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Under One Meter

Class Description Price Contact
One of the most winning yachts in the 36/600 class, a Swede Johnson / Chuck Black creation and winner of the 1985 36/600 ACCR!
ORCA 36/600 balsa hull, carbon fiber mast/booms, Probar and Pekabe fittings, Andrews 6 volt drum winch, Solartex deck, Black sails, Airtronics XL custom nautical 6 channel tx, RCD rx, extra crystals, heavy duty Airtronics rudder servo (control up to 6 nautical function channels on your yachts!)  Please send for a detailed e-mail prospectus with several photos and price.  Don’t let this thoroughbred get away!
Jim Lankes
(716) 432-2775
Buffalo, New York
Victoria-built and raced 2013-“a winah”.  Boat complete ready to race with 2.4 ghz Futaba trans/rec, servos, carbon fiber mast and booms.  Carr sails, Nimh battery, internal switch for power and battery charging   Selling at about material costs.  FOB  Cape Cod plus packaging if  required.   $450

Ed Walton
Harwich,  MA
The Current Region 1 Champ! CR-914 #97 is a new (2013) remake of the 1997 & 1998 Class Champion. This boat is fully equipped, reliable, and ready to race today. Upgrades include Pekabe turning block, HiTec HS-485 HB rudder servo, HiTec 7555TG sail servo, Hydrimax Ultra 4.8V / 2000mAh NiMH boat battery, and Spektrum Dx6i Transmitter with AR-6210 receiver.

Hull is polished white ABS with black spars. CPM Sails are fitted with jib telltales and black draft stripes. This package also includes the stock Hobbyking 2.4 GHz transmitter with receiver, HiTec HS-311 rudder servo, HiTech HS-755HB sail servo, 30ft. of 110lb test Spectra, extra keel, and spare class legal deck and mast fittings. Two radio trays are included and custom fitted for easy plug and play.

Email for pictures
Kevin Dooley

(781) 910-5980


Would prefer to hand deliver within 2 hours of Boston, MA.
Micro magic kits new in their boxes one with both fin and
bulb designs $ 350 the other stock $ 300.
Julian Lee
(360) 299-2900
Anacortes, WA
Seawind, Carbon Fiber version with Futaba sail servo, with radio, excellent condition.
Devry W. Garrett
(214) 777-4202
Dallas, TX 

One Meter

Class Description Price Contact
2x Cockatoo 2 IOM’s, Very little use. Both boats identical.  A, B and C Bantock rigs, Housemartin Sails, RMG Sail winch, Spectrum RX, Spectrum DS821 Rudder Servo.
Cameron Puckey
(631) 680-1535
San Diego, CA
Cockatoo II, white, Sailsetc A rig and sail, RMG 280EF winch, Spektrum AR400 receiver, Tower Pro battery monitor. Good condition.
Owner is Robert N. Critchlow, (360) 298-0602, jobob(AT),  Anacortes, WA
$1200 Julian Lee
(360) 299-2900
Variety of boats here in CT in used condition, or in various stages of building, for sale in following classes:

IOM (3) complete and one not completed;
US1M complete
Soling complete

Upon request, I will send pictures, and discuss prices.
Sail rigs and loose sails for all above classes.  IOM carbon fiber fins, keels, rudders M class keel fin with bulb
Bob Shluger
Glastonbury, CT
Soling 1M – NEW – test sail by builder only. RMG 280DL sailwinch, HiTec HS322HD rudder servo. Victor Sails. Beautiful stand. Never registered. Built by the best in our club. Family crisis forces sale. $600 invested. No Radio  Best offer. Contact owner’s agent for pix.
Best offer
Phil Ehlinger
Daytona Beach, FL

Above 1 Meter

Class Description Price Contact

J Class Kit
Whirlwind J model Kit for sale.  The kit is complete with extra parts.  AMYA J Class registration #121
George Panos
(703) 777-7291
Leesburg, VA
Star 45s and

Variety of boats here in CT in  used condition, or in various stages of building, for sale in the following classes: 

Star (1) complete and 3 not completed;
US12M complete

Upon request, I will send pictures, and discuss prices.
Sail rigs and loose sails for all above classes. IOM carbon fiber fins, keels, rudders M class keel fin with bulb
Bob Shluger
Glastonbury, CT
Vintage Marblehead
Magic Dragon Vintage Marblehead.  I am selling an Ozmun Magic Dragon which I believe is eligible for Hi Flyer division of the Vintage Marblehead class.  Comes with A rig with Chuck Black sails of Dacron(?)  New Futaba 3801 arm winch (still in box)  Boat is light blue gelcoat topsides with yellow bottom(gelcoat) deck is wood and painted white. No electonics.  Boat lying North of Detroit. 
Pictures available.    (email is best)
$650 or best offer
Frank Vella
(248) 563-4323
South East Michigan


Class Description Price Contact

Pond & Vintage

Class Description Price Contact

Lassell Yacht
Historic 'V" class Free Sail yacht made by Gus Lassell c 1947
#27,  52.5" loa. One of  the legends of model yachting. All perfect original Museum condition w/ orig sails, sliding rig, Vane .  Gorgeous model. Contact me for photos
 $5500 /offers
Richard Buckminster
Santa Cruz, CA

Misc Equipment

Item Description Price Contact

Want Ads

Item Description Contact
Ozman  sail winch to fit Newport 12 and similar boats..
Kevin Kavaney
(612) 824-8609
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Burnt  Winch
Burnt out Futaba 5801 winches to salvage for parts.
Jim Linville
(781) 925-0045
Hull, Massachusetts

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