US One Meter Construction Files

Construction Guide, US1M Plans Catalog and Other Plans

Construction Guide

Though this file is tailored to the US1M class, many of the tips contained within apply to many classes.

For high speed internet connections (ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1, T2, Fiber Optics, etc.) you can download as one large Adobe Acrobat file and save it to your desktop or Model Yacht folder.

For those with dial up connections, you may prefer to download it in 4 smaller parts.

High Speed Download ( approx 600kb )

Part 1   ~  Part 2   ~   Part 3   ~   Part 4

US1M plans Catalog

A Small 178kb Adobe Acrobat PDF file that depicts and lists the 22 unique plans available from the US1M Class Secretary

Click Here

Other Plans

depicted in the Construction Guide above

Here's a 229k Adobe PDF plan of the Advance MK 1

Here's a 37k Adobe PDF plan of the Magic

Here's a 39k Adobe PDF plan of the Mistral

Here's a 24k Adobe PDF plan of the Orco 2

Here's a 165k Adobe PDF plan of the Zipper