners association for such authorization. Such events will, as far a possible, be rotated geographically. The approved sponsoring club shall provide reasonable notice of the events to the membership through the Association Publication. These events shall be conducted according to the rules and regulations provided. The results of the events shall be promptly reported to the Class Secretary or contact for the class owners association and to the editor of the Association Publication. (1995)
8.2 In a National or Regional Championship Regatta all yachts entered in the competition will be measured for conformance to the current class specifications. Such measurement and certification as to class specifications shall have been conducted prior to the first race. (1995)
8.3 Participation in National and Regional Regattas.
8.3.1 In National or Regional Championship regattas, each yacht shall be properly registered in its class and all skippers shall be members of the AMYA. (1995)
8.3.2 Non AMYA entries may be accepted providing both Yacht and Skipper are properly registered with their National Authority in that class. (1986)
8.4 In order for a class championship regatta to qualify as a legal event a minimum of five yachts must have been registered and participate. Failing this requirement the event will be considered to have been invalid for that year and the current class champion shall retain his/her title. NOTE: “Participation” in the above context means that five yachts have started in races of the event. Mere registration for the event shall not be deemed sufficient to qualify the event as a class championship.
8.5 Development Classes
8.5.1 In a development class such as Ten-Rater, M or 36/600, it is the yacht that enters the competition, not its owner or skipper. Once a yacht is entered in a competition substitutions are not allowed.
8.5.2 A person may enter more than one yacht, if desired, but each shall be a separate entry and points accumulated by each may not be combined.
8.5.3 Each yacht may be sailed by anyone its owner desires, However, in National or Regional Championship regattas, the skipper must qualify for participation as required by Section 8.3 of this Bylaw. (2016)
8.6 One Design Classes
8.6.1 In One Design classes it is the skipper who is in competition, not the yacht.
8.6.2 Deleted (1987).
8.6.3 A skipper cannot enter more than one yacht in a class competition.
8.6.4 Should a yacht in a One Design competition be disabled by collision with another yacht or obstruction on the course during the heat she may be replaced to permit the skipper to continue in the competition.
8.7 Each Skipper may have a crew in the pit area to assist him in the sailing of the heat provided his crew does not interfere with the operation of the other yachts in the heat or impede their skippers in any way.
8.8 Chevron Regattas: Winners of a National Championship Regatta are entitled to display Gold colored chevrons on the hull or mainsail of the winning yacht. Winners of Regional Championship events display Red chevrons. Green chevrons may be displayed by winners of annual recurring events. The Class Secretary or class owners association determines which event or events are eligible as Green Chevron Regattas. Black chevrons may be displayed by winners of local Club Championships. (2003)
8.9 Three chevrons are awarded for First Place, two chevrons for Second Place, and one chevron for Third Place. Chevrons should be about two inches wide and one quarter inch deep. The pointed end of the chevron should point up. Numerals, about one inch high, indicating the year won (i.e. 95 for 1995) should be placed directly below the chevron. (2003)

Section 9: Special Interest Groups (1995)
9.1 Definition: A Special Interest Group is an AMYA affiliated group representing a segment of the model sailing community with a common interest. Groups may be organized around any interest area, as long as they support the purposes of the AMYA.
9.2 Membership: Special Interest Groups shall have no more restrictive membership policies than the AMYA.
9.3 Recognition: To be recognized, a group must provide the following information to the Executive Secretary on his/her request: A roster of all group members who are also AMYA members, containing not less than 20 names. A group constitution and by laws, or equivalent documents, which include the specification of a democratic process for operation of the group.
9.4 Removal: A Special Interest Group may be removed from recognition when (a) it fails to meet the requirements of paragraph 9.3; or (b) it is removed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
9.5 Benefits: The AMYA shall provide: Space in the official publication of the AMYA to report on the group’s activities and name and contact information for new or renewal members who have indicated an interest in the group. The AMYA may provide funding to the group, in proportion to its AMYA membership, to support the group’s activities.

Section 10: Sanctioned Clubs
10.1 Deleted 2003.
10.2 The Association recognizes the important role of clubs for: promoting the health and growth of model yachting, providing a mechanism for the conduct of local, regional and national events and providing a focal point for fellowship in a given geographical area.
10.3 Any group of three or more AMYA members may band together to form a club and receive official sanction.
10.4 Applications for club sanctions shall be made in writing to the Executive Secretary. The application will include the names of the founding members and the address of the new club’s official contact who must be an AMYA member and have internet access. (2003)
10.5 A club may maintain its sanctioned status by a sincere effort to conduct a minimum of one regatta each year, which is open to any AMYA member.

Section 11: Official Publication
11.1 The Association shall publish an official periodical newsletter. Through it the Association will provide information for the benefit of the members concerning the Association’s activities which may include: dates and location of regattas including regional and national championships, items of general interest such as, but not limited to, technical articles, etc., notices of important meetings and other business of the Association. (2003)
11.2 The Executive Board shall set closing and publication dates for each issue. It shall also provide the Editor with guidelines for edition size, production budgets, quality standards, general content, etc.
11.3 The publication will provide fee-paid advertising space for marketing of equipment, supplies and services for the model yachting hobby. Paid advertising of products and services (with content unrelated to model yachting) is allowed so long as the advertisement promotes model yachting in spite of its content unrelated to model yachting. No advertisements are allowed, paid or unpaid, to promote the election of a person or people to the position or positions within the AMYA. Any offered, paid advertisement may be rejected by the publication’s editor where upon the editor shall submit that advertisement and his reasons for rejection to the AMYA Board of Directors, where the rejection may be overridden by a majority vote. The Executive Board of the AMYA will establish rates for fee-paid advertising space. Each advertiser will be sent a complimentary copy of each issue of the publication in which its advertisement appears. (2008)

Section 12: Insurance
12.1 The Association shall carry liability insurance for the protection of the Association, its Officers and Directors in the performance of their duties.

Section 13: Conduct of Meetings
13.1 Regular and special meetings of the association shall be conducted under Robert's Rules of Order.
13.2 The presiding officer at the Association meetings shall be the President, or in his absence, the Vice President. In the absence for both, the Executive Board will appoint a Director to chair the involved meeting.
13.3 The President may call a special meeting of the Association officers for the conducting of Association business at a time and location of his choice. (2003)

Section 14: Amendments to the Bylaws
14.1 These Bylaws may be amended by written or online ballot after publication of the proposed amendment in the Newsletter at least six months in advance of the ballot date. A two thirds majority of the members voting shall be required to implement the change.
14.2 Changes in the Bylaws enacted as prescribed above shall take effect on January 1 following the ballot.

Section 15: AMYA Calendar (2003)
15.1 Publication schedules shall be established by the Board of Directors. (2003)
15.2 Established schedules shall be published in the official publication of the association.
15.3 All nominations and all motions for a given year that will be published in the official publication shall be submitted to the Executive Secretary no later than March 3rd of that year.
15.4 All motions and nominations that appear in the official publication shall be published twice prior to the vote, once in the issue prior to the ballot issue and again in the ballot issue.

January 27, 2014