The DragonForce 65 Class

Class Secretary
Darrell Krasoski
370 Palmetto Street
Oviedo, FL 32765
321 765-4442


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The DragonForce 65 is the fastest growing class of sailboats in the US. There are many reasons for the massive popularity of the boat. What initially attracts sailors to the boat is it's low cost. At less than $200 for a ready to sail boat, including radio and receiver, it has been the boat to start several clubs and has been added to many existing clubs who want an excellent performance boat at a fraction of the cost of other boats.

While the boat is inexpensive, it does not sacrifice quality or performance. It is not just a starter boat but is one that is sailed regularly by class champions of many classes. As a one-design class you are sailing against equal boats in every respect.

An added benefit of the boat is that there is a well-supplied and dedicated national distributor for the boat. This means you have excellent access to boats, parts and accessories allowed in the class rules.


  • Overall Length — 265mm (25 7/8")
  • Beam — 116.5mm (4.57")
  • Mast Height — 915mm (36")
  • O.A.H. — 1338mm (52.7")
  • Weight (w/o batteries) — 1200g (2.65#)
  • Sail Area — 22.26 (344 sq. in.)