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Under One Meter

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Complete kit without electronics. 
Email for all the details and pictures.
+ $15
Jim Godsman
860 767 5052
Essex, CT

One Meter

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Class Registered ODOM #74   Ready to sail, Hitec HS 815 BB sail arm servo, Spektrum 2.4 gHz receiver, Amen Design Group sails, boat stand,. Email for pictures or check picture in ad on

Class Registered ODOM #200 Ready to sail, Hitec HS 815 BB sail arm servo, Spektrum 2.4 gHz receiver, Mylar sails, boat stand,. Email for pictures or check picture in ad on

$400 plus shipping

 $500 plus shipping

Harvey Mickelsen
520 495-5208
Green Valley, AZ

Above 1 Meter

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Pond & Vintage

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Newport 12M
 A 1970ís (my educated guess) N12 that requires refurbishing and it is reasonably complete, except no electronic gear or radio board. Includes:
∑       Fiberglass hull has many light surface scratches and isolated areas worn to fiberglass. The hull remains fair with no hard points from cradle storage or interior supports or deep gouges, dents, etc. Sanding, filling, and repainting are required.  There is no manufacturers hull label.
∑       Rudder is installed and looks great with a nice brass bottom shoe keeping things aligned. There is a small hull crack at the top of the rudder (stbd side only) patched with epoxy.
∑       Plywood deck is in a honey colored varnish very nicely trimmed and fitted. It has a black ink traditional plank pattern that is well done. All is good workmanship in good condition with a nice matching wood hatch. Varnish has patina, but is holding up fine. Wood deck framing appears to be built to the Sybarite R/C Yachts drawings (Iíll include a copy) as are the brass deck fittings.
∑       Lead that came with the boat fits nicely and weighs 24.5 lbs (Sybarite plans say ballast is 22 lbs).
∑       Rig has hand well crafted tapered wood mast/booms and cotton sails with no numbers. It appears to be built to the attached Sybarite R/C plans, including brass fittings. It even has the round bowsies as shown on the referenced plans.
∑       Older Dacron paneled sails are in good shape with patina, but no stains - nice for a vintage restoration.
Bob Wells
Mercer Island, WA

Misc Equipment

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Want Ads

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Pond Models Wood Boats
Pond Model Collector Seeks Additions Ė  I am an avid pond model collector and am interested in any models AMYA  members may be deciding to part with. Interest is in mostly vintage  wooden boats, but modern wood finished as well. 
Please drop an e-mail  with pictures to sschertler(AT)
Steve Schertler

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