The Star 45 Class

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2016 Julie Ayers Trophy winner, Delbert Wilson.

The Julie Ayres Craftsmanship and Beauty Trophy is awarded to the Star 45 owner voted by the participants at the yearly National Championship Regatta for what they feel is the most beautiful boat and shows the most Craftsmanship in the building of a competitive Star 45.

Class Secretary

Chuck Luscomb
34 Elm St
Deep River, CT 06417
860 938-2177


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The Star 45 is a 45" long hard chine hull; semi-scale model of the full-size Olympic Star. Weighing in from 12 to 13 pounds, carrying about 1000 square inches of sail area, with a ballast to weight ratio approaching 70%, Star 45's are very fast and super responsive. Few model yachts, if any, can equal their speed and agility. With the ability to turn in a little more than a boat length, when properly trimmed, the boat can be easily sailed hands off for the length of the pond.

Skippers have the option of completely scratch building the boat from wood or fiberglass using plans available from the AMYA , purchasing laser cut frames based on those plans or obtaining fiberglass major components available from Class approved suppliers. Depending on the approach taken, a boat can be completed, ready to race, from between $500 to $1500.

The Star 45 is a one design class, but some latitude is allowed with the shapes and locations of the underwater surfaces, rig construction and sail area. Multiple rigs, however, are not needed for heavy air sailing given the high ballast to weight ratio and stable hull form.

The fun factor of building and sailing a Star 45 is very high and, like the full sized boat, were made to race. You are invited to join in.