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Under One Meter

Class Description Price Contact
Victoria-built and raced 2013-“a winah”.  Boat complete ready to race with 2.4 ghz Futaba trans/rec, servos, carbon fiber mast and booms.  Carr sails, Nimh battery, internal switch for power and battery charging   Selling at about material costs.  FOB  Cape Cod plus packaging if  required.   $450

Ed Walton
Harwich,  MA
RG65 - Round Robin Design   This boat was recently completed. It is beautifully finished with a single swing arm for sail control. This is a great starter boat.  Includes: boat, new sails (by JYS), on-board electronics, 3 rechargeable 700mAh LiFe batteries, custom fittings, including Walton boom vang, stand. Needs transmitter. $325 John Stoudt
Chester Springs, PA
36/600 Bob Blackwell hull and Bob Blackwell sails AA, A, B, C   has a futaba 3801 sail winch
Jerry Tippit
903 883 3053
Quinlan ,TX
Lech Arcewski Larceny RG65, Kevlar hull A-Rig, Conventional with Windjammin, Test 505 sails, drum winch, Rosenbaum Foils, excellent condition, light use.
photos at ktm500mx(AT)
Chip Bullen
Palm Bay FL

One Meter

Class Description Price Contact

Cockatoo II, white, Sailsetc A rig and sail, RMG 280EF winch, Spektrum AR400 receiver, Tower Pro battery monitor. Good condition.
$900 Robert Critchlow
(360) 298-0602, jobob(AT),  Anacortes, WA
IOM For Sale: My 2007 Dave Creed built Widget. It sports a red hull and white deck. It has a PowerSails A rig and a nice extra A suit (suit only no rig) of Vector Sails in PX.75. Hull and Keel Bags and the RMG 280E winch recently went to RMG with my two other winches. They had the full update, per Rob, and only sailed once since. This boat is really fast. I am only selling it to commit all of my time to my brand new Bright Pink hull. $1000
Nicholas Allen
Burbank, CA
Bantock Ikon IOM, 3 rigs, Bantock sails,  Whirlwind sail winch, JR rudder servo.  extremely light use.
photos at ktm500mx(AT)
Chip Bullen
Palm Bay FL
Tippycanoe Venom US 1 Meter.  A-Rig tri-spy sails, arm winch, hitek servos, MIT designed bulb, light use, excellent condition.  photos at ktm500mx(AT)
Chip Bullen
Palm Bay FL

Above 1 Meter

Class Description Price Contact
Marblehead, CAN 51,US# 3751  Bob Sterne's red  Sting rig also "B"rig. new deck and hatch, Radio.
Pics available,
OBO includes freight
Jay Barnes
(480) 239-1153
Phoenix    AZ
Newly Built Solomons Island Skipjack. This is a brand new boat, it's so new it's never been in the water.  It was built in Solomons,MD to class rules using only the best materials.  Over $700 in Parts invested. Boat includes Sails, stand, and on board electronics. This boat is so nice it could be used as a display piece.  Call for more information and photos.  Boat is located in the Philadelphia area.  Local delivery can be arranged.  $800

Add $50 for Basic Radio and Receiver
Nick Mortgu
Philadelphia, PA
 EC-12 display model. This standard hull was built by “Blue Crab Yachts” in fiberglass. I then covered the top sides in 1/16 Mahogany and built the deck in Teak & Holly. Rudder is included. This beautiful boat has NO ballast, interior or rig with sails, it is a bare hull.
It is not a legal EC-12. Pictures available
Jack Wubbe
Naples, FL
Skipjack Chesapeake Bay Skipjack #15 (registered)
Started by Bill Wright, Solomons Island Model Boat Club. Competed by John Stoudt, Chester Springs Model Yacht Club.  Boat includes: custom brass fittings, stand, on-board electronics, new sails (by JYS), pickup hook, 2.4GHz radio and receiver, Walton boom vang, and plans by Pepper Langley.  The boat is located in the Philadelphia area;  local delivery can be arranged. Complete ready to sail -  Boat photos can be viewed at:
John Stoudt
Chester Springs, PA
Worth Marine Pinter 2.5  Marblehead.  A Swing rig, drum sail servo, eye catching orange with black accents. Photos at ktm500mx(AT) $900
Chip Bullen
Palm Bay FL
US 12
Beautiful, fast boat with Windjammin’ A & B rigs, sail case, ballast mounted servo tray, Futaba 3802 rudder servo, TS80 swing arm winch.
Radio not included but available.   Email for pix.
Phil Ehlinger
philair (AT)
Daytona Beach, FL


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Pond & Vintage

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Misc Equipment

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Want Ads

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Kit or Plan
Want to buy a nice RG65 kit or big sheet plan. Please send me some pictures with information on email to me
Richard Haag
Lawrence, Kansas

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